:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 6.30.2011 ::

Monsoon Season

Although the season already started in The Valley (Greater Phoenix is called "The Valley" although I hear its more of a basin than a valley), it didn't start feeling humid until two days ago when lo and behold, I saw CLOUDS! The clouds are back! To make it even more interesting, it actually RAINED here yesterday. I think the last time it rained was like, two months ago?

None of this matters because I'm inside all day. I feel bad for TJ though!

Anyway, I completed another chapter in my GMAT book. I did pretty well in the "critical reasoning" section. The next chapter is "sentence Correction." I think this would be a good section for Lou, ha ha! I am going to go over what I got wrong in the logic section then work on my sentence correcting. Well, I must say studying for this test is more enjoyable than studying for the MCAT! I like arguments and algebra. Hopefully, I can get through this book quickly and take a couple of practice tests. When Im done with the practice tests, I'll probably buy official GMAT practice books to complete.

Today Im going to meet with my ochem II professor. I have her gift! Tomorrow, TJ will give the manager his gift when he sees him. I wrapped up everything all nice a pretty, so I hope they like the gifts! I also have to send my old manager her gift. I am going to ask her where to send it to.

I also got an email from the University of Illinois about my application. They supposedly send out secondaries to everyone, so I hope the email link gives you access to that! The application is not open this early in the morning, so I have to wait.

So far, its been a busy morning!

:: Jane Dee 3:56:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.28.2011 ::
Clinical LOR!

My clinical LOR came in today! Hooray! Im done. Now I just hope I can get some more secondaries.

Today I wasted time looking up stuff on the military school. Sigh. Poor GMAT studies. Well, tomorrow is a new day. Let's hope I stay off the computer!

Anyway, here is what I got my math prof! A nice briefcase from Wilson's Leather!

pic name

pic name

Here is the nice wrapping paper I found and how it looks wrapped around the gift!

pic name

pic name

I also got a matching "Super Giant Bow."

pic name

pic name

Wow! I wrapped it up nice! And now for the thank you card...

pic name

pic name

... in its own secret card holder!

pic name

pic name

I bought a nice new box AND matching tissue paper!

pic name

pic name

All snug and ready to go! Thanks Professor M!

pic name

pic name

:: Jane Dee 1:49:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.27.2011 ::

Ha! Prof. M's gift was delivered! He will get it tomorrow, heh heh heh! I will post the pics tomorrow.

I have been reading my GMAT Book. The GMAT is a computer adaptive test, meaning it gives you questions according to your answering ability. Okay well, I just have to not screw up the first ten questions and I am all good.

I also checked my email: No LOR from the hospital (??) and no more secondaries (???). I am hoping I get some more by July! And I hope my supervisor mailed in my LOR! I want everything to be complete by the end of the month!

My stomach is a bit queasy today. Maybe I need to eat more? I need to buy some ginger. Maybe I should drink some tea. I dunno.

Well, Im going to get back to this GMAT book. Im already starting on the verbal section.

P.P.S.: LOL! I type in that my stomach is queasy and I get targeted ads about me being pregnant! Wow!

:: Jane Dee 2:24:00 PM [+] ::
Finally Starting!

Well, I finally started on my GMAT stuff. I opened my old Kaplan book from 2006 and registered for the online companion. My serial number still works! So let's see if this old Kaplan GMAT book is as bad as the old Kaplan MCAT book.

I also was browsing around their website and found some study plan. Not bad. You have to register to get the link. It's nothing you can't figure out, but why waste time. The online companion seems interesting though. I downloaded their study strategy and tips page. We'll see if they help. My next steps on the online companion is to take the diagnostic test. Im sure I will bomb it as usual.

However, it is time to eat. When I return, I will look over this book some more. I will consider taking the test tomorrow after I am more familiar at what this test is all about. Then I can post my dismal scores! Hooray!

P.S.: I actually was solicited by George Washington University School of Medicine! Wow, now I am happy. I'm still not going to apply there. I seriously doubt they will take me.

:: Jane Dee 10:38:00 AM [+] ::
GMAT Time!

Well that is what I am hoping!

It seems that I have no more secondaries to fill out for now. That is probably a bad sign, but whatever. I knew coming into this that I am basically throwing thousands of dollars away. I don't really think I have much of a chance. I like to think of it as an interesting gamble.

Anyway, my math prof should get his gift today. Tomorrow I will show pictures of it. I will contact my other prof today. I want to schedule a time to see her so I can give her a present. Then I have to remember to give TJ one of the managers his gift. It's not much, but he didn't have to do much work anyway. I have to wrap that one up today. I will text him and see how I can get it to him.

So today's agenda will be open the GMAT book up and get started. I don't have much time. I don't know how well Im going to do on this test. I will probably end up going to AUC and Quinnipiac online MBA. Not too bad.

So let's see about this GMAT.

:: Jane Dee 5:05:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.24.2011 ::

Today endo kicked my ass! Im sore! Good grief! I was so tired, I didn't go buy what I was going to. Oh well.

I didn't get any more secondaries I guess they are done for now. I will probably get some in July. Maybe.

Anyway, I hurt. And I now weigh 113. So I just ate whatever I wanted to today. That is just too light. I actually close the top button of my shirt at the hospital so no one will see my collar bones. One woman said I'm "nice and slim." Well, I guess if bony is slim, then yeah.

:: Jane Dee 5:36:00 PM [+] ::
More Endo

Well, it looks like I have to go twice to endo after all! As I was fixing the garbage bag after someone took a VERY (and I mean VERY) stinky poo, one of the supervisors came in and asked if I could come in tomorrow as well. So I'm psychic!

Anyway, I guess I will have to start my GMAT stuff tomorrow? I hate how I keep pushing it over another week. I don't have enough time to keep doing this!! Im becoming anxious.

And I can't forget to see my other ochem professor!

Today I have to go to Wal-Mart, booo! I also have to buy a case of tofu at another place. And some soap. Ugh. Maybe I should go to the Wal-Mart by the hospital instead?

One of my lizards have died and now my male dove is sick. He is 13 years old. What do I do? I don't think the vet can save him. I feel bad because I don't want him in pain either. I think he has a tumor. I will do some research to see what his survival rate is if I brought him in. Ringneck doves only live for about 13 years anyway. I wouldn't want the vet to not try hard enough just because he is a "senior bird." That is what they said about Meux Meux! They basically wanted to pass her off because she is old! You have to be careful when you go to vets (and even the doctor). Make sure you arm yourself with as much information as possible and have some statistics to back it up. Make sure they don't take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

More stress, just what I need!

:: Jane Dee 5:16:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.23.2011 ::
Okay For Now!

I have completed three secondaries. I only have seven more to go. I am kinda hoping that I don't get anymore at least for a week. I need to start studying the GMAT!! Each secondary takes me about five hours!

I only have one endo job this week. I won't have to go twice. I guess that is good because I want to start on my study schedule.

And I need to go to wal-mart (bleh). I hate going to wal-mart now. Maybe its the one by my house I just don't like. I think I am overwhelmed by all the shopping I had to do last month that I don't want to go shopping anymore. Even for food. I do need some more Boca products, but I only buy those when they go on sale. Well, I have to suck it up and go because I am out of pepper, hand soap, and lime juice. You know, I could get all those at the dollar store. I like going there better. Its less work. Hmm. I think I will just do that. I hate going to wal-mart for a few small items.

Well, I am going to eat something before I forget again.

:: Jane Dee 5:40:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.22.2011 ::
Crafting A Letter

I have spent all morning filling out the secondary for Tulane. I am going to write a nice letter to them and send them my brochure. I hope that helps! I know my chances with them are very slim, as with every other medical school I am applying to.

I haven't even eaten yet! I am crazy!

Well, back to this letter...

:: Jane Dee 1:05:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.21.2011 ::

Well, I didn't get my envelope. I called USU and told them what happened. The woman I spoke with said that it will reach the mailroom and then they will reject it. So I was right, it would take a long time. So I asked if it would be best to send another copy. She said yes, so I made another packet and sent it away. This time, it should get there!

Obviously I am not studying for the GMAT yet. These secondaries are distracting me!

What is funny is that I keep getting solicited by DO schools and some medical school in Israel affiliated with Columbia. OOOOOKAY. Too bad no MD schools want me. Sigh.

I have to visit my ochem II prof soon. I don't want too much time to pass before I give her the gift. I think her classes started last week or was it this week? Not sure. Well, I will email her tomorrow or something. I don't know when I am going to be in the neighborhood though. I guess I will just have to make a special trip.

I should stop rambling on and on! Gee whiz!

:: Jane Dee 3:25:00 PM [+] ::
Check Out My Review

Body of Knowledge: One Semester of Gross Anatomy, the Gateway to Becoming a DoctorBody of Knowledge: One Semester of Gross Anatomy, the Gateway to Becoming a Doctor by Steven Giegerich

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I figured it would be a boring book. The only good part is the beginning. The beginning of the book explains how the New Jersey medical school came to be, how it obtains it cadavers, and the story behind one cadaver in particular. After that, it's just about these four students who dissect that particular cadaver that you just read about. The author's writing style is a bit dramatic at times. I suppose this could bring some excitement into the book, but I guess I just wasn't into it. Honestly, I could care less about how these people feel about the cadaver. Was this book meant to convey how they feel? Or just how stressed out they were? I am not sure. I almost didn't finish it, but that would be mean. When I finished, I felt I had wasted my time. Honestly, if you want to know what med students think about gross anatomy, go on studentdoc.com or something and ask. I bet the responses will be better and more colorful.

View all my reviews

:: Jane Dee 9:02:00 AM [+] ::

Hey I got my secondary from Tulane a few minutes ago. Its pricey at $125! However, if you get an interview, you have a good chance at being accepted. I just have to hope they dont reject me off the bat.

Im getting nervous about the RTS... I REALLY hope they send it back to me today. I am not sure why I am so worried about it. I mean, I can mail out another one today. What is the big deal? Am I worried that they will look at me unfavorable for sending in two secondaries? I think they will return it to me today. They are usually very good about this stuff. I just don't want them to try to collect a c.o.d. from USU!!! How embarrassing! I wouldn't kow what to do! Maybe I can send them money??? HAHAHAHA! No, the money will arrive too late. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So anyway, I have my reservations about applying to Tulane. It is such a long shot, and I am not sure I am prepared to flush $125 down the toilet. I really don't think they will take me. But as the saying goes "you never know." Yeah you'll never know unless you pay us to reject you! Sigh. I already threw away $80 yesterday on secondaries.

Maybe I should consult TJ. For now, I should at least read the introduction to the GMAT book!

Or maybe I should eat first?

:: Jane Dee 8:19:00 AM [+] ::

I was supposed to have started studying for the GMAT already. I think filling out secondaries will take significant time away from this.

So today I am hoping to get my USU envelope back. I wonder if I should just wait until the end of the week? I can always send it Fedex. Hm. Well, we'll see. I just hope I get it today so I don't have to worry about it.

I guess I better get started on this!

:: Jane Dee 7:06:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.20.2011 ::

I don't know why, but when I went to the post office this morning to send off my USU application, I didn't affix enough postage! I used the automated machine and I accidentally pressed "letter" instead of "large envelope" and was wondering why it was so cheap. Well, when I went back to mail off the Downstate form, the courier tried to find it but it was gone. She told me they usually send it back to you, but sometimes, they send it off hoping to collect the c.o.d! ACK! I really hope that doesn't happen!!!!! If I don't get it back tomorrow, I will just send the whole thing again. I only have a three week turnaround, so I can't waste time waiting for an RTS.

Other than that, I was able to ship out Math Prof's gifts (I will post pics later) without a hitch.

This week, I will be going to the hospital twice! I hope I don't die! Har har.

My supervisor sent me the draft of my clinical LOR. She spelled my name wrong, ha! Anyway, I told her it was good and send it off tomorrow. Hooray! My USU application will be complete by the end of the month!

Now let's see who else sends me something.

:: Jane Dee 6:56:00 PM [+] ::
More Secondaries!

Downstate got back to me and told me to send in the secondary! Whoo hoo! I should have a complete application with Downstate in a week or so!

I also managed to find a nice box for Math Prof's gift. It took me a while to wrap it all up. I will post the pictures when the delivery is confirmed. Im sending it Fedex!

I also go my math books today. GMAT time! (gulp)

Well okay I guess its back to the post office...

:: Jane Dee 1:55:00 PM [+] ::
Uninvited Secondaries

Right now, I am finishing up my secondary for SUNY Downstate. I haven't received an email link to their "checklist" but I figure it will come soon. Since they have a link to the application on their website, I might as well just fill it out. Im going to email them about the password for the checklist. I may send the application anyway. We'll see.

I am finished with the secondary for USU. Im waiting for the post office to open so I can mail it. Then I need to find a box for Math Prof's gift. I may have to buy one, but where?? Fedex Office maybe.

Okay Im going to proofread my Downstate secondary.

:: Jane Dee 8:22:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.19.2011 ::

I just finished my USU secondary! It's ready to send tomorrow.

I still haven't packed Math Prof's gift. I need a bigger box. Oh well. I will try tomorrow.

:: Jane Dee 3:59:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.18.2011 ::

I received my secondary from USU! I also got an email from UA-PHX that they got my application. Hm. I wonder why they didn't get it before? Was it because I didn't designate my letters? But the application said I didn't have to do that yet, wtf? Hm.

Anyway, Im going to fill out the USU app now. They want to know your SAT scores! Ha! Okay, I guess. Let me find them...

580V(R) 600M(R) ("R" meaning the recentered test.) SAT in 1997. Not so smart huh?

Well, I think I did okay in college!

:: Jane Dee 9:59:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.17.2011 ::
Almost Done!

I just designated all my LORs to the schools! So today I just have to get one more LOR and mail it in! I am very much praying for success.

Each school has different requirements. I would have designated them all in the first place, but I didn't know who was sending what so its better that I waited. Now I can FINALLY rest easy about the LORs!

This weekend, Im going to ship out the gifts. Well, just one. Maybe two. I think Im going to send them Fedex! That will be awesome. I am going to wrap them up real nice and have bows and everything. Oooh, Im so excited!!

Okay I need to finish up this stuff. Today I have SHC!

:: Jane Dee 6:05:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.16.2011 ::
Hooray For Letters!

I received my last LOR! Well, maybe not last; I do have to get a letter from the hospital, but that one only says what Ive done, nothing more. Im going to get that this Friday.


:: Jane Dee 1:50:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.15.2011 ::
Still No Button

I did much today: I installed my sprinkler thing, went to see the outfits but didn't buy them, I made bread (which is ready now), tended to the lizard, and even made fresh pineapple and apple juice and homemade soy-sausage patties. I just haven't put the button on. Or organized my GMAT study schedule.

Its funny, its only Wednesday! This week is taking forever. I guess that is good. That way I will feel like I had all the time in the world to do what I need to do.

Im also considering buying a frog, but I wonder if Im going to be shipped off to Caribbean school so Im not jumping at the chance. Still no word from schools about secondaries, but its only the middle of June. I am going to get my last LOR in order this week and send it off. All of my LORs should be in by July 1.

Im going to wager that the school that will reject me first and foremost is Tulane. Then maybe Kansas.

Well, I guess I should get back to chores and stuff.

:: Jane Dee 3:44:00 PM [+] ::
Testing Title Colors

I think I may have to start highlighting my titles. They seems to get lost in all the words!

:: Jane Dee 6:14:00 AM [+] ::
Deja Vu For Tests

I meant to start studying on Monday, but in a similar fashion to the beginning of the MCAT, I am falling behind because of all the chores and to-do list items that must be attended to before I seal myself off in a GMAT cocoon. At least I finished shopping for all the gifts yesterday!

Today I have to make bread, install the "sprinkler system" (not really a system, but some makeshift contraption with hoses and timers), buy two outfits I saw on sale (I KNOW!), put the buttons on my jacket (I KNOW!), tend to my sick lizard (I think he is dying, sigh), figure out how I am going to send my gifts, and FINALLY organize my studies so I can get cracking on that! I don't think Im going to get it all done today, ugh!

Anyway, once my manager's LOR comes in, Im going to designate my letters. AMCAS keeps emailing me in caps how I have not designated my letters, blah blah. YES I KNOW THAT. Good grief. What is the point to designate them before I know they are there? I will only have to recertify again and again. When they are in, I will do it. Then I will only have to recertify once. Duh!

I am also mad that I missed the sale of Clif Bars at the supermarket. I had a coupon! darn.

Okay, so I guess its time to make bread and install my watering whirl-a-gig!

:: Jane Dee 5:56:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.14.2011 ::
Appropriate Gifts For A Recommender

One thing that is stupid is the lame suggestions they tell med school hopefuls to give their recommenders: A thank you card. And that's it?

Oh yeah and they tell them to give them some kind of logo mug from the desired school. LOGO MUG? Are you serious?

Business school on the other hand tells b-school hopefuls to get a NICE gift, like wine, cigars, silk ties, etc. Now those are thank you gifts!

Let me explain something: if you think a letter or recommendation is "nothin'" you have some serious issues to sort out. If you think that a weak letter doesn't matter or that a full professor's letter doesn't mean much, just wait until you are getting rejected left and right.

I spent over $100 on one gift alone. I will spend at least $40 on the others. Yeah they will get a thank you card. They will also get an amazing gift that expresses my gratitude.

Remember folks, they don't have to write YOU anything. Especially if you sucked. They may be happy to write someone else something, but not you. And if they say they will write you a good letter, give them a good gift. Let the idea come from your heart and you will find a great gift.

And don't be cheap! Sheesh.

:: Jane Dee 12:15:00 PM [+] ::
Ready For A Schedule

So now I am trying to make a GMAT study schedule. Yesterday I spent all day doing house chores and fixing up my clothes. I still didn't put a button on the jacket! I guess I got sidetracked when I saw I had the math LOR.

Anyway, the GMAT is a four hour test it seems. There are three sections, "Analytical Writing" where you write two essays, "Quantitative" where you do math, and "Verbal" where you do the reading comprehension and sentence correction. Okay, at least I have that down. Now I have to go through one of the study books I have. When I get through one of those, I can see how crappy I'm going to score and probably order a real GMAT questions book. Then I can work on that while going through the other book. Maybe halfway through the studies, I will take a real GMAT practice test. Then really see how crappy I will score. Then I will study more and take the second GMAT test a month or so before I take the real test. I hopefully won't need to correct anything else, but Im hoping to get at least 600!

Today I am going to buy Math Prof his gift. While Im out, I may also get Ochem Prof #1 her gift. I don't know what to get Ochem Prof #2 yet. It won't be as expensive though. Maybe perfume? The problem is that not everyone likes perfume. Hm. Well, I will see. I have a lot of gifts to buy this month! I have five recommenders!

So I guess I won't be able to study biochem after all. Well, I guess I could, but I guess it will have to wait until after GMAT. Well, I could just watch the videos I have. We'll see. The problem is that since I don't have too much time, I need to study GMAT for at least five hours a day.

Next month, I will schedule my GMAT exam. Sometime in the first half of the month. It supposedly takes twenty days to get the scores. So if the application has to be in by Nov 17, I can take it by October 10 and that should be okay.

And I also decided not to apply to the dual degree at Tulane. I dunno, I just don't want to do the dual degree there for some reason. There is an online open house at Quinnipiac, I may "attend" to ask if I could do the online degree while in medical school and if I would be able to get a loan for something like that. They have pretty low entrance standards, but they are accredited. I have a day to decide. So we'll see since I have no idea what I will score.

Well, Im off to plan for GMAT stuff.

:: Jane Dee 5:00:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.13.2011 ::


Whew! I yelled so loud when I saw that email notification from AMCAS that I scared my cat! I here I was, all doubting Prof. M! Well, now I am going to go out and get that fabulous gift! I don't want to say what it is yet until I send it in case he finds this! Trust me, it is WAY better than that pen I got him last time, hehehe!

Now I have only two LORs left; one is already in the mail and the other I will get this week.

NOW I can study for the GMAT!!

Anyway, I would like to let you in on some secrets:

First, I was actually able to remove that stupid spray starch stain with something called Kids 'N' Pets. This is a special enzymatic cleaner and it does many jobs, including removing starch stains.

Second, ketchup doesn't work to clean copper, pfft! You know what will shine that copper up real good? Bon Ami, what else? It hasn't scratched yet! Bon Ami also cleans axle grease and other assorted trucker grime from your hands without stripping five layers of your epidermis off! Yeah!

Third, you can quickly make homemade butter in the blender. I found this out by accident trying to make whipped cream: Pour in some whipping cream into your blender. Set to "whip" for about a minute. Let rest. You will see the fat separating. Then set on "whip" for another two minutes or so. If the fat is not separating, let rest in a warm area for a few minutes. Set on "whip" again for a minute then pour out. Strain the liquid from the fat (butter!). Drink the liquid (it's tasty!) and put the fat (butter!) in another dish. Use a spoon to squish together. Drain any extra liquid. Add salt if desired. Put this fat (butter!) into the fridge for an hour or so. When you take it out, you have butter! Yum!!

:: Jane Dee 3:18:00 PM [+] ::
Shopping Success!

This weekend was great! I went back to Ann Taylor in Anthem and hit the jackpot again! I was able to get 7 matchable shirts and a pair of shorts for $100! Then I found a shirt and shorts at Banana Republic! Yes!!

I just finished hand-washing all my new clothes. When they dry, Im going to see what outfits I can make. Then I will see if my tan shoes match my white suit. I saw a pair of white pumps at "Rack Room Shoes" but they are not all that. Is it just me, or are white shoes really ugly? Hm. Anyway, if my tan shoes don't match, then I will get the white shoes. Maybe.

Then I found a case (!!) of PINK BEANS!! I can't find pink beans anymore around here, so when I saw some, I bought every can they had (28). Then I had some for dinner. MMM!

My mother is going to send my math books today. I have to make my study schedule for GMAT. I don't have much time! Im glad I got all the shopping out of the way because I assume studying for this test will be time consuming.

Still no math LOR yet! Im really getting nervous. I sent him a letter last week, so he should get it soon. I hope he didn't change his mind! ACK!!

So today will be mending some clothes, buying jewelry cleaner and parmesan cheese, and making my study schedule. I know Im supposed to mop the floors but eh.

:: Jane Dee 8:46:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.09.2011 ::
No Luck, Try Again

So I went out to Arizona Mills to try and find some matching shirts for my suits. No luck! Oh well. I won't be shopping again until I go to some interviews (if that happens) because I have to start studying! Ack!

I guess I can always buy some satin shirts from Carol Wright, ha ha!

Well, I do have black shirts. I guess those can go with anything.

Other than that, I am very unexcited that I have to start studying now for the GMAT. I really wanted to wait for the last LOR to come in so I can be at peace, but I guess not. I know that the semester is over and the prof has about a week off right now. Classes resume next week. I will send a reminder tomorrow and say that the letters need to be in by July 1. I will also say that I am already working on my MBA application and that opens in August. I guess I can also say that Im starting on my GMAT studies as well.

I do know that my previous manager is sending hers soon. Yay! I am not sure if I should get the hospital to send one yet. I want to accrue more hours first. Hm. I guess I can get it by the end of the month. Then I should have some more hours to talk about and math prof LOR should be in... I HOPE!

I guess right now, Im going to enjoy my last few moments of freedom...

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:: 6.08.2011 ::

A Coach Factory Store is FINALLY coming to Arizona! To Anthem! YESS!!

In other news, I called my mother to send me my old math books. I also printed out the "checklist" for the dual degree. Now I am beginning to wonder what I am setting myself up for! Now I am actually getting scared! The MBA scares me more than the MD!

It's probably because your MBA can only go as far as you are able to make it go. If you are an untalented, boring, lame person, no MBA will help you. Whereas you can be a totally lame, dumb, incomprehensible doctor and still make money. And graduate! You aren't graded on how well you can persuade people or how well you can deliver proposals. You just take tests. If I can't convince anyone to buy my products, believe in my ideas (so they fund me), can't speak English, can't make a chart, can't figure out a target audience, then Im screwed!

Anyway, I have the three essay prompts. They seem pretty straightforward:

Essay 1: Please discuss your short‐term (immediately following the MBA) and your long‐term goals. How will your experience to date, combined with the Eller MBA help you achieve these goals?

Essay 2: You are a VP for business development at a major mining consortium based in the US. You are charged with leading the company’s efforts to diversify its product‐base and gain entrée into new and potentially lucrative international markets. The company’s largest portfolio of products includes coal and copper, and the board of directors has been pressing the firm to expand its product line and market share for years. The board and the leadership have targeted a lucrative opportunity in a volatile south Asian country that possesses the world’s largest reserve of
the particular mineral you need. The country is poor with only 60% literacy and is run by a notoriously corrupt regime. Additionally, the project poses significant environmental risks to local indigenous tribes. While you don’t want to be the subject of international protests and you don’t feel comfortable about getting into a contract with this particular regime, you feel you have little choice and need to find a way to conduct business in the country. Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) manager has suggested that perhaps this represents an opportunity for your
firm to define a different business model for entering developing markets. How might you consider a new way of approaching this type of venture in light of the risks and opportunities?

Essay 3: Optional Scholarship Essay: Why is the Eller MBA program the right program for you and what will you contribute to the Class of 2013?

So it looks like the only hard one is essay 2. But I have ideas for that one already.

Geez! Im so nervous! I wasn't even this nervous for the MCAT! Laff riot!

Well, I need to finish yet another MBA book...

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Aw, Man!

I called Eller yesterday and found out that the application opens in August. To be considered for scholarships, I need to have my application complete for the first round. First round?! That means I have to take the Gmat by October to have the application complete by November something! IEEE! WHAT!?

UGH! I was starting to enjoy my time off.

So I have to get cracking at that GMAT! I have to get my old math books out! I have to do well! Well, she said I need at least a 500 in order to be considered, but the average is 600 or so. Well, I have no idea what it takes to get a 600, but I hope I can do at least that.

Im still waiting on the math LORs... any day now, right?

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:: 6.07.2011 ::
Still Waiting

No word yet on the math LOR! Sigh.

I decided not to go to the store yesterday. I went somewhere else. I bought two pairs of shoes. Now the only thing left is to buy some light shirts and I HOPE that's it for all this shopping nonsense. I am going to have a huge bill this month!!

Today I have to go to the CDL office. I have to remove my hazmat before I forget. Im going to put makeup on in case they want to take a new picture. Actually, I should just tell them to take a new picture. I hate the one on there. The guy that did it make it all red looking. And I was wearing my fedex outfit, pfft! Lame. Anyway, I may take a new picture.

I also have to call Eller. I didn't do it early enough yesterday and no one picked up. Hm. I will try in a couple of hours. Im going to make a list of questions.

Other than that, not much going on. Maybe I should start planning my GMAT studies?

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:: 6.06.2011 ::
More Waiting

I know I said that I would get to studying for the GMAT once I submitted my application, but it seems like I am too distracted because I haven't received the math prof LOR yet. TJ says that he will do it, he is just waiting until the last minute. I hope so! I don't think the math prof would take it back, but maybe? I'd be so sad if he doesn't write it. Oh well.

Anyway, today I am going to one more store to see if I can find any shoes. I got an email about an extra 30% off women's shoes, so I will see if I can find any navy or white-ish shoes that don't show any toes. I wore the off-white ones yesterday and they weren't too painful. They just rub a bit on the Achilles.

Also today, I have to iron and mend some clothes, call the math department to see the prof's schedule, email my old manager about the letter, and call Eller (MBA school at UA) to ask about the dual program. Then I have to try to fit in going to the CDL office to take off my hazmat endorsement and finish a library book. Well, I have until Friday to finish the book, but that is on the list. I also have to start practicing my makeup skills. I was hoping to start today, but ugh.

So right now I am waiting for the math department to open. Then I will iron the clothes until about 0930, then head over to the shoe store. Then maybe go to the CDL office on the way back. Something like that. Oh yeah, and I may go and buy ink at Office Max because the bag sale is on. I feel bad that I am spending so much of TJ's money, but he said to do it. We are going to have a huge bill this month!

Oh yeah, as an update, I WAS RIGHT! I don't have to pay anything to my dumb doctor. The bill was taken care of because I had to tell them how to bill everything. Maybe I ought to go to my old doctor in Brooklyn when I come to visit. I really need to find a new doctor, ugh!

Okay, back to waiting around...

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:: 6.03.2011 ::

Whose bright idea was it to make women wear high heels?? Ugh. Well, I knew this day would come. I try not to wear too many fancy shoes, but I have to now. So I was breaking in my new heels yesterday and ow! I need some masking tape.

Did you know that if you put masking tape on the parts of the shoe that rub your foot (likes certain toes, the Achilles tendon, etc.) you wont get blisters? Ive been using this method since I was 11. I didnt have any masking tape, just cloth medical tape. That works okay, but it doesn't hold up on the Achilles tendon.

Anyway, Im still waiting on that math LOR. Im so worried about it! If he doesn't write one, I won't be able to apply to like, half of my schools... I think. I'd have to check again. Ugh!! They already went over all the stuff they got in May, so I guess that means he didnt send it yet... I sent out another LOR on June 1 so Im going to see how long it takes. Sigh.

Well, today I have my job at SHC. Im going to be soooo tired because I walked so much yesterday trying to find stupid shoes. I hope I can last!

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:: 6.02.2011 ::
My GPA Went Up!

Yesterday I submitted my AMCAS application. And in one day, it was verified! I guess it helps that all of my transcripts were in. Anyway, you get to see your AMCAS GPA once its verified. I calculated my science/overall GPA at 3.32/3.61. AMCAS calculated it as 3.34/3.63! Hey I'll take it! It definitely can't hurt.

Today was another long day of shopping. I actually found a pair of navy shoes at Nordstrom Rack, but they are a bit tight at the toes, so I have to wear cloth tape on my feet until I break them in. Then they should be okay. I also found a pair of off-white (I really wanted white. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent pair of white heels?), peep-toe (also not quite what I wanted but whatever) shoes at Famous Footwear for $8 with my coupon! I actually was going to buy them earlier, but then I went on a five hour useless shopping trip to find white and navy shoes. After I came home to see if those off-white shoes would work, I went back to the store and got them. They would be 100% great if the toe was covered. Sigh. Too bad that $5 shoe store on Kings Highway in Brooklyn doesn't exist anymore. I loved that place! You can't beat $5 shoes. They all hurt anyway, why not pay less? Well, not all hurt, but most do.

So now, I have plenty of cute outfits, serious outfits, serious shoes, and cute shoes that match everything I bought! How awesome!

Tomorrow I go to SHC and get a workout cleaning poop off of beds. Maybe I should wear those old-baggy shoes I originally bought for this job. I don't want to muck up my nice sneakers. Hmm. Only problem is that they aren't as comfy. I should go try them on and see. They are white, so they don't really go with my outfit.

And then I have to buy presents for my letter writers! What to get?? IEE! Well, I have until August for one.

And where is the math prof LOR? Im scared now! He hates me!!! WAAAAHHH!!!!

I hope he writes me a good one, he said he would write me a "good letter." Fingers crossed...

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:: 6.01.2011 ::
Submitted to AMCAS!

All done on June 1, 2011 at 0643!

Im pretty nervous. Now Im going to assign some LORs...

Hm maybe not. I don't want to click some letters then not be able to add any more.

Okay so lets see what my GPAs are...

Okay it didn't do that yet. Well, since there is nothing to do now, I guess I will just take a break!

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Thirty Minutes Until AMCAS Opens!

And I got another LOR! YESSSS! Thank you Professor! Now I just have math professor left and it is ON!

OMG OK. Im getting all nervous....

So Im going to go over my essays and stuff one more time then SUBMIT MY APPLICATION!

Be back soon...

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