:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 1.31.2012 ::

The Highlight Of Sint Maarten

Is this:

I was BLOWN AWAY by the experience!

:: Jane Dee 1:18:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.28.2012 ::
Hopin' For Somethin' Good

Despite my recent bad luck here in St. Maarten, I am hoping for a bit of good luck: I found someone who can take over my lease! I finally got a hold of my landlord who seems to be interested in the idea of letting this person move in under my deposit and pay rent right away. The woman currently lives at the dorms at AUC and hates it! And she really likes my apartment. So fingers crossed! I am hoping that my landlord will agree and next August, I can come back and sign out of the apartment and get my deposit back! I am hoping she agrees.

In other news, my stuff sold well. I still have someone to come look at the bike before I pack it up, so I hope he likes it and buys it! That would save me from lugging that to Simpson Bay. I do like the bike so if he doesn't want it, I will definitely ship it back. Other than that, I've sold a lot of stuff! I have a few more items to sell and that's it. I'm really surprised people snatched up my food. I had to take the shrimps off the market because I actually have nothing left to eat! Ha ha! For real! I had to take the Milo powder off too because I need some nutrition! Well, I do have zone bars, but I can ship those back or put it in my check baggage. The only thing not selling well is the dry beans, pigeon peas, and powdered milk. Well, I just may drink up all the powdered milk with the Milo because that is my only food now. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the pigeon peas. I just may ship them back because they don't always have pigeon peas in Arizona! We'll see. If I have the room in the box (which I think I will) I will ship them. With the shipping cost, it may come out to about $3 a can, but I guess that is okay because they are not easy to get. It may be worth it.

I also have some powdered potatoes but ehhhh, I don't care for them. I think I will just throw them out or give them away. I bought so many and I never ate them. Now I know not to buy powdered potatoes. Real potatoes with the skin are so much better for you. I've only been eating real potatoes at home that I never caught up to finishing off these powdered ones. Oh well. Shipping them will not be worth it! Ha!

Check out what I did after I sold my can opener and realized that I still needed to open cans!

Check out some birds I found in Philipsburg.

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

I think I'm going to go to Maho tomorrow after I show the bike. I want to go to that beach where the planes fly right over your head. If I'm in St. Maarten, I have to at least do that, right?

Other than that, I am SOOO ready to go home. I can't wait! After I go to the beach, I am going to pack everything up and get ready for Fedex on Monday (and hopefully some good news about my lease as well). I'm going to take a cab to the Fedex station and ship stuff off. Then I will come back and finish packing up my clothes and stuff. Looking around my room, I don't have much left to pack! Thank goodness. I definitely don't care for more work than necessary. I need as little stress as possible!

Okay, it's time for bed!

:: Jane Dee 8:10:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.27.2012 ::
Stupid "Bus" "Driver"

I made my way to Simpson Bay today to schedule a Fedex pickup. It turns out that Fedex doesn't do residential pickups here! What? Anyway, the CSA told me that I would be better off bringing it in because US Customs is a pain in the nut sack (no, she didn't say that I elaborated a bit). Too much paperwork to get wrong and held up in the cage I guess. Customs is like $400 a day for holding I think? Either way, I don't want my stuff to end up in the cage.

Well, I was happy I made it to Fedex, but now that I can't get a pick up Im going to have to get a taxi to bring all my stuff, or whatever is left of it, to the station. I hope I can get rid of most of it. I will have two checked bags, so I will pack those to the limit. I want to make sure that I get as much as I can on the plane to avoid customs and paperwork. Depending on what I have left over, it may be worth it to pay the $150 for the third checked bag. We'll see.

But that is not my sob story for today. My sob story started out okay. I got to Fedex, the drawbridge didn't go up in my face, I saw two iguanas and two crabs, (and we all know how much I love lizards and crustaceans) I ate some onion rings at Caribbean Burger King (pretty good I must say), and I magically wandered into what may be the most awesome "supermarket" around. I don't remember the name, something like 168 Market. Not a very exciting name, but it looked like hell on the outside, and you know how I am with entering store that look like hell on the outside, so I went in. WoW! I was pleasantly surprised! They had TONS of GOYA products! And they had PINK BEANS!!! WHAT??? YES!! I was like "Holy Bananas!" Their prices were SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN GOURMET MARCHE OR whoever. It is actually worth the trip there to buy your food if your into Goya and all that jazz. They had THREE ONIONS for $1.25! AND SOYMILK! And everything. It was literally packed to the brim and it was lovely. So hey, if you need to get some cheaper foods, go to that ugly looking 123 or 168 or 186 market right across the street from some rental car place. You will love it.

ANYWAY THAT WAS NOT THE SOB STORY. UGH! The sob story (and I literally cried) was that I was so tired and I just wanted to go "home." I waved down a bus that SAID MULLET BAY. However, he made his last stop MAHO! That shitface! I gave him his $2 and slammed his door. You know what else? I think he drove past me on the golf course! WHAAAAT!??? Oh if only you could see the thoughts in my head. But you can't so that is good because Id get into trouble. So I started to get so angry that I shed tears. I hate it when I do that! UGHHH! Anyway, Im glad that is over. Next time, I will just keep walking. Stupid "bus."

And after getting everyone in my family to blow up my landlord's phone cuz she is in NY and I DONT HAVE A FREAKIN PHONE, she emailed me finally! I am scared to hear what she has to say... fingers crossed!!

Okay, Im off to sell more stuff, yay!

:: Jane Dee 5:05:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.26.2012 ::
My Ass Hurts

And it's from sitting in this awful chair!

Anyway, I got my withdrawal papers signed today. It seems Im going to have to pay AUC 5Gs upfront. Sheesh! Whats the point of loans then? Oh well. I'll just pay the whole stupid thing off then. Apparently, because I haven't been in long enough, the school has to overpay the government, and thus I will have a bill with AUC. Okay whatever. I can't do anything about that.

Today I have been listing and selling my stuff to my classmates. I didn't know it would work out so well! I was thinking I wouldn't sell anything. Now I am convinced that I should open a general store here right next to the school. I would make a killing! Yeah, I should get the MBA and learn how to run my business. Then open my business. If I wind up coming back to Carib school, I will be right here! Pfft yeah right. Pipe dreams.

Now I am packing up some stuff. I am hoping that I can sell off all of my stuff by Monday. I leave on Tuesday morning. I also hope that the "bus" will be running that early. I will bring two checked bags. I also hope that I sell the bike. Someone said he was interested in it, but who knows if he will buy it. I hope he does, that would help me not have to schlep that bike to Simpson Bay. I've posted almost all of my stuff and almost everything has sold or is on hold for Saturday. I even sold my big pot! Wow. AND the rice cooker! Geez. This place really needs a general store.

I emailed my landlord about the lease. I don't think she is going to get back to me. I guess I will have to cut my losses. $1900!! Damn yo. Ugh I swear, I will never make this mistake again. Too expensive. You know what kind of clothes I could have bough for $2K? Pfft! I could have gotten that new coach bag I wanted AND had PLENTY to buy two new suits! Ugh Im going to faint with all the money I've lost. And you know me and losing money = NOT GOOD.

Well, I guess I better get going with this packing. I also have clothes to put in the dryer. I hope I don't wake people up, cuz that thing is noisy.

:: Jane Dee 7:48:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.25.2012 ::
Done. And Doner

Well folks, I don't know what to tell you. First, my block exams went TERRIBLY. Yes, I failed almost ALL of them. Not by much, but a fail is a fail is a fail. I have some options which is pretty much what this post is about.

First, I want to go home. I've actually wanted to go home the day I came here. If anyone is reading this blog and asks "should I go to Caribbean school?" read this: if you have someone you are attached to, and your whole day is always focused on them, i.e., you love them so very much, DO NOT COME TO CARIBBEAN SCHOOL WITHOUT THEM. I am warning you now. This has been the hardest THREE WEEKS(only three)of my life. Not because of school, but because I am here all alone in a strange place without the most important person in my life. Do NOT attempt to come here if this is similar to your situation. Why? Because you will start off poorly, as I am doing.

Now if I also have someone reading this and asks "They have invited me to start a semester early but that's in two weeks should I go?" The answer is NO FREAKIN' WAY. You will regret that too. I tried to get everything together in two weeks and that was a terrible idea. Awful. Stupid. Don't do it.

Apparently some people told me that I should keep my head up blah blah, and told me about all the people that cam here alone etc etc. Look, I don't know what your life situation is, but apparently they are not as attached to their spouse as I am. I've also been told that everyone here is really nice (Ive never heard of such a proportion of people being nice) and that I have to make friends and all will be better. Okay, yes friends are nice, but drinking buddies are not the same as spouse. I have no idea why people even get married if they do not see their spouse this way. What am I supposed to do? Make friends with dudes? Yeah right. I've been married almost three years now and I have a requirement of knowing what is going on with TJ. I can't do that because 1)I have no phone 2)the internet here is terrible and I can't always talk to TJ when I NEED to. Yeah, Ive been needy, but when I can't have my needs met, I cant go forward. I can keep my head up all I want to, but I won't do it for this price.

So I am withdrawing. I will just have to wait and see about American school. And then I will seriously consider DO school. There is two in Arizona within driving distance to my house. If I can't get in, I think I will do the MBA first, then I will see about AUC again. What I am thinking is that I can complete the MBA, TJ can retire and then we can go to Caribbean school together. Otherwise, no Carib school. It is just too ridiculous for me.

Today, I went to the Dean to withdraw and when I enetered, I said "Hi, I came from downstairs and I was sent up here to ask you about withdrawing." So he says, yes hi and shakes my hand, says his name and he goes "and you are?" and I say "Jane" and he tells me that I "have to introduce myself when I enter someone'd office as a Doctor. It improves the doctor client relationship." UHM IS THIS A DOCTOR'S OFFICE AND AM I A DOCTOR AND ARE YOU A PATIENT?? HELLO, DORK IT'S NOT. I gave him a "uhm okaaaay" face. As far as I am concerned, he should be introducing himself to me first, because I am the client. Slog. Anyway, I told him I am withdrawing and he gave me some paper I have to fill out. I also have to do an exit interview for financial aid, etc. Then he asks me how they failed. I told him that they shouldn't have all these activities during class week. The white coat thing should have been done before class starts. I also said not to make mandatory B.S. meetings during study hours. I gave him an example of the Kaplan course mandatory thing. Okay why is it mandatory? We dont use the Kaplan until fifth semester, AND I havent even gotten my email login yet! That was two weeks ago or so. So why did we have to go? Who cares? I didn't mention the mandatory meetings with your adviser, etc. What a freakin' waste of time! I assume they would say that I have to learn to manage my time. I would reply they would have to learn to stop wasting my time.

So this entry is for all of you out there apprehensive about Caribbean school. YES, It is a RISK. YES, you will be uncomfortable. BUT if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be a doctor AND have been rejected from ALL SCHOOLS INCLUDING DO SCHOOL, then take the risk. JUST DON'T RUSH! If they ask you to come early, DON'T. You will be rushed and you will not be happy. TAKE YOUR TIME. They will be there. They aren't going anywhere. Don't listen to others who say "well, you want to get a clinical blah blah blah." DON'T RUSH TO THE CARIBBEAN. And if you are like me, and apparently there are very few of my type, BRING YOUR SPOUSE. And if you are not used to living in a place that doesn't have many choices in school supplies, clothes, spices, etc., BRING ALL THE STUFF YOU CAN AFFORD. Shipping my stuff has prolonged my sanity here. I know I was lucky to get a discount, but IT WILL BE WORTH THE INVESTMENT. MAKE SURE YOU SHIP PAPER AND NOTEBOOKS AND PENS AND WHITE-OUT etc. They DO NOT have these things. Sometimes they do and mostly they don't. Unless you don't mind having ALL of your stuff being brands found in American 99c stores. Oh yeah, and the school is FREEZING. BRING A REAL SWEATER AND JEANS. Learned that the hard way.

Okay I am done with my update. I am STILL excited that I got an interview at Kansas. I have a good feeling about it! I am on the waitlist at Meharry still, so we will see how that turns out. Today I went to Philipsburg and bought some stuff. I got some souvenirs: a tank top, a license plate (probably stolen), a REALLY nice bikini (it was a little pricey, but it looks nice!), some cheap jewelry, a broken belt (which I can totally fix), and some other crap. I went to ACE and got some packing tape. They also sell the plastic film in case I need it for the bike box. I don't think I will though. I'm going to try to sell it. Maybe someone will want it? It has a flat though. If not, I will keep it. I'm also going to sell some other stuff so I can lighten my shipping load. If no one buys it, I will just keep it. I also have to eat up all of my food. I invited someone over, but I don't think she read it yet. We'll see.

So that's it for my adventure in the Antilles. Hopefully, the next time I am here will be because I am on Vacation.

P.S. Good luck too all you peeps waiting to hear back from American schools, and good luck to you peeps sticking it out in the Caribbean. I is out!

:: Jane Dee 2:27:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.21.2012 ::



I read the email last night! I was talking to TJ and I was like "oh yeah let me check my email..." and I saw something from KU and I was like "oh great they rejected me" but when I opened it, it said I have been scheduled for an interview! I was like "WHAT?? IS THIS FOR REAL???" And I rejoiced with TJ. If I get accepted, I will pack all of my bags and fly out of here in a heartbeat. I will try to sell some stuff and then SEE YA!

The problem is that the interview is scheduled right before my next block exam. Well, I was able to find a flight that would take me there only missing the last lab day and the last day before the exam. If it is anything like this last day, it is just a review day. So if I keep up with my work, I will be good to go anyway. I will just have to keep up with lab and I will be okay. I am mostly worried about the lab. I don't want to miss anything, but this could be my big chance! I don't remember what the statistics are for out of state people getting accepted after an interview, but since they interview so few out of state people, my chance actually looks really good. After I finish MCB, Im going to head to the library. I think I saw an old MSAR for sale, I can just look at it and see what the percentage is. I think its about 25%, but it could be more since that is only the people that matriculated, I think.

Besides that awesome news, I am officially sick! I guess being in that freezing cold lab really brought on the weird feeling I was feeling. I am just glad I didn't get even more sick. I thought that I was going to develop pneumonia sitting in that lab. It seems like I have a cold. I am just sneezing and my nose is running. So I was also thinking that after MCB, and after the Library, I would ride my folding bike for the first time to Maho and pick up some kind of antihistamine. Its hard to focus when you are sniffing and blowing your nose every four minutes. But at least its now four minutes. Yesterday it was like every minute. I just have to make sure I go there and come back. I saw some nice shoe stores there so I don't want to get caught shopping, ha ha.

Well, I hope that I can concentrate on my schoolwork from now until March when KU gives out the decisions. Unless they do it sooner. Just think, in a little over a month, I may be on my way to an American medical school. Is it possible? Can miracles really happen? I guess we will see!

Now that the power went out again, it is time to study MCB!

:: Jane Dee 6:44:00 AM [+] ::
:: 1.20.2012 ::
The So-Called Block Weekend

Well, it's finally here, "block weekend." On Monday, I have a round of tests in all of my classes. I hope I do okay! I am SOOOOOOOOO tired I don't know how much I ma going to get done today. I figure I can just make MCB notes? That's easy enough. Then I can go to bed early and wake up and work on anatomy and histology. I am just so tired I can't even think straight!

Im tired because 1)I was up working in the lab until 2am last night to get through the structres of the heart. The funny thing is that is does look like the sheep heart we dissected in my other anatomy class. I guess I can use those notes again, ha ha! Anyway, 2) that lab is so cold and I was so cold, I must have caught a cold or something being in there. I am not sure if I have a cold, if I have allergies, or if I am going to get pneumonia, but I was so cold in lab, I was shivering. I have to remember when I go to lab to wear more clothes. The thing is that the lab smells so much that I don't want to sully any of my real clothes. I will have to buy some dedicated long sleeve shirts for stinky lab. Otherwise, I will always have a sore throat, like I have been since I came here.

Since I am suffering from something, my nose has been running. I don't have tissues though. I am too tired to go buy some too. Oh well. Well, I hope it goes away by Monday so I wont be sniffling during my test.

Well, Im going to start on MCB. Then I may go to bed. Ugh!

:: Jane Dee 1:41:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.19.2012 ::

So after all that propaganda from the "Diversity Office" at Feinberg SOM, I am officially not extended an interview. Big surprise! Here is what they said:

Dear Jane Dee :

I am writing regarding the status of your application to the Feinberg School of Medicine. I regret to inform you that after a thorough review, our admissions committee has decided not to offer you an interview.

We are humbled and honored by the high quality of those applicants such as yourself whom we do not have the capacity to interview.

Thank you for applying and for your patience as the process went forward. Best wishes for a successful completion of your search.


Warren Wallace, M.D.

Associate Dean for Admissions

Here is what I don't understand: Why do these people write some obvious bullcrap about how they are so happy I applied, that they are HUMBLED, and so freakin' HONORED that I applied? So do schools flat out reject people anymore or do they just say that they can't interview you because they just don't have room. Notice how they don't say that they totally would if they had the room. So I take this as a B.S. generic "nice rejection" letter. Well, at least I didn't have to pay the secondary fee. I was going to write to Sunny, the one who told me to apply, that she should stop telling "fringe" people like myself to apply to schools that have absolutely no intention of accepting you. Ever. But I can't because I am in St. Maarten and it would cost too much to send a letter for this nonsense. I knew from the beginning it was all lies, so what do I care? Exactly. However, I am annoyed that the secondary was so long and all for naught.

In other news, TJ is going to owe me FIVE THOUSAND SMACKAROOS when he wakes up tomorrow! Yup! The deadline for interviews at UA-PHX is tomorrow and I was not invited! Although I am annoyed, I am not surprised either. UA has gotta make that $$. Well, too bad for them. Or is it too bad for me? Hmm...

Well, back to anatomy. I am going to the lab in an hour or so to identify the stuff we need to know. Not fun at this hour but I have no choice. Then I have to finish read that stupid book they assigned us. Well, if we take a quiz tomorrow about the book, we get a free 1% on our anatomy grade. 1% can mean the difference between life and death, so, I better read that book. And take the quiz. Okay see you later!

:: Jane Dee 5:41:00 PM [+] ::
Working Like Mad!

Dang yo! This school crammed in so much stuff in two weeks, I don't know what to say except that I hope I pass the first block exams! I stay up late trying to catch up and thankfully I've been gaining ground. I'm one lecture behind in MCB, and I am almost there with anatomy. I am still lagging in histology, but I think I can do that this weekend as well. I need to do well on that exam because each one is worth 25% I think. So I have to do well in this order: Histology, MCB, Anatomy.

Lou left today and I got teary eyed because I was going to be all alone again. I've stopped crying but I still get a few tears here and there. I guess its really hard to be all alone. I don't even have my cat!

I felt bad that I couldn't spend more time with Lou, but I had to study every night that she was here. I was studying until 2am. We did take the "bus" to Ace hardware - and it was closing but I was able to get my bike lock. Then we wandered around, I don't know what town we were in, but we went to Grand Marche and Cost-U-Less and still no pots or hangers. Well, I guess I gave up, and we started to walk back to a bus stop. Next to a bus stop was a Mega Maxx or something and they were closing but they let us in and I bought 90 hangers, a 24 quart pot, a toilet brush, and some hand sanitizer. I will keep that store in mind because they had a lot of stuff. Well, I did get a dish rack and salami at CUL. I've been chowing on the salami since. Then when we got home, we went out to eat. We were going to go to Le Gondola, but their oven blew up so they were closed. We wound up eating at some other place near the casino. It was okay. I had a roasted goat cheese salad and Lou had escargot and wine. I tried a snail and it was okay. I wouldn't want to eat it again, but it was better than mussels and clams. Then we came back to the apartment and I studied until 2am. Then I went to class today and during my break for lab, I saw her off at the bus stop. Then I walked back to lab crying.

So that was her visit. I won't have anyone visit after this. I also forgot to give her my check to send to TJ. Oh well, I guess I have to Fedex it. I would mail it but I am not sure how well that will work.

Tonight I have to organize my anatomy notes, and get ready to go to lab to find all the stuff in the thorax. This is the last night we can go into the lab so I will be there. Probably around midnight but I will go. I guess I can work on that for a few hours then work on MCB? Maybe.

I've also been worried about passing my classes. I know I always worry about that but this would be an expensive fail. Well, I will definitely finish at least one semester and see how I do. If I screw up, well, then I will withdraw and go back to trucking! Or perhaps open a general store right next to AUC. I bet I would make a LOT of money. I am working hard to catch up, and I think if I do bad on these first tests, I can still make it. At least by then, I will be more than caught up and will be okay I think. So, just to have good grades, I want to do well, but really, I would be happy with passing.

Well, I guess it's time to hit the books. And no, not punch them out! HA!

:: Jane Dee 3:20:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.16.2012 ::
Rough Week Ahead

This week is going to be crazy. I spent all weekend just trying to catch up and I am still behind. Our first round of "block exams" are this coming Monday. I have two lectures to catch up in MCB and a bunch of stuff for anatomy and histology. As you can see, their bright idea of making us do all these mandatory meetings day after day has taken a toll on my studies. To top it off, Lou is visiting me! Sh actually lands today. Im not saying I don't want her here, I feel bad that I won't be able to hang out much if at all. I did plan to rent a car to buy a few things but now I am not so sure. I really need a big pot and hangers.

At least today I have NO MCB lecture, and NO wet lab. I am very happy about that because I really need to use that time to study something. Probably anatomy. After dry lab, I will meet up with Lou. It will be 4 in the afternoon so I am not sure what she will be able to do, I guess she could go to the beach? I don't know. Maybe she will just watch me study.

I figure we can rent a car on Wednesday. She leaves Thursday early afternoon. I have a feeling she will see more of the island before I will! I just dont have time now. I wish she could have came after the exams, but I guess she doesn't have the week off. Oh well.

Well, I better get back to MCB. I have to use this free period wisely.

:: Jane Dee 4:29:00 AM [+] ::
:: 1.15.2012 ::
Feeling Stupid

I am not feeling awesome. I miss TJ. I have been crying everyday since I left. At least twice a day. I think I have been crying more frequently as of lately.

But enough of that. Today I took the "mock practical" and I didn't really get much out of it. It wasn't multiple choice and it had questions on things we didn't even get into. So it helped to know how little time I will have answering questions, but it didn't really help me learn anything useful.

I was studying anatomy all day yesterday. I am almost finished with the stuff we need to know about the back. Maybe a couple of more hours? I hope so. I have to get started on MCB. I have so many things to memorize for that test too. Amino acid structure, the nicknames of said acids, etc. Then I haven't even looked at the review questions for both MCB and histology. I am hoping I will be caught up by the middle of the week so that I can use the weekend to actually study.

I have no idea how I am going to do. I feel like I am not as "hard-core" as I used to be. I guess it's because I just want to pass and not really concerned so much with getting A's in everything. I would like to, but I may have to let these first tests slide because I am 1)Behind because of all the stupid functions we had to do after classes and 2)I don't know how the tests are. I will be able to study better after the first exam. For now, I am more of a "just do what you can" attitude. I hope this doesn't make things go horribly wrong.

Other than that, I still miss home. Ive only been here two weeks and it feels like two months. I was thinking that maybe if Meharry took me, I would go. It would take longer to finish and cost me a lot more, but I think it's still an option. Well, it's only an option if they accept me. I have no idea if they will so, I guess I can't say much about that anyway.

So I guess Im off to study stuff. I hope I can get to do MCB stuff today! Actually, I will do MCB stuff, I hope I finish the anatomy so I can continue on with other things. Yeah, more like that.

:: Jane Dee 10:31:00 AM [+] ::
:: 1.14.2012 ::
Almost Done

Must.. press...on...

Med Skool Kitteh  Endz Studee Sesshun

Not yet, but goodnight in advance!

:: Jane Dee 9:20:00 PM [+] ::
:: 1.13.2012 ::
Can I Has Internet?

So I had my white coat ceremony today. It was kinda dumb to have it when we already used it. I think it would have been better if we had it BEFORE we began class. Oh well. Here is the link if you want to see it. The sound is lousy, so don't turn it up all the way! It was also streaming online and I was surprised that so many people I knew watched it.

Anyway, I was coaxed into attending the reception afterwards. It was okay. It was at a club called Bliss. This place has a pool and a couple of people decided to jump in. One was down to his boxers. Hm. Okay well I didn't do any of that. I did leave early with the people I came with. The food was okay. I wouldn't say it was amazing. The fish was actually better than the chicken.

So that should do it for stuff that is keeping me from studying. I am hoping to catch up tomorrow (pfft ha!) and Sunday, but I have that mock exam on Sunday and maybe a potluck. So I am not sure how much I am going to get done, especially since it is almost 2am here. I guess I will just get up at 7 instead of 6. I have plenty of food, so I will hold off on going shopping, even though I could really use some fruits. Well, maybe I will go and buy some fruit? Eh, maybe not. I better just stick to the plan. I would like to try out my bike though. See if it unfolds while I ride it and break my legs. Ha!

Its also been kinda hard being separated from TJ for so long. This is the longest we have been separated. The longest before this was what, FOUR DAYS? So as you can see, we are joined at the hip. This will the hardest thing about being here. I guess I will just have to find a way to focus on studying and not thinking about TJ and Meux Meux. Sigh.

Well, I better get to bed. I have a full day of studying tomorrow and I hope it's helpful. I posted some pics of my Used White Coat Ceremony below:

Here I am getting my coat...

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

Here is more proof that I am awesome...

pic name

pic name

:: Jane Dee 10:31:00 PM [+] ::
Holy Cow, I Have Internet!

For the brief time I am connected to the world, I will post the link to my "White Coat Ceremony" here.

Other than that I am studying right now because I am trying to catch up with all this work that I hadn't done. It has been a busy two weeks, and it definitely doesn't help that there were so many mandatory meetings interfering with my studies. So now that to day is the last day of interruptions, I can try to catch up in my work. I have A LOT to cover. So I will be working like crazy this weekend.

The other thing is that I don't have internet. I was SUPPOSED to have internet, but it goes out and right now it seems to be working. I want to try and get a USB internet thing, but some people have had trouble with it, and other haven't. We'll see. Either way, I have to get internet setup in my apartment. I was going to complain about it but the building allows pets so, maybe not. Once I get internet, I can study normally and blog more frequently.

Okay! Back to work. My ceremony is in 3.5 hours. 1730 Atlantic (GMT-4). So you NYers can start watching at 4:30 pm and you Zonies can watch at 2:30pm

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:: 1.10.2012 ::

I only have a few minutes...

This weekend was sloooow. Mostly trying to figure out what the hell is going on in anatomy. I get it now. We are just doing regions. Why, I don't know. The problem is that I have the tendency to want to know why and so I start reading too many things. Big time waster. Well, at least I know what to do now. Anyway, Sunday I spent all day reading and making some notes for MCB. Not too bad. I do have to study some of that because 1)I don't know it and 2)it looks like that stuff is on Step 1.

Yesterday was long too. Three straight lectures in a row is crazy, especially when you don't have any coffee. I am waiting for my coffee maker to arrive. All my Fedex stuff came yesterday, so during my break I am going to lug all that stuff back to my apartment. THAT should be an adventure. Then after the break I have anatomy lab. We didn't get to cut yesterday, we just did the vertebral column. My group is okay except for one guy I am grossed out by. Reminds me of a sleazy used car salesman. I would not go to him if he was a doctor. Ew.

Other than that, everything seems okay. There is a lot of work to be done and I have my first "block" of tests in a couple of weeks. So once I finally get all my stuff settled in, I should be able to study well enough. I am glad that I took some biochemistry and anatomy and all that before. If I hadn't, I'd be really scared. I wouldn't know what to do because everything would be so foreign. But I guess a lot of people don't take these classes. Well, kudos to them if they can pull it off.

Well, I better get ready for class. I don't have much time.

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:: 1.08.2012 ::


:: Jane Dee 6:54:00 PM [+] ::

Oh my gosh, I spent ALL FREAKIN DAY YESTERDAY trying to figure out what the !@#$ my anatomy teacher was talking about. AND IM STILL NOT DONE! I finally realized that we are not doing anything orderly other than "we are doing this part of the body and must know everything about this part before we even know what anything is." I just don't get why they are teaching it like this. Anatomy is an awesome subject, but well, they managed to turn it into something crazy. Oh well. I will get it, I just needed time to figure out what they are doing.

Other than that, I have to go through like, 80 pages in my MCB book today. Well, I HOPE I can go through 80pages today. AND do some histology. HAHAHAHAAA! Yeah right. What makes matters worse is that I barely have any internet at night and last night, I was completely cut off from my conversation with TJ. Sigh. I hope my landlord stays true to her word and fixes that ethernet cable. Then I will have no problems. Fingers crossed.

So far it hasn't been too bad here. I have plenty of food and I get hot water and I havent had any electrical problems. My only complaint is the sketchy internet. I also wish there was some kind of Walgreens or CVS type pharmacy nearby where we can buy pens and pencils, notebooks, snacks, and soap and stuff like that. When I finally get my shipment, I will check out Maho which is the closest town with stuff. When I passed it on my way in, it didn't seem to have much, but we'll see. Then of course there is Philipsburg, but I definitely need a car to get there. I think.

The school isn't too bad either. It is tiny, but that's okay for me. I think it's pretty neat that this school exists. Look at me me now, UA! Anyway, they haven't gotten back to me about any interviews yet. Supposedly the last interviews will be on January 20th. Well, we'll see. I am more than certain I will not be invited.

Overall, I like it here. Honestly, I don't have any "culture shock" whatever that is. I actually feel like I am living in a run down part of Brooklyn, and go to something like Kingsborough Medical School. I would say CCNY Medical School, but AUC isn't run down like City College, ha! So it looks like a KCC Med school, but it's more international, so the students may be more like CCNY. So far so good, and I am happy I chose AUC. I especially like that I can walk to class in like, five minutes. I also like having internet in my apartment so I don't have to sit in a library all day. I can be in my own home, eat lunch, go to the bathroom, etc., without having to be with other people making me nervous because they are nervous. So I am happy in my situation!

So today's agenda looks like: check out that Christian Club today, email the women's club, read and make notes for MCBI and read and make notes for histology. I just have to finish my coffee...

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:: 1.07.2012 ::
Break Time

I have been working on anatomy for a while because I am trying to figure out what we are doing. I thought this school did a systems approach? I guess not because we are learning the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the neck and back without learning about bones, ligaments, and muscles first. Well, okay. I am still glad I brought my book. I DID have to use the Netters after all. There are some ligaments that we went over that are not in my old book. (That must mean they are not that important! Ha!) Anyway, because the professor is all over the place, this is taking longer than I wanted to because I have to look everything up now. It's okay, I will organize it soon and I will stay on top of this guy. I don't want anatomy to consume all of my time simply because I have to look everything up in ten different places. Maybe I will bring my anatomy book to class so I can flag certain pages he is discussing? We'll see. I have to get my shipment first because my rolling bookbag is in there. And I am not about to carry a million books to class.

So I ate eggs for breakfast and then I was still hungry so I had fruit and I was still hungry so I fried up some tofu. It came out good! Thankfully, I brought my little frying pan. I am still waiting for my larger one. When I get the car, I will go and buy a large pot to boil water for drinking. And maybe making pasta. I also can't wait to get my coffee maker and rice cooker. Then I don't have to waste all of my propane on boiling water for coffee and rice. I can save the gas if the electricity goes out.

Anyway, my apartment is nice and I can study well here. I get a lot of light and it's pretty quiet too. Plus I get internet, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a fridge right next to me. It sure beats going to the library all the time!

Well, I better get back to work. I really have to finish this so I can start MCB. That one will be very time consuming!

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Getting It Together

I woke up today feeling better about my study situation. I can't say the same about my washing machine situation. This is what the controls look like:

pic name

pic name

So I figured out that the coil function means spin. And I pressed the "No spin" button, thinking it meant "No heat." Okay well, I thought it didn't mean no heat, but since I didn't see a flame button, maybe they signify heat with an electric coil? Not. Okay so now I know that the coil means, "spin" and the other button is permanent press, I assume. Then on the dials, "rapide" is the only reasonably (and I use that loosely) timed cycle. I tried out the "gentle" cycle and that took forever too. So this morning I just put it on "e" assuming it means "energy saver" and that took forever too. However, since I pressed the no coil button, my clothes were sopping wet. And kinda soapy. So I rewashed it on "rapide" and it was still soggy. That is when I figured out the coil meant spin, because there was no spinning action! So luckily, there is just a coil function and lo and behold, it finally spun my clothes. So now they are spinning in the dryer that also takes five hours to dry. Can't really complain much since I don't pay for the dryer. I do realize that I have to do my laundry early in the morning because everyone hogs the dryer at night. Well, okay I get up at 0600 anyway. Might as well have something to do.

Yesternight I went to the AUC Student Mixer. I was supposed to go with a classmate, but I was so hungry I had to go alone. I just went and got my food and came back. I saw her on the way back walking up the street, so I felt kind of bad, but I was so hungry, I couldn't wait any longer. I was under the impression that it was for new students but I didn't see any new students there, just older students. Hmm. Well, I didn't stay. I ran out with my food, gobbled it up (halfway on the way home), and chatted with TJ, then went to bed. I was exhausted.

So today is going to be study and more study. There is some kind of beach BBQ today, but I'd rather study. Yesterday's food was okay, but not enough protein. I think I will stick to my food from now on. I now have enough eggs to last me about 12 meals. I should have bought more fruit, but I will get it later this week when I get the car. I am excited to get my stuff too! My stuff is in Puerto Rico, and when I checked it had a delivery exception on it and I HOPE that doesn't mean they are trying to deliver it in PR! It says Cupecoy on it, soooo.... Well, we will see come Monday. My stuff might be here Tuesday because I think it will fly out late on Monday. I hope so! I will be excited when it comes! I also hope nothing is broken and I also hope that customs doesn't give me a hard time! I guess we will see.

Okay so I'm going to get started on anatomy since that is easy. When I am done with that, I will have all day to do MCB. Then I hope it doesn't spill over into tomorrow because I want to start on histology. We will see of course!

So let's see how it goes!

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:: 1.06.2012 ::
Huh? Again.

Okay so I just opened my Netter's Atlas of Anatomy and it is just that: an atlas!

I am sooooo glad I brought my old A&P book because without that, I really wouldn't understand what the hell is going on! Now at least I have something to read and explain what is going on when I look back at my notes! I think I should get rid of this netters book. It is kind of useless. I mean, it goes into more detail of structures and stuff than my A&P book but my A&P book does a pretty good job anyway. Plus we have online notes. Hm. Maybe I should sell this book back? Well, maybe it will be really awesome come lab time and then you can identify every single thing you see. Yeah okay. Maybe it's good for something.

But seriously, I can hardly understand the professor. Good thing I am recording the lectures so I can go back and listen! It looks like I have a very long weekend ahead of me. Lots of studying. And from my old book! HA! See? Kingsborough is awesome.

Im going to go to bed soon. I am so tired! I will wake up at 0500 or 0600 anyway

:: Jane Dee 5:52:00 PM [+] ::

So today was another double dose of MCB and Anatomy. I must say, anatomy makes no sense. Maybe it's because I don't understand the professor all the time because he has an accent, or if it's because we are starting at the spine and back and are not really doing it systematically. I am not sure if we are just jumping around to what "we need to know" or if there is some other thing Im missing. In any case, I have A LOT of studying to do this weekend because of MCB, and I guess anatomy. When I took anatomy, we kind of just went through every bone and muscle systematically. I think they are trying to get more "clinical" stuff in as we go along. So when I study this weekend, I will have to figure out WHAT to study because we obviously aren't going over everything.

In any case, I'm glad week one is over! My Fedex stuff is in Puerto Rico now, although it says there is a delivery exception on it. I hope not! I wrote the address in Netherlands Antilles. They better not screw this up! Ugh. Anyway, today is the student "mixer" and I am very tired so I am not sure if I am going to go. A classmate of mine will email me if she is going and then I'll go. Otherwise, I am content with eating here and figuring out what to study.

So far, I have eight mosquito bites. Not too bad! I figured I'd be eaten alive, but I guess I am not as tasty to the ones here. When they bite me, I don't even get a big bump. The ones back in the US make me itch so bad! These ones don't do much, so I guess that's good. The ones here are the aedes aegypti that spread dengue fever and yellow fever. Apparently, someone at AUC got dengue a few semesters ago, but they came back and are finishing up. Well, if it doesn't kill me then I don't care.

Well, Im tired, Im goingto rest up before this par-tay.

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:: 1.05.2012 ::
Day One Done! Only A Million More To Go!

So today was the first day of class! It was okay. I see that I am going to have to put the time into the MCB class. I don't know much about genetics. Im going to study that chapter when I am done writing this.

We also went into anatomy lab today. We didn't get to see our cadavers, as they were zipped up still. We will get to meet them next week. The schedule is pretty crazy, it reminds me of Kingsborough. Class five days a week! Anatomy lab is only four days a week. My first class is MCB, ten minute break, then we have anatomy, ten minute break, then histology, then a two and a half hour break, then anatomy lab. Not too bad. The funny thing is that all of our lectures are in the same room. So it's kind of funny.

Today we had a double dose of MCB because of the break later in the semester. We also have a double dose tomorrow. We also have a double anatomy lecture tomorrow. So this week will be jam packed. I was going to go to some BBQ on the beach for some honor society club, but maybe I will skip it because I want to study. I can't believe I've been here less than a week because it seems I've been here much longer! Wow.

Tomorrow is also some kind of "rush" for the campus clubs. I am thinking about joining the Christian one or the club for non-drinkers, or both. We'll see.

I also have to remember to use my free meal coupon tomorrow because it expires! And my stuff just made it to Memphis! Yay! I can't wait for my stuff! I hope nothing breaks. That would suck.

So now I'm off to study some MCB. It actually seems more like genetics, since that seems like all we are doing. Well, I hope I can catch up! Then I will try to look at the histology stuff and go over the anatomy if there is time. Im going to try and kick ass! I hope I can! Wish me luck!

Here's to Medical School!

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:: 1.04.2012 ::
Yay Pigeon Peas!

So today's tour was nice! I will post pictures this weekend once I finish studying. We drove all around St. Maarten/St. Martin and stopped at a few places including the Cost-U-Less. I forgot to ask them if they deliver, but that doesn't matter. When my Fedex comes, I will rent a car to bring it all to my apartment and I will go back to the cost-u-less, and the ACE, and get a Caribbean phone somewhere. This trip, I was able to get frozen foods, like chick patties (vegetarian), turkey burgers (cheap!), turkey meatballs, a huge bag of broccoli, a big bag of mixed veggies, chocolates, dust pan, bathroom stuff, a pitcher with cups, a candle, and some other stuff. I only spent about $88! Awesome!

Tomorrow is the first day of class! I hope it goes well! IEEE!

:: Jane Dee 7:39:00 PM [+] ::
One More Day

Of torture!

Today is the last day before classes begin. I hope it is more bearable than yesterday. We are supposed to go shopping at Cost-U-Less and Le Grad Marche later today. I am contemplating if I should bring my wheeled suitcase or not. I want to buy stuff, but not too much because I will have to carry it all back from school.

I am wondering if I can find a hand truck. That would help me not have to carry everything, but I am thinking that I should rent a car instead. I was reading some bad stuff online about Thrifty/Dollar rental, and there is one right near me. I wonder if they will try to swindle me or should I just get the total insurance so they don't try to make up stories about me breaking the cars. Hm. It would make shopping a lot easier. I suppose I could do it all in one day. I would just have to keep going back and forth. I will think about it. They do have a tremendous discount for the week right now, like $99 a week or so. I wouldn't need it that long though, so we will see.

:Formal Orientation" starts in about an hour so Im off to eat breakfast then off to torture camp! Hooray!

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:: 1.03.2012 ::
International Mosquito Bites

Well, thanks to AUC's Advisor meet and greet, I got TWO mosquito bites on my left leg. If I had known if we were going to be hanging around outside at sunset, I wouldn't have worn shorts! Well, let's see if I get some tropical mosquito virus! I hope not. I would be seriously pissed.

Today was long and torturous. All day I had to go to some kind of seminar. I hate seminars. And I hate doing lame group activities. I also noticed that everyone gets a kick out of me being a truck driver. Now I am beginning to think that maybe people think I became a truck driver to have something unique to say when I have to introduce myself. Well, that wasn't why I became a truck driver!!

So I'm glad that I am "home" now. I went to the business fair and met up with Fedex. They are going to be my lifeline out of here, so I asked them about their operations. It seems that everyone was sending their student loan checks back home via Fedex. Well, I guess I will be doing that too, except that I will be paying much less, ha ha! Well, Fedex told me that they would deliver to my address, but when I thought about it, it would be better to send it to the school because I will be in class and they need a signature. I was thinking about renting a car the day or so when my stuff arrives and then use the car to go downtown to go buy things I need. There is a car rental place right near me, so maybe. There is an ACE hardware in town but I can only get there if I drive there. The tour bus won't stop there tomorrow, so I will seriously consider it.

I am beginning to think I am ready for this med school stuff. I asked about the classes and there are NO LABS!!! And when I say "no labs" I mean the traditional labs like with lab reports and crap like that. HA! This will be great! I think I will be okay. So I just have to suffer one more day of orientation and we can finally start this crap! Sheesh!

:: Jane Dee 4:07:00 PM [+] ::
Euro Crap!

I woke up early today thinking I could get my laundry done. WRONG!

Apparently, the washing machine in my apartment is "European" and I guess, going in the Euro style, TAKES FREAKIN' FOREVER just to wash one stinkin' small load! UGHHH! I had to stop it and put it on "RAPIDE" (HA) just to hurry up! UGHHH!!!

I think its done. I have another load and I have to be at school in 40 minutes! Stupid crap...

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:: 1.02.2012 ::
Shopping and Registration!

Today was pretty productive. I woke up at 0600, but didn't get up until 0700. Then I made coffee and ate my leftovers. I then chatted with TJ who is going to finish packing up my stuff to Fedex to me today. I then prepared to go shopping at Le Gourmet Marche!

I took two tote bags and my rolling suitcase because I was certain I would be buying heavy stuff. I did! I spent $88 (I couldn't get my AUC discount because I don't have my ID, but I didn't ask anyway) and bought:

Milo energy mix, Kraft 2% "cheese," Kraft parmesean, Land 'o Lakes margarine, 4 chocolate bars, a stack of Maria cookies, Gain detergent 32 loads, Gain dish detergent big bottle, 3 scrubby sponges, a pint of Breyers, Bacos, 10 pounds of Mahatma rice, 8 cans of tomatoes, 2 cans each of pink beans and butter beans, almost 2 pound bag of frozen peas, 2 cans of sardines in oil (yuck, but no sardines in tomato sauce), a six pack of Scott toilet tissue, a pound or so of bananas, a big red onion, a pack of tofu, an 18 pack of eggs (from the US!), and a box of Premium crackers.

Not too bad! Then I came "home" and chatted with TJ. Then I went to registration. It was pretty quick and I stayed for about two hours. I didn't get my check today, but that's okay. I don't need it that badly. After registration, I got my Kaplan books and took some books out of the library. I should have brought my wheeled suitcase because that crap was heavy! Anyway, I went to "Note Services" and bought my AUC lab coat. I'm glad I waited because I think the size 8 fits better around my shoulders/boobs than the 6. I guess I will order the embroidered one later. I also bought a box of rubber gloves. You get a box of 100 for $10, that's not too bad. At least they had size small. I would have brought some from home, but I couldn't find size "small" or "extra-small" so why waste room in my luggage with ill-fitting gloves? Then I lugged all that "home" and was very tired.

Then I ate most of the ice cream. I emailed Le Gourmet Marche to ask if they sell mops and brooms. They responded with a "yes" so I set out again to buy said mop and broom. The mop was about $5 with the wooden handle (that was charged separately) and the broom was about $4 and that included the stick. I also bought a two pound bag of shrimps for about $15 and a pack of 12 slices of provolone cheese for about $3.80. Not too bad. I am hoping to buy some bulk item at the Cost-U-Less on Wednesday when I go on the free tour with AUC. They are supposed to make a pit stop at this store so you can buy stuff. Cool! I will buy as much as I can. I will also ask them if they deliver because apparently you can shop online and pay with a C.O.D.. Well, I will definitely find out.

I also found out that I CAN ship Fedex to Note Services. They sign for it and hold it for me. I can even get one package at a time. I will have to do that because each one is pretty heavy! I have to walk with each piece one by one. I wish I had a hand-truck! Maybe I can find some kind of cart at Cost-U-Less? We'll see. I wonder if there will be any customs charges and taxes on my stuff. Hmm. I guess I will find out!

Okay so now I'm going to mop this floor! It is so dirty! I thought they were supposed to clean the apartment before you move in? I guess that doesn't apply! At least the internet and A/C work. Cuz then I'd have a fit. And I'm going to rearrange this furniture. I don't get this arrangement!

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:: 1.01.2012 ::
Happy New Year!

So here I am! In Sint Maarten, So happy new year to me!!

The last few days were packing mayhem. I was packing and packing and packing. The day I left I was still packing. I even forgot my computer power cord as we were driving away. Well, after I checked in, TJ sped back and got it for me just in the nickel time. I had packed two bags to the brim, one 48 pounds, the other 49.5 pounds! HAHA! I got through security pretty fast since there was no crowd really. They even double checked my printer. I got to the gate about five minutes before priority boarding. I had priority boarding so I basically walked right onto the plane. Neat! My printer fit great, as did all of my cheeseburgers, my pillow and my ridiculously heavy "purse" filled with so much stuff, it was literally bursting. Anyway, the first leg went great because there was a seat between me and the next woman. They even served free drinks. Not bad!

The second leg was good too! Can you believe that? I thought I had a five hour layover but it was actually like an hour and a half. I charged my computer, talked to TJ and walked over to the gate about a half hour before take off and they had just started boarding the priority seats. So I walked right on! Then I had the whole row to myself! HA! What awesome luck. So I ordered TWO drinks. Oh yeah, free Coke!

When I got off, I was surprised there was no elevator to the ground. I had to carry all of my stuff and my hand was about to give out so I kept stopping every 15 feet to stretch my hand. The handles on the plastic bag had ripped so I was literally holding a 30 pound printer by a strap. Anyway, I made it to the concourse and the AUC people were still there!!! I was like "Oh my gosh are you still here??!! YES!!!" I was so excited to see them because they drive you to your place! That would save me the cab ride. Then I waited for my bags and left with them. I called the manager when I got there and she sent someone to let me in. I was so exhausted, but I got the internet going and was able to video chat with TJ and Meux Meux! I then washed up and went to bed.

When I woke up, OUCH! I was sooooo sore. Everything hurt. Especially my hand. My hand was also kind of fat. And red. I thought to myself "That is the price of being cheap!" So it was worth it! When I got up finally, I was smoked. I couldn't do anything. It took forever to make coffee. I had to improvise since I forgot to bring my travel coffee drip-a-majig. Well, I just steeped it like tea and it worked fine. I wasn't in the mood for food so I didn't make breakfast and just chatted with TJ online. I finally got some strength to see if the supermarket was open, and it wasn't.

Oh well. I bought a chocolate croissant at some cafe and walked around a bit. I managed to find the school and it literally is a five minute walk to my apartment. I took a look at the school and it seems nice. Not super beautiful, but not run down either. It just looks like a school. I think it's kind of small, but I like that. I went inside and looked all around and took a couple of free books for step 1. Meh, I always like a free book. Whether I use it or not is another story.

pic name

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After touring the school a bit, I went "home" (ha, I wish) and used gmail to text TJ that I made it back and we can chat. Not too long after, the manager comes by and shows me some stuff about the apartment and the building. She also told me to NOT open a banking account here, nor ship Fedex to the building because her stuff has been "lost" twice. Hmm. Well, I did read on the AUC webpage that you can ship stuff to the school. I will ask about that tomorrow at registration. I also paid my electricity and water deposit and first month's rent. Well, I must say this crap is expensive. I guess that is just how it is.

Afterwards, I video chatted with TJ and Meux Meux and made "dinner." I made "instant rice" and lentils with fake steak (soy). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome either. I am hoping I can get some tomato sauce at the store tomorrow so I can make some real rice and lentils. If not, I guess I will just have to suffer through it until my stuff arrives or just eat at school. There were some bananas hanging by the school though...

So today is done! Tomorrow is registration and I hope that they don't screw up my loan money. Im going to have to Fedex my check back to TJ to deposit into my account so I can withdraw money at an ATM instead of opening an account here. Then I can pay my rent with an American check and pay cash for my utilities at some place down the road. I hope this works out!

Okay time for video chat!

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