:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 6.20.2008 ::

Hot Day Outside

Having an outdoor job means that I have to work in the Phoenix heat. Today it was 116 degrees Fahrenheit. My job is to drive a truck into a designated area (more like, a couple of cities) and load pallets onto my truck at places that called for my services. Normally, I sit in my truck and wait for these "pickups," but when its very hot, I cant stay in the truck without it running because I need the A/C. So I have to go inside a store or someplace similar so I don't melt. What's interesting about the heat is that not only are you hot from the sun beating down on you, you also get a "hot breeze" when the wind blows and reflected radiation from the ground. I've never experienced heat from all directions until I moved out here. Im not sure for how long it will amuse me, but it's a way to take my mind off the 3-D heat when I am working outside with heavy things.

I do have some bad news: I think I am bored. Most of my life Ive been not bored but for some reason, I think Im bored. I hope that going to school will help alleviate this growing problem, otherwise I will have to get another job or a new hobby of some sort.

My other concerns as of lately are: 1)Will I suck at this flying thing? I mean, maybe I am overestimating my spatial abilities here? 2)Will it disappoint me? Because although Id finally get to try out some secret fantasy of mine, I don't want to build myself up and say "eh, it's okay." I need some passion and honestly, this is all I have passion for at this point. Would I go back to "real" school if this doesnt work out? I don't know.

Other than that, I have been reading a lot of books. I owe Scottsdale over $2 in library fines. I also think it's time to throw away my old lounge shorts Ive been wearing since high school. The butt is threadbare and has developed holes. I don't know which year I got them, but I know that many nights of studying have been logged in those shorts in high school and beyond. I have other boxers with spaceships on them but these are my favourite red plaid shorts. Even Lou noticed they were the old ones from high school. Such a shame to see them go.

:: Jane Dee 2:14:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.12.2008 ::

I just felt like saying that. I am annoyed that's all.

Im going home tomorrow night. Whoo-ee.

:: Jane Dee 10:27:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.08.2008 ::

I was in Wal-Mart (Lou's FAVOURITE store!!!) buying some groceries and came across "Los Pericos" brand tostada shells and thought it would be great to make tostadas for dinner. Ive seen this brand in some Spanish supermarkets in Queens so I looked at the ingredients (to see if it has animal stuffs in it) and noticed its made with LIME! So I said "wow, these must taste awesome!" I made the tostadas for dinner tonight and saw that there was a website. I went on and before I could turn around (because I was eating as I was entering the website) I heard the website.

Los Pericos Foods Feel the quality!!!! (Yeah cuz I always feel up my tostada shells)

I thought I made a mistake with the address but it was correct. So not only do you get a dose of KTU style music, you also get some dancing sugar cubes on what appears to be engineering draft paper and some kind of bar shooting out of the parrots' feet. Without the music, and certainly without those little parrots looking at you from the corner of the screen, one could mistake the Los Pericos website for a high tech motherboard manufacturer or the US Army. But the taco shells wouldnt fit in so you may think you are looking at some top secret, futuristic taco shells that um... that uh... don't make you fat!

Holy crap! If you want an even more extravagant food/music experience go here.

This site has people doin' the Clamato!

In other, more serious, news, I will be making a visit to the Island to see my mother and do I-don't-know-what. I think I want to bring back a few more books and such. I also want to show her the brochure for the flight school I am considering. After this trip, I will severely limit my going back there. One, I have to save for Hawaii and two, I have to save for flight school. I'm pretty excited about the flight school. I hope the next round of classes is in the morning so I can get it done with.

:: Jane Dee 1:13:00 AM [+] ::
:: 6.04.2008 ::
I Don't See A Change

But what did change is my cholesterol levels!

When I was 17 and 18, even up until I was 23, I had normal Cholesterol. Then I started taking hormones for various reasons and that brought my cholesterol up to a whopping 251! That coupled with stress and bad diet (eating out too much because my mother had plants and birds and crap in the kitchen) led to these ridiculous numbers.

My very handsome and flawless boyfriend is a vegan and that means he does not consume animal products (on all levels, i.e., no leather, pearls, or wool, etc.). Being his girlfriend means that I have to adapt to his eating style, which is fine by me because I always like a cooking challenge. I learned how to cook some really wonderful vegan dishes, invented my own, and have been eating very little animal protien. I don't even buy any meat anymore because I would be the only one that eats it and I cook for both of us so that would be terribly wasteful. The only time I eat meat is when I go to Whataburger or Del Taco or some other fast-food joint or buy some cold cuts. I do buy milk, but I've always drank skim milk anyways. My meat consumption is probably kess than 4oz a week now.

This little change has caused me to drop a whooping 41 cholesterol points in a little over a year. Can you belive that? My latest cholestertol reading was 210, the lowest its been in four years. I am assuming that if I drop the hormones, my cholesterol will be back to normal, but they help in more ways than one so I was hoping the diet would bring it to a reasonable area. I am actually excited to see my next test. I hope it goes down but I sure hope it doesnt go up. I will definately let you know about that because if you want to drop points fast, drop the meat and start eating more soy products.

And let me tell you my fabulous boyfriend is no skinny, bird-boned, lettuce eatin' vegan. He is very meaty and cute. Ask Lou, she'll tell you.

And I have not felt deprived. I just get extremely tempted by bacon every now and then but I've always had to fight that. You know when I see an egg and cheese and sausage or bacon buscuit I just........

In other news, I went to an optometrist and let me tell you, these "health-care partners" always turn out to be such assholes. They think they are actually medical doctors or something. Anyway, my eye "doctor of philosophy" walks in the room and the first thing he says is how I need Acuvue Oasys. Huh? What? Ughhh. I hate it when they try to change my prescription. I said I liked Baush and Lomb he says he doesnt prescribe it because its no good. Yeah uh huh. Im sure he doesnt prescribe it because B&L doesn't give him a commission. Well, anyway, I tried his stupid Oasys lenses and they suck! Almost as soon as I tried them on, my right eye was feeling funny and I kept squinting. I told him that and he says that "you have to break them in." WHAT?? What the hell is he talking about? That is why you measure my eye, asshole. Contacts are supposed to fit the moment I pop them in. Ive been wearing contacts for 15 years and Ive never heard of this "break-in" period nor have I had contacts that felt funny in my eye. But he seems to think he is the EYEMASTER (no joke that is the name of the chain) and knows best and also told me that its normal that the lenses feel worse by the end of the week... uhhh so okay then when is the break in period going to kick in??? Helloooo! Why do optomestrists think they are so smart? What he says doesnt even make sense! Ugh. Anyway, I wore the lenses for about two and a half days because I CANT READ WITH THEM. On my job, I have to read tiny little numbers and input them on my PowerPad (a device we use at Fedex to pick up freight) and with his supposed great contact lenses I couldnt see shit up close. Sure I can see far away but I couldnt read the numbers. Then I tried to read my book on my break and I couldnt do that either without rubbing my eye over and over. Then while I was driving I kept squinting my right eye. The same eye that I should be breaking in I guess. Well, I took them out because I need to see to drive a truck and do my job. On Monday, I have my "follow-up" (another waste of time) and I will tell him that his lenses suck and that I want the type I was wearing (Acuvue Advance) or that if he insists I get a silicone type that he make it the B&L brand because I was successful with that. If he doesnt, then I will have to call the insurance and complain about his stupidity. I bet he will be mad that I don't like the Oasys lenses and say that I did something wrong.

In other optic news, I finally found some glasses that look nice on me... now I hope this guy wont be a jerk or else I wont buy these glasses either (and spend my $600 somewhere else).

:: Jane Dee 1:00:00 AM [+] ::
Opened Up the Comments

So let's see if it screws everything up on here...

:: Jane Dee 12:56:00 AM [+] ::

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