:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 7.30.2013 ::



Anyway, I had finished my horrible summer of chemistry. Result? All A's! Hurraaaayyyy!!

So what I did was see what I needed to take for the masters program and I only needed to take a nutrition class. However, grades are about 60% of how you are ranked, so I decided to RETAKE CHEMISTRY. Very reluctantly, I might add. I knew I would be okay with my previous ochem teacher, but I was taking a chance by retaking chem I with someone I was not familiar with. Especially since I loathe chemistry. I went to South Mountain and registered, and thought I was taking chem I with a certain professor, but I turned out that the school did a bait and switch on me. I had a B in chem I already, but I was fearful that I would get another B because I just hate it so much. Well, I stuck it out with that professor, whom I lovingly call Mrs. Bebag, and managed to get an A. She demanded a LOT and did not give much in return. I asked questions and she never got back to me. This was the case for most people in the class. I asked her to move dates and she said she would but never did. I asked her to open the final earlier, for reasons I will discuss soon, but she never did. Whatevs! Luckily I am super paranoid, so I never believed her when she said she was going to, I just worked my ass off to get stuff in on time.

I didn't sleep much, maybe three hours a night if I was lucky. Oh yeah top this off with working full time and I was a walking zombie. I drank a lot of coffee, ate too much sugar, and had to buy drinks with glucose in it so I can keep my brain awake. I did homework during my lunch hour at work and I barely had time to eat because when I got home I went straight to work. That woman gave quizzes every week, we had two labs a week, and of course she wanted the super long annoying labs, and she gave long homeworks that took me hours to complete because she wanted them TYPED UP. HELLO! It takes forever to type up equations and formulas on the computer. And for some of the homeworks I had to draw in the answer, scan it, resize it in Paint, then paste it to a document to send to her. What if I didn't have a scanner then what would I do? How stupid! Well, at least she didn't give me points off for submitting the homework from a previous edition. I wasn't about to drop $260 on a book I was going to use for a month! I have my old chemistry book, that is good enough!

Because of all the work she gave, I had to ask my other chem teacher to give me an extension on my midterm. Thankfully, she is a nice teacher and she granted me that extension. Whew! Otherwise.... I don't know. I really don't think I would have been able to stay up all night and do that midterm. I was impossible. Anyways, I did well on that midterm, thankfully.

During all this, as I mentioned, I was, and still am, working full time. Luckily, my job is pretty mind numbing so it's kind of like I get to turn off my brain when I get there. However, it's hand and finger breaking and right now, both of my wrists and my left thumb hurt from this repetitive labor. I am hoping I can last there, as I can transfer in a few months. I am not sure if I would transfer though because this job gives me lots of hours. So we shall see how my hands do. Hopefully they will not be destroyed at the end of this.

So as the "semester" went on, I realized that I had to go to Lou's WEDDING! Ha! Yes, she got married! I was the Maid of Honor, or as I like to call it, the "Old Bag of Honor" and I realized that my plane takes off the DAY OF MY chem I final! ARGH! So that is why I asked Mrs. Bebag if she would open up the final (these are online classes so the homework and modules open up when the teacher unlocks them) a little bit earlier, so I can take it the night before and not have to wake up at 0200 and take a final. She said she would, but given her track record, I didn't believe her so I prepared to wake up at 0200. Of course, I woke up at 0300, studied a bit and took the final at about 0430. I needed to get at least an 84 to secure my A without doing the extra credit, and I wound up getting a 90! That was good because I was going to strangle that woman. However, I was STILL paranoid, so I did the extra credit anyway. I had to watch a movie and critique the "science" of the movie. My fallback movie is Lorenzo's Oil, and I took the movie with me to New York and completed the assignment in my old room. I also completed the rest of my chem II stuff there, and a couple of chapters for nutrition. The NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING, I was taking a QUIZ for nutrition because if I waited until SUNDAY (the day of the wedding) I knew I would just be too burnt out to take it and do well. I needed to score in the 90s to secure my A. That last quiz I got 100%. Even so I wasn't able to sleep. So by the night before the wedding, I had completed my finals for chem, an extra credit, a discussion, and a powerpoint for chem II and two quizzes for nutrition. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finished the chem I final because I was almost done with that stupid class! The only thing waiting for me when I got back was my nutrition final.

I kinda don't want to discuss Lou's wedding here since this post is more about the summer classes. I will post that later. I think I have some vids to upload anyways. However, I thought it was very nice. It was cool being a bridesmaid. That will probably be the only time I will ever be one. Savor the moment!

So when I got back, I was supposed to work the next day. I went in to work and a coworker was like "aren't you supposed to come in tomorrow?" and I was like "uhm well if that is true, I am outta here!" and so, I checked the schedule and I was NOT scheduled, so I flew out of there so fast... Well, I had asked THREE TIMES if I was to come back that day and "yes", they all said. Oh really? UGHHH! Well, I made the most of it because I went home, studied, and then took my nutrition final! I got a 96, later a 98! Woo hoo!! I was officially DONE!!!

So I checked a few days later and BOOM! FIVE A's! YESSSSS! And now I can finally get back to my sleep schedule and eating normal food.

In other news, I finally got my NEW Arizona CNA number. Hopefully I can get a job with that later. And! AND!! I finally got my ring back! I had my "engagement ring" (which was then not my engagement ring, but I wanted the tanzanite that I set in my old ring to be my engagement ring) redone at this place I spotted in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It took over a month to make, but it's very beautiful. Maybe I will post that up later!

So now I await the application periods. I was thinking "hey maybe I should reapply to medical school now that I got A's in chemistry" NOT! I think my MCAT is expired now. Well, there is always Caribbean school! HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, though, it did cross my mind, but I know that it is not a realistic option at this time. Right now I am focusing on grad school and seeing what happens in the next few months.

But of course, my room is a disaster, and now I have some time to finish putting away all my chit!

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