:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 5.30.2006 ::

A Headache Indeed

I hope all of you read my retraction in the !MadComments link from the previous post. I am annoyed at what my school has done, but I was expecting it. Even to this day I do not know if I am Magna or Cum Laude. However, If my certificate says Magna, a fight will ensue indeed. I must graduate with dignity and my school has a funny way of taking care of their honor students.

In any case, I am confused again at how I am going to divvy my time. I know I previously wrote "see ya after graduation" but all my free time seems to revolve around future schools and plans etc. I've been up until dawn looking at possible schools and it's not an easy task. Scoring a few standard deviations below or above average will help me decide whats to come faster, but I am not taking that test until at least December. That means that I have more choices right now than I may have later.

Since "graduation" is in a couple of days (and I put it in quotes only because Ive already graduated and the forcast predicts RAIN and I am not a big fan of rainy graduations) I have to think about how to use my new found freedom from the shackles of City College. (and by that I mean once all is said and done I will not have to deal with all their stupidity. A fine example is this latest bungling of PBK nonsense and the ever-present struggle of Magna vs Cum Laude) I am hoping I can put all of this aside and FINALLY upload a huge amount of stuff to my webpage. Ive been meaning to upload for years practically but school just sucks out all the fun left in me. I figure I can allow about two weeks to upload and polish my webpage and then start studying for the GMAT and hopefully figure out a way to get my CDL A. Ive found a school on Long Island that I think is cheaper than the one near my job. But that is the tentative plan for now. But the webpage will be done!! That has priority after G-Day.

Right now I will clean my desk. Its a mess! My graduation cap is in there somewhere...

:: Jane Dee 11:36:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.28.2006 ::
Almost There!

So much has happend like I said it would. So lets have a recap:

First off was Lou's Graduation/Birthday Bonanza. It was at 7am! So we all drove all the way to Stoney Brook (aka Stars n' Bars Academy) for the day. I didn't bother to go to bed and I was extremely tired. The ceremony was held in the Jacob Javits building in a large lecture hall. It was only the department graduation so everyone's name was called and we were all able to get a good view of the graduates. After the ceremony was a nice breakfast buffet with bagels and donuts and coffee and all that stuff. All the graduates were mingling with the Anthropology faculty and Lou gave out gifts to her favourite professors (alcohol of course!). Here is a picture of Lou and a Professor:

So while she and her family were chatting it up with the faculty, I was munching away at the rolls and coffee, taking video and waiting for a table so I can finally give her her presents! For graduation, I gave her a graduation panda bear with matching cap and gown (matching her gown) and hood with the correct color for her area of study (Social Science). The bear also came with a mini 2006 class ring since Lou was not fond of the overpriced Stars n' Bars design. Yes, there is only one kind of class ring you can buy, and it has the school logo on it - no year no name no major no nuthin'! So, I decided to get her a little bear with a little ring. But thats not all! Also for graduation I got her a T-Mobil ToGo Cell phone with about 60 minutes on it! So now, she has her own private line for taking in the numerous calls from prospective employers just waiting to be graced by her presence! I also got her a set of green and purple pens....

But hold on! That's just the graduation gift. She also had to get some birthday gifts! So for her birthday, I made tiny bannana flavoured cupcakes - 26 of them - with candles that we lit up and blew out. I also got her a lavender incense set, a coupon for Office Max (hey she's gonna need a diploma frame and other things), a sample of vodka (har har), a facial cleasing kit for sensitive skin, and a necklace I made with opal because she likes opal. To top it off, I put it all in a nifty green purse that she can use. Whoo!

So that sums up her graduation, and the day wasn't over yet. After driving her back (in the pouring rain and thank goodness her ceremony was indoors, the real graduation was OUTSIDE in the literally POURING RAIN) I had to finish packing and go to Maine! It was finally my vacation and I was happy to go but tired as hell. Good thing I was going with my friend G because I couldn't drive all that way after no sleep and a hectic graduation.

So off we went and I fell asleep here and there and for some reason, we were hitting miles and miles of traffic. It was pouring and we were averaging about 25 miles an hour most of the way. The Massachussettes Turnpike was CLOSED for TEN HOURS because of a jacknifed tractor-trailer carrying haz-mat! When we got there, it had just opened and it was still a slow go. We finally made it to Brunswick at 11pm, just under TEN HOURS. I was expecting to get there by 6pm but I guess not. Let's just say I went straight to bed.

The next day wasnt so bad, it was rainy but it wasnt too cold. The bed was horrible and my neck was in pain from the lumpy mattress and pancake pillow. I did go shopping and I bought some nice things. The food was awesome - fish and chips ALL weekend! I was in heaven. The fish of choice up there is Haddock, and I will tell you it is soooo delicious! My mouth is watering right now dreaming of a hot and crispy basket of haddock filets with mustard!!!!!! MM! And it filled me up I didn't have to eat for hours. Anyway, I went to LL bean and all those other outlet stores and I wound up buying two coats, a purse, chocolates, a painted bowl set, and tank tops. I was going to buy this lovely pair of timberland boots, but I really wanted it in brown and they only had my size in black. Oh poo!

Well, I had a great time! I took a nice hot epsom salt bath and visited some beautiful marshes and beaches. I am thinking about going back for the weekend during the July 4th weekend like I did the first time. I think the shopping is better, but the best part is that at one beach in New Hampshire, there are these cute baby crabs everywhere. I love crabs. Not to eat, though, just to play with, ha ha.

Since I hope to upload all my pictures to the long lost Travelogue page, I will just post this hilarious picture:

Why yes we do have shimp!

Before heading back home, we stoped by Portland, Maine, where I found five four leaf clovers and a parking ticket on my car! No worries here, Portland has a forgiveness policy, in that your first green ticket every six months is automatically voided by the city - you don't have to pay it! So hopefully, if I go back in July, I wont get another one cuz I'll have to pay that one. However, I must say, the fine is not very steep. At $10, maybe it's worth parking bad?

The next day after returning home, I had to go and get my cap and gown. Unlike Lou, who had a matching hood (I call them reverse bibs), I didn't get a bib! No wonder it was only $25. What cheap-o's! All that hard work and I don't even get a hood. In any case, I was "taken" by the tassel, which was purple AND black (even though our school color is lavender). Now I was all ready for the honors convocation the next day.

I was very excited. I think Honor's Convocation is more important than my actual graduation. It means more anyway. I am still Magna Cum Laude and I am not sure if it will remain that way, but I wasn't complaining. The ceremony was in the Great Hall in Shepard Hall in my school. It is a beautiful building and a beautiful hall. I was so proud to be able to have a ceremony in that place. We all got to walk on stage and shake hands with the president and have our pictures taken with him. I think that was a great idea. The ceremony took a long time, but it was worth it. I got my honor cord and wore it with pride. All in all, I am proud of my accomplishments! Go me!

check out my collection of cords!

(L>R)Psi Chi, Golden Key, Magna Cum Laude!

After the ceremony was music and food. I had about eight finger sandwiches and 10 cubes of cheese. Then my crazy mother has to start fights with people so I left a little early. Leave it to the family members to make a lasting impression in your brain.

So Thursday is my big day. It's Commencement and I hope that it doesn't rain like crazy because it's outdoors. Wednesday I have to see about getting extra tickets otherwise everyone else will have to stand. I will also try to sell my last book back. If not, I will post a poster up because I know it will be used during the summer semester, I checked. I hope I can get rid of it once and for all.

Whew! Im done! See ya after commencement!

:: Jane Dee 4:28:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.08.2006 ::
They Were Closed

OH JOY! I went all the way to school for NOTHING. the "Commencement Office" was closed and I was so freakin' angry! I got up early for that! AND I TOOK THE TRAIN!! GRRRRR!!!!!

In any case, I finally figured out how to get my CDL-C at least, and I will complete that tomorrow. Its not a good thing when the DMV is less confusing than your school. The CDL thing is good news because that means I don't have to wait that much longer to get my Hazmat endorsement. I didn't know I was going to have to take a test today, but I tried my luck and I didn't pass it, but since Im going again tomorrow, I will be prepared to take both the passenger test (the one I attempted today) and the Tank test that I've already studied for. Then I will be all set to get the hazmat, whoo hoo! Then, on to the real CDL (the class A) and to bigger and better things!

So now back to the confusing part of my life: School.

I learned that it will NOT be over come graduation because if my honors certificate says Magna Cum Laude like the invitation and my transcript says Cum Laude, I will have to find a way to get that Magna on the transcript. Of course, everything can fall into place and I won't have to do anything, but I doubt that. I still have to go this week to the "Commencement Office" to see whats up with that "graduation packet" I was supposed to get. I also have to see about who can come or not. Hopefully, it will be over soon and I can move on with my life.... Im serious, this school annoyance puts a big damper on things.

Only 10 more days 'till it all begins, then its three weeks of chaos.

:: Jane Dee 3:01:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.05.2006 ::
Countdown To Graduation

HURRAH! It's finally May and that means GRADUATION TIME.

All the festoonery starts in a couple of weeks and already my school messes things up. Here's how:

1) They did not send me the commencement packet that tells you how to get your cap and gown and all that... so guess where I am today - IN SCHOOL (yes I took a hit of the asthma pump beforehand) . I have to go to the "Commencement Office" to see whats up with that.

2) They did not tell me how to get my cap and gown - I NEED it for the HONORS CONVOCATION

3) Honors Convocation is screwed up - They DID send me the invitation without me nagging at them, but its says I got MAGNA cum laude... my "unofficial" transcript says cum laude... what the hell???

4) Was told my diploma was ready but then it wasn't... since Im here today, I will ask and see. Maybe they just dont want to move too far when they are at their desks by the phone.

So in any case, this will be an exciting month regardless. Lou's graduation/birthday id this month and kicks off the craziness. I also get a whole lotta time off from work (like two weeks) to get all this school stuff out of the way. Well that and the fact that I am going to vacation in Maine in between it all. I am hopin to relax and have a nice time before I have to deal with school all over again.

Then what?

Well, thats where the tricky part comes in. After graduation, I plan to start studying for the GMAT and see how I do on that. In the meantime, I will see about career options, get my CDL(s), get some extra training and all that to prepare for what's next. If the test goes well, I will go to a nice private B-School. If it goes not so well, I may go to a public hell hole just to get the MBA. If it goes horribly wrong, I will just work my B.S. and see what I can do whilst I figure it all out. Sounds like a plan, huh!

'Till then, I will enjoy my decreased workload, practice driving the truck, ride my bike and do someother nonsense I've been meaning to do.

By the way, I still have $2.50 in my copy account. I need to make copies of something. I don't want them to keep my money.

Well, its almost 1pm... time to go and get my work done at the "commencement Office."

:: Jane Dee 9:46:00 AM [+] ::

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