:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 8.31.2011 ::


Ugh! Studying all day! Well, I think Im ready to take another practice test! Not that I want to, but I think I went over enough math to improve that section. Or maybe I should just do the quizzes on Kaplan first. Yes maybe that is better.

In other news, I am very excited because I get to buy new makeup! My eyeshadow is so freakin old that it doesn't apply correctly anymore. However, I only use creme eyeshadow, and Revlon doesn't make the huge palettes anymore. So Maybelline has a new line of creme eyeshadow and its very nice! Im going to use my Target gift certificate to buy almost all of the colors before they stop making them. I definitely need new eyeshadow!

Well, still no news from med schools! Boo! Oh well. I guess its Caribbean time!

:: Jane Dee 4:37:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.30.2011 ::
MCAT Essat Prompts

Click the clouds to download my MCAT essays in MS Word .doc format.

There is also a box on the sidebar called "Files to Download" which contains links to the essays as well as other files Ive posted on this blog. I hope this helps all of you since my strength is apparently not the PS section.

:: Jane Dee 6:03:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.29.2011 ::
Focus On The GMAT

Today I finished going over the math knowledge for the GMAT in my Kaplan book. It seems I have the most work to do in probability, moving faster with fractions, rates and percents, memorizing geometric formulas, and to stop screwing up the numbers by reading too fast. I guess when I finish this entry, I can make some flash cards or scan my math books for the topics I need to work on and find examples.

When I finish going over the math, I will take another practice test. I have plenty online and on my Kaplan CD. Then I guess start working on the "real GMAT questions" in my official GMAT book.

I have no idea if I am going to be ready for October testing but Im keeping my fingers crossed!

I still haven't heard back from ANYONE (except Tulane), but Im most annoyed about UA not getting back to me yet. HUMPH! Well, I guess I have nothing to do buy wait!

I guess I better get a snack and get back to work!

:: Jane Dee 3:52:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.25.2011 ::
No News, Just Nausea

Everyday this week Ive had nausea. At first, I thought I had contracted that brain eating amoeba since I was near all kinds of warm bodies of water. Although I do not like to swim in lakes and rivers, I was near them. I did put my hand in the Niagara River, but I didn't pick my nose afterwards. Well, either I am going to die tomorrow or I didn't get the amoeba... or I did get it and my body destroyed it. In any case, I was nauseous again this morning and I think that this past month-long road trip has screwed up my sleep schedule so bad that I am nauseous when I wake up. No, I am not pregnant. I could also be nauseous from my monthly visitor, who is making quite a visit. Stupid beeyotch. So as uncomfortable as I am, I have to go to the hospital tomorrow (for volunteering, not death!) even though I probably won't feel that good.

I am also considering compiling my essays as a link on the sidebar. It seems most people come to this page looking for hints on those MCAT essay prompts. I guess I can make the search easier since I have an old Blogger format that makes searches screw up. Expect that link soon.

So other than heartburn, nausea, pain, fatigue, "burning veins", and headache, Im doing great! No interview invites yet.

Today I am going to work on GMAT some more. Then I will look at the application for Eller. I think I have to download a form to give to my recommenders.

:: Jane Dee 7:00:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.24.2011 ::
Secondaries Are Complete

No, I am not applying to Harvard. I know that would have been a funny joke but I finished emailing my questions to the Admissions Office. I asked:

"The first is the probability of receiving a secondary. If I applied through AMCAS, do I automatically get a secondary or is there a screening process? Yes

The second question is once I get a secondary and apply for the fee waiver, would I have to pay first, then get a refund or do I apply and then seek approval? You request the fee wavier during the submission of the application."

Well, okay. I guess my first question wasn't specific enough. After searching the "internet," I found that they give everyone a secondary. Do they screen them? Yes apparently they do, but afterwards. But that wasn't the question I was asking. I wanted to know if applicants were screened in order to get one. I guess I really am too stupid for HMS! Don't speak no English!

And the reply about the request fee waiver during submission is a bit fishy. I think it's my original theory: pay first, then they see if they will give you one. Of course I won't get one and then they will reject me anyway. So no thanks! I don't spend money on vagueness!

Other than that, I have no invitations yet. As with HMS, I am also too stupid for an interview. Sigh. Well, I hope AUC takes me! I will get started on that application soon.

Also, Ive been working on the GMAT. Ive also been falling asleep during my studies. I guess I need more coffee. Ugh!

Im beginning to think that I bought all those new clothes for naught...

:: Jane Dee 3:30:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.22.2011 ::
Crickets Chirping...

So no word yet from UA-PHX or UA-TUC! I'm beginning to become worried. Well, it is still quite early on. I did get an email from Meharry that I am squared away and I am now being forwarded for review. Well, I hope so!

Yesterday I spent most of the day feeling ill for some reason, but I woke up feeling better today. Yesterday I figured out most of my plans for GMAT studies and the rest of my plan for medical school. So it works like this:

-Aim to take the GMAT at the end of October for first round consideration (UA due November 15)
-Review math mostly, then essays, then verbal
-Take next GMAT practice test
-Review the test. If the scores are bad, review more.
-If scores are good or finished reviewing, take the GMAT Test #1
-Review as needed
-Alternate test and review as needed until week before test
-Take GMAT #2 the week before the test
-Review as needed until test day

So this will hopefully be accomplished by the end of October. Then, I have to worry about medical school stuff. These things include:

-Apply to AUC in September for May 2012 entry
-Write/Visit my professors to forward LORs to AUC
-Apply to Eller in September, but only if I get an interview from UA-TUC or UA-PHX
-If I don't get an interview from UA, I won't apply to Eller obviously
-I will apply to Quinnipiac after I get accepted to AUC. This will be plan C
-Plan B is get into a different med school/b-school combo
-If I am attending AUC, but I get off a waiting list in the US, I will transfer

Today, I will start on my math studies after I go food shopping. I hope this test goes better for me than the MCAT!

:: Jane Dee 4:06:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.21.2011 ::
Enjoy The Silence

Or not. I still haven't heard back from Phoenix! Wow! And here I thought that if you apply early, they interview you early. WRONG! Apply early and they will interview you whenever they want to.

In any case, it is getting close to the time to apply to Caribbean school! I guess I have to write to my teachers to tell them to send off those next set of letters. I'm not sure when I want to start. I was thinking in September or whatnot, but I don't want to be too far behind you know? But if I apply for May, then I may not have all the answers from the schools yet. Hmm. What to do.

Tomorrow I will get back to studying for the GMAT. Ive been putting that off because I was on a month long trip. I will post pictures soon!

So I guess it's back to sulking.

:: Jane Dee 8:01:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.18.2011 ::
No Luvin'

Nothing from UA-PHX yet? Bah humbug! Well, I will just keep on waitin'... and waitin'...

I also got an email from USU. Somehow, my application is complete now, even though I had sent that application on JUNE 20, 2011. Huh? I'm so annoyed.

So I guess the new game plan is to stick to the original plan! I will apply to AUC in a few weeks and see how that goes. I can't wait around forever!

:: Jane Dee 6:11:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.17.2011 ::

According to MDApplicants.com, UA-PHX has started sending out interview invites! I haven't gotten one yet! I hope it comes soon! I will be mad if I don't get one.

Today I am working on my final secondary, Meharry. I don't think Im actually going to apply to Harvard sooo, I think Im almost done with all my secondaries.

I'm still behind on my GMAT studies. Oh well.

Back to Meharry!

:: Jane Dee 12:39:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.15.2011 ::
Secondaries Ending Soon

I finally sent away my Feinberg application! They give you about 400 words for most of the questions so you know that I used up 398 for each, ha! Soon we shall see what they say about my application. I probably won't hear back from them for months.

Anyway, USU already started giving out interview invites. I hadn't gotten one yet. Big surprise. I hadn't heard from any schools yet besides Tulane thus far. I have a feeling that I'm not going to be in the first round of interviews. I think it has to do with my MCAT score. And other things. I think they like the way I write, but they don't like the way I score. At least in the PS section. Oh well. Caribbean time??

So now I am working on my Morehouse and Meharry applications. Im almost done with my Morehouse one! After Meharry, I am finished! Unless I get a fee waiver from Harvard of course! HAHAHAHHAHAAA!!! I am really contemplating calling them up! It's not too late...

In bad news, I am SOOOOOOOO behind on my GMAT studies it is ridiculous. Well, I will try for October, but Im thinking more November. At least I know that I will do well on the verbal and essay sections, I think (?? Well, that is what the Kaplan test said). The application isn't open yet for UA so I don't know what the deadlines are yet. Let me check... nope, it still says entry term fall 2011. Okay I will try again next week.

Okay back to Morehouse!!!

:: Jane Dee 6:14:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.05.2011 ::
First Rejection, More Secondaries

Well, my first rejection came in: Tulane! I knew it was a long shot, but I applied because if I got an interview my chances were very good. However, getting to an interview was not likely. They just sent me an email saying how they will not consider my application any further, and that they can't consider all qualified applicants. They didn't specifically tell me why I was rejected, but I think I have an idea. Oh well.

I was also half rejected by USU. They sent me an email saying that they "noticed" my MCAT was below a 28, and that their average was a 31, and that they are wondering when I am going to retake the MCAT. If I don't plan to retake it, I have to send them an email explaining why not. I am not going to retake it. I already wrote that on the AMCAS application. So I sent them an email:

Dear Office of Admissions:

I do not plan to retake the MCAT. I cannot afford to retake physics, biology and chemistry at a university or a community college. I also cannot afford to take an MCAT preparation class. Because of these reasons, I do not feel that retaking the MCAT will place me at an advantage. Statistically, a 26 MCAT score correlates with passing medical school and the USMLE step 1. Furthermore, my subscores in biology and verbal reasoning also correlate with success in medical school. If the Admissions Committee feels that it is too risky to admit an applicant simply because of an MCAT score, I would sincerely hope that the rest of my application will at least be considered before making any final judgments. As my application shows, I would be a good fit and an excellent addition to the military. If the military is looking for diversity and an applicant that understands the needs of women and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, I am what you are looking for. I would be honored to serve the US military as a physician. Because I am a non-traditional student, please consider my application as a whole as I am more a single MCAT score.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

The next day I got an email saying that they updated my file. Probably to see where to place me in the round filing cabinet. Sigh. I think they already started sending out interview invites. Oh well. If I'm not flat out rejected, they will interview me in April. Well, we'll see!

In some good news, I received a secondary from Meharry! Wow, I hope they aren't just trying to make money. I will start working on those essays soon. I was also approved to complete the secondary at Feinberg.

So the only school I haven't heard from is Morehouse. I wonder if they will ever get back to me. I will write them a scathing letter if they dont, how rude! Anyway, Im glad I wasn't rejected from Hofstra or Downstate... yet.

Well, I guess we'll see what pops up later.

:: Jane Dee 10:31:00 AM [+] ::

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