:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 8.25.2014 ::

A Growth Month

And not just for TB, for me as well!

TB on her last bottle of newborn formula, August 8, 2014.

I think I am finally able to get my shit together. I think it helps that TB has been eating and sleeping better, thus allowing me time to get things we need. I was able to rearrange the rooms finally, and trust me that took a TON of effort. I needed TJ for moral support. First, I moved all the furniture. Then I exchanged the closets. Then I FINALLY went through all my old clothes and THREW A TON OUT (this all took over two weeks to finish). Well, I didn't throw it out, it's piled up on the old futon downstairs for donation. When I get to that is another story. I had so many old clothes that I was hanging onto, it was literally a weight on me. It is mostly winter clothes that I had brought with me when I MOVED HERE over SEVEN YEARS AGO. And I am not talking about fruit of the loom sweaters, I am talking big bulky wool and angora sweaters, cashmere, and other very warm textiles that are obviously not compatible with the Sonoran Desert. I mean, yeah, it gets cold for a few hours in the wee morning, but not enough that I need a 1/4 inch thick wool sweater. I also had some old coats to get rid of. I had to finally part with my favorite coat from Banana Republic. I wore that during my first round at nursing in KCC. I loved that coat so much! It was "on sale" for $350 (NOT MUCH OF A SALE HAHA!!) and it fit me beautifully. I brought that with me, and again, it is just too hot and too long for this climate. I got rid of a bunch of other wool coats, suits (I have a bout 25 suits), shirts and socks. Yes, I used to have about 300 pairs of socks and I finally dwindled it down to about 100. I was a prolific collector of striped socks and wore striped socks with heels all the time. Then I started working at Fedex, and striped socks are not part of the uniform hahaha. So those went to the back burner and I brought those socks with me to Arizona. And apparently I didn't feel like wearing striped socks anymore. DOn't get me worng, I love striped socks (and any crazy sock for that matter), but out here I just wear sneakers, so you can't see any fun-ness on the socks. Also, the polyester in the colorful socks are not compatible with the heat. I need cotton socks or my feet will melt. Well, I kept the most fun socks and if I wear them, I can certainly wear them in the "winter" out here.

Hopefully, my clothes will find a good home to someone who is kind of cold out here.

The other thing that happened was the air conditioner started leaking. I guess it was so humid this summer, all the water backed up in the A/C and started leaking in the house. Me and TJ tried to clean it out but it was still leaking. I said ehh big deal all A/Cs leak, but then as I was checking on TB for the night, I heard a buzzing noise. I thought it was the A/C rattling the decorations, so I moved the decorations. The noise was still there. Then I wanted to find out what was rattling... and after moving everything, I finally realized it was the outlet buzzing! The A/C water was leaking into the wall and onto the electric socket! Well, I had to wake up TJ, get him to turn off the electricity to the room, and we had to call to get the A/C fixed. Bummer. Well, we got the A/C fixed the next day, but now I had to finally replace all the sockets in the two rooms that the electricity was off in. I guess TJ said when he bought the house, the sockets were loose and some were painted over. Great. Well, I took to it like a champ. I even replaced the A/C socket and another socket near a leaky window with GFCI sockets. Now if one of those little shits leaks onto the socket again, it will trip and I won't have to worry that the house will burn down. Plus there is a little light thingy that glows when the socket is tripped, so I won't go for days with a wet socket. However, I am not done. I found one socket that had some melted wires in it! I'm like "how the hell does a ground get hot and melt the other wires?" Well, I dunno but I replaced the socket and "mended" the wires with electrical tape. TJ went out and got me 50 feet of 14 gauge wire, some 14 gauge wire nuts, and some new electrical tape. I guess my electrical tape was so old (another item I lugged with me from NY) that when I peeled the tape, the adhesive was on the wrong side. I didn't even think of getting a new roll so I am glad he got one. Now I just need a wire stripper. Well, I don't need on to complete this job, but I don't have one, so I would like one. I hope I can finish the box today so I can plug my computer into that outlet instead of this one which is kind of far.

So things at work have been going okay. I guess it is a lot easier to deal with "Wanda" when I am not pregnant. For starters, I can run away faster, ha ha ha!!! I know a lot of the therapists like her, but they don't have to work WITH her for hours on end. I think I get to see a side of her they dont see. Well, whatever, I don't want to dwell on her.

I am still actively looking for some kind of job I can do that is compatible with school and baby. The only one I can see is the sterilization tech. I finally cornered someone in the basement who gave me the names of the managers. Now I just have to contact them and ask them where do I go to get training for that job, if I have to. The woman I spoke to said she didn't have training, that they train you, but she doesn't know if that has changed. I haven't gotten a call back from the kitchen so I need to seek out other things. Right now, there is an on-call position available, so if I can have that for now, I can get started on training I suppose and then maybe get part-time later. We'll see. This is one of the few jobs at the hospital that is 24 hours and doesn't have a 12 hour shift. That means it is possible that I can do a shift while TJ is sleeping and be home before he leaves so TB isn't alone. It may also be compatible with school. If I can get a good rapport with the supervisor then maybe they will work with me. That is my hope because as it stands, I am looking at on-call only when school starts.

So speaking of school, my class starts in a few days. I had originally signed up for a section with a professor who got good reviews on the "rate my professor" website. But, like last time, they kept switching the teachers around. Well, I finally logged in a few days ago, and to my (not) surprise, I had a different teacher. Cue the bullshit!!! So here I am on Canvas (no one uses blackboard anymore), reading an announcement that the class is NOT on Canvas, but on ELSEVIER, and to get to that class, we now have to pay $60 to access it. I was confused because you can Pay $60 for the access code, but some other price for a class guide... and then there is the textbook. So I sent her a response to the tune of: So what are we getting with the $60? Do we get materials we need to study or are we actually being charged tuition for the class, access to the class, and a textbook??? I didn't get a response yet, big surprise. I did notice that the professor I wanted was in another section that was still open so I switched. What's the difference now? I know for sure the professor I want is NOT in that other section, and if she drops from this section I lose nothing. I have to take the class; I might as well try to get the teacher I want. Now as far as this extra fee to take a course, I am not surprised either. Remember, everything having to do with nursing is gonna be screwy. Honestly they should have said that there is an additional course fee of $60 for some bullshit access code. I just can't stand it when places are not forthcoming with all the information. But I know this; I have been through this already so I know what's coming: more and more bullchit. I just hope that this class is interesting, I get an A and move on with my application. I just wish that I would have took it at the beginning of the year when I originally signed up for it. But nooo, the stupid registrar guy didn't tell me the bill was due THAT DAY. I thought I had until the day before class to pay, but I guess they got rid of that policy. It would have been a perfect time to take it since I was baby free and just starting my new job. Oh well. That's life. Well, at least, that's MY life.

Right now, TB is snoozing and I have some time to actually update this thing! She has been eating more now, 6oz instead of 4oz, and can go about 4 hours now between feedings instead of 2 hours. This should certainly help me when that class starts! Today I have many chores to do, like make some bread, finish the baby book and announcements (Hahah! She is way old but oh well), and order some toys for her and a bookshelf for me. I want at least one good bookshelf so I can finally get rid of the ugly wire and plastic shelves I have now. Little by little, I am trying to make the house nice. Soon, I will have to install carpet so TB can crawl and play without cracking her head open on the tile. Then when she is too big for that chair she sleeps in, she will have to graduate to the crib. I hope it works out better than the first attempts!

Having a snooze.

:: Jane Dee 11:32:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.01.2014 ::
Officially Back To Normal

Well, only technically. I mean, whether my mind is all there is another story.

Sunday went okay. "Wanda" wasn't as annoying as I thought she would be but that may be because she has some family issues to deal with. She did hog me all morning as usual. At least I was expecting it this time. It also helps not being pregnant! It was REALLY easy walking all day without a huge belly, loose joints, and an extra 50 pounds. It was also much easier dealing with "Wanda's" ways. It was much easier to give her a little 'tude back! Ha ha! I'm not dreading it too much anymore.

Now the interesting thing that happened this week is that on Sunday during lunch I went on the intranet to look up jobs that are only posted for employees and I saw the night position for dishwasher posted. I was curious because my supervisor had said she wasn't going to hire anyone for the night shift because she already had someone there. So I wondered if that person left. The next day I texted the cashier and asked her and sure enough, that guy left. What was funny is that she said the manager (who nobody likes) was leaving and that I should come back. I was like "He's leaving?? Hey, I'll think about it!" I asked her to ask the supervisor if she would be interested in working with me since I will need night hours and such. She said the supervisor said she would because she needs people. I said I would see what my manager thinks. I called the old supervisor and asked if she really would work with me blah blah, and she said she could but it would have to be a part time position because the full time isn't flexible. Then she mentioned there is a part-time position and some on-call position she will post later. At first, I was going to apply for the vacant full time position, hoping my manager would okay a transfer. Then I said hmm... how can I exploit this? My solution was to keep my position now and ask if I can add an on-call position. That way, when I start school and have to drop the weekend position (I am eyeballing the evening program that meets on Saturdays as well), I would, at the very least, have this on call position. I think that after a few months, I may be able to work something out because no one stays in that department for long and I may be able to go part time again anyways. My desire is to stay in a scheduled part time position so I can get tuition reimbursement, but I will settle for an on-call position if it doesn't work out. So I called her today and said I will be on-call with her and told her my hours. She said she would call me when she posts it. Not that I am negative, but I kinda believe her, and then I kinda don't. But if she actually calls me, I will take it and hopefully work into the night on weekends and add a few nights during the week here and there.

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here. I do plan to rearrange my office into the other room so that I can do my computer stuff/study/school work during the day while TB sleeps in the other room. She behaves most of the time and I could get stuff done, but when I tap away on the computer or move my noisy chair around, she wakes up. I don't want her to wake up if she doesn't have to so I will put my office into the "guest" room, and have TB have her own room. I was originally going to have the guest room her room, but after being in there a few nights, it is noisy as hell. You can hear the stupid neighbor dog barking, and when its windy and rainy it's noisy as hell too. She would wake up constantly. The room I am in now is pretty quiet so I will make that her room. I bought a new futon to put in my room and I will put the full bed in her room along with the crib. In the future, all my office stuff will go in my bedroom, but that isn't until I have another kid, so that won't be for a while.

My pathophysiology class starts in September, so I am hoping that I can get my shit together before then. What I mean is that I am terribly lazy during the day. I am thinking it is because I can't make noise in my room because I will wake TB. So I wind up just watching videos and doing nothing until TJ comes home. Hopefully, when I change the rooms around, I will be able to do more during the day and TB can sleep without being disturbed. I would also like to get rid of quite a few things, especially some old furniture and pots, clothes and makeup, etc.. Well, at the very least I will change the rooms. Then me and TB should both be happier.

So that's the plan for next week. This weekend I have my butt wiping session with "Wanda" and I can't wait!!!!!

:: Jane Dee 7:07:00 PM [+] ::

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