:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 10.31.2010 ::

More Studying

Im studying for my awesome lab test tomorrow. TJ said he would mow the lawn AND thatch it in the spring. I told him he better keep his promise because I won't have time to do it in the spring. We'll see.

This has been such an annoying week. Everyday I have been getting up early just to study for these tests and of course, today, when I can sleep in a bit, my neighbor has the lawn crew come in and wake me up with their gas powered tools. No, they couldnt have come yesterday when I was up already at that hour. They usually come when I am able to sleep in a bit. They don't have a set schedule, it could be Saturday or Sunday.

It's Halloween and I was reluctant to buy any candy because last year some bratty kids come by to get candy, don't say "trick or treat" and are texting while they hold out their bag to get free stuff. Are you kidding me? So Im not giving anything out, TJ has to do it. Screw them. If you want free candy you better show some work.

Anyways, I need to get back to this lab crap.

:: Jane Dee 3:19:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.30.2010 ::
More Work

Another four hours of my life spent on labs. And I havent started studying for the test yet. I have no idea what will be on the test besides everything. I am not sure if it is cumulative. I sure hope its not. I sure hope we don't have to memorize every equation like the last test. UGHHH!!

I have no idea how I am going to do well on the ACS exam. ??

Sigh I guess its time to start this nonsense...

:: Jane Dee 8:05:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.29.2010 ::
Only 8 Hours Later...

Well, I did ALL the freakin problems in chapter 6. I only got a few wrong, I hope that means I will do good. I am going to get dinner started, then try to do the post lab. Then tomorrow, if Im not done with the lab, finish that, then make study notes for lab, then FINALLY do her practice problems for the test. Then study for lab some more...

UGHHHH!!! Do NOT like this class.

:: Jane Dee 9:04:00 PM [+] ::
Lawn Mowers, Biochemistry, Tests

My new lawn mower arrived yesternight and I am very happy I will be able to take of the yard again! All winter, I am going to dethatch in parcels. I won't have time (or the energy probably) to dethatch in one weekend, so I am going to do it in pieces. I will mow maybe a quarter and detatch a quarter. The yard is almost 50'x50' so you see its not an easy task. There is a TON of thatch. The goal is to get it ready for spring and it should look awesome!

And now for the less fun part, school. I have two tests next week, one lab, one lecture. So I finished the examples in all but chapter 6, which I am going to do today. I hope it doesn't take forever, because I have a post lab to do, and no prelab thankfully!!!!!!!!! But I have to study for that too. And I have to wash my hair, and buy some groceries. UGH. This class is like a time-eating monster!

So anyways, I am REGISTERED (!!) for the BIOCHEMISTRY class! I got the permission! I am supposed to have a whole year of organic, but oh well. I hope its not too crazy. There is no lab, and its a fundamentals course, but another science class can't hurt. Especially if I get an A. Or two, ha!

I also went to the DMV today to get my medical certificate updated. I got my DOT Physical done at minute clinic at CVS, and it was only $84 bucks! I am going to see if they can write my prescription for my allergy medication. If they can that's perfect since our medical coverage next year will be watered down.

Now it's lunch time and then hours of school work, sigh.

:: Jane Dee 1:44:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.28.2010 ::
Another Pen Done

I am just blowing through these pens aren't I?

That's Artie, the school mascot. He is an artichoke. Very formidable.

:: Jane Dee 3:50:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.27.2010 ::
Oh Yeah...

Just thought you'd like to know that its almost midway through the course and I have gone through two packs of looseleaf paper (college ruled, 150 sheets), three Expo markers, two RSVP pens, and had to get two different colored highlighters in addition to my yellow, because one color apparently isnt enough for ochem.

I also use three colored pencils to make my notes, use two sizes of index cards to make flash cards, and use two kinds of black markers to make those cards, one thin, one extra thin.

Did I mention I don't like this class??

:: Jane Dee 9:35:00 PM [+] ::

I am definately being redundant when I say I can't stand this class!!! It is so unenjoyable, it has no meaning to me, and it is full of crap to memorize. I know the professor says "You can't memorize this stuff" but OF COURSE you have to memorize stuff. It's ALL memorizing. And because this topic is so boring and way out from the real world, it is so hard to connect the concepts to everyday things and objects to help you remember. To me, this is all rote memorization, then application.

I cannot emphasize how much I despise this class. I don't think I am going to get a 99 on this next test. It worries me! If I don't get an A, my chances of med school just dropped to 0.00000000000000004. ESPECIALLY because its at a community college! Good grief!

So this whole weekend all I will be doing is studying for Lab midterms and the Lecture midterms. I HATE LAB TOO. Don't even get me started on the labs. Alas, there is no escape. I must complete this class and take PART II. I am not looking forward to it.

Next semester I will be taking my very first online class. I will be taking an introductory course of biochemistry. Hopefully, I can do better in that class and salvage any stupid grade I get in organic. (Stupid grade is anything below an A)

I know how many people despise organic. With good reason. I wonder how much of it will be used in med school. Besides biochemsitry, what else does it apply to? Don't know. I don't think much. Didn't need it in anatomy and physiology, nor microbiology. I guess I will see.

So I am trying my darndest to get a good grade on this next test because I certainly didn't do my best on these last two quizzes. I will have a horrible weekend, with non-stop studying. I am saving the end of chapter problems for when I finish the chapter. Hopefully tonight, I will finish the chapter then tomorrow, work my way backwards through the chapters do each and every problem until I know the answers to all of them, kinda like I did for the first test. I hope thats the charm and it works again. I do hope I can do all the problems in one day. I have to study for LAB too AND finish the lab report!! Ugh this class is awful!

Oh wait, I have to get my DOT Physical tomorrow. You know, minute clinic does them for $85 bucks here in AZ! Cool! I was originally goingto go at 10am but I think I need to do that at 730am and then get right to studying/answering problems. I want to spend at least 12 hours doing as many problems as I can. This chapter has SO MANY problems, I am not even sure that would be enough time to do all of them. And of course because we started on chapter 7, it will be on the test. Very annoying.

So enough of this blogging... I have to finish the chapter and then get ready for a totally awesome day tomorrow!!! (NOT!!!!)

:: Jane Dee 8:37:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.23.2010 ::
Not As Happy Anymore

So im about halfway through with organic 1 and I was doing awesome (like 100 in everything) but now I got 6/10 on my last two quizzes. I was so upset because my next test is coming in about a week and some and I am worried that I will get a mediocre grade, thus bringing down my A. Ive lost my appetite for a few days and I finally got some back today, but as I study for the ACS final and see how I keep getting the acids and bases wrong, I start feeling queasy again. I am not enjoying this class at all.

I especially don't like lab. Next semester I am taking the accelrated lab which will start a couple of months into the regular semester. That way, I can study for the mcat and not have to worry about stupid lab. Especially this professors' lab. They take me hours to complete because she wants them a certain way and I need every point I can get so I try to be 100% complete. So hoepfully taking it later into the semester will alleviate some of the burden because I take the MCAT right when labs start so I wont have to do any labs until the last minute.

I feel upset and anxious that I won't get an A. I think Id even settle for a B, but Im not sure how this class will work out. The author of my textbook even admits he got a D on his second exam! So what chance do I have?? I just don't want to diminish my chances of at least being able to apply to U of A because if I get a C, she will not write me a recommendation. Even Carribean school needs a science professor. I don't know if I have to courage to ask my old physics professor! I wish my other biology professors didnt hit on me, then I would have had them as references like I wanted to in the first place. But this is what my life is. The only other option I would have is take ANOTHER science class, do well, and get a recommendation from them. Maybe biochemistry? I shudder to think. I just want to do well in this class and have it done with. I guess we'll see.

In some good news, I think Im in at Scottsdale Healthcare! I went to orientation today and the hospital is very nice! I used to pick up from there when I worked at Fedex, but I only got to see the dock. Now I get to see inside! I hope I can meet all kind sof people there. I hope to find some doctors (especially a DO) to shadow and meet the people who are in charge of residencies. I would LOVE to do my residency there!!!! OMG that would be totally awesome. I wonder if they do pre-match. If they did, I can just tell them when Im ready to come and they can hire me. Oh who am I kidding, I am getting ahead of myself. How about we pass ochem first huh?

My bread is ready. Then back to anxiety class work.

:: Jane Dee 5:03:00 PM [+] ::
:: 10.13.2010 ::
16 Hours Later...

I shouldn't have done it like this, but I just spent 16 hours over the last two days doing my ochm homework. I know I should have started earlier, but that stupid storm that blew the shingles off the house took center stage. I actually replaced the shingles Monday finally and hopefully that will stop the leaking. There was a huge hole in the roof!

Anyway, Im glad this homework is over! I am going to start studying for the next test soon.


:: Jane Dee 12:35:00 AM [+] ::

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