:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 3.20.2006 ::

No One Noticed My Plane?

I had an interesting dream that woke me up today without the alarm clock. Apparently, I was flying my small aircraft over a city (what seemed like Pittsburg) and my plane choked and I went for a nose dive right by the third base coach, or whomever stands between third and home, on a baseball field that had a game going on. I think I died, but all I know is that the "impact" made me float out of my body and it was dark. Last words "God I love you, forgive me."

Anyhoo, I was in Roosevelt Field mall today looking for "yale pants" and I meandered into the "Discovery Channel Store" and was looking at their high definition TV and on it was a montage of Boston and all its glory... well wouldnt you know, the pictures looked just like my dream... there was the sky with all the old looking buildings (which may explain why I thought it was Pittsburg) and then of course Fenway Park and they showed an eerie video of the third base guy from the top of somewhere looking similar to what I saw in my crashing dream...

Nice. (Thus insipred to get going on my updated planet bizarro page, which was supposed to be about dreams, I think. My gosh its been so long since Ive updated my website. I am a bum!)

Well I didnt find any "Yale pants" and I was horribly disappointed givena ll the walking and trying on and dehydration... its a big mall and I always forget to bring chocolate and water... allthough the Lindt store was looking pretty tasty... they now have DARK chocolate Easter bunnies YUM! I didnt buy anything. Can you believe that???

So when I wake up, hopefully early enough i.e., 10am, I can get my ass out of bed and make my way to smelly Manhattan on the smelly train and walk thru the smelly streets to find some damn "Yale pants." My last resort will have to be Kings Plaza, and we all know how much I hate that place. I would actually opt to go there before Manahttan, but I have to return my proofs of the graduation photos I dont want anymore. I am even tempted tocall the school to see if they have my diploma ready but I am not going to push my luck. And I would rather drive to school to get my diploma than have to take it on the train. Did I mention that I hate the train?

So, I am looking through all my bills and dang I have a lot. Shows how well I spent my federal tax return. Ive not recieved my state tax return and according to my calculations it should be a good amount. I dont know whats taking so long, but I hope they hurry up. I want my money. I will put it back into the economy anyway because I will probably spend it all. hehehe.

Tuesday, when I drive Lou to Stars 'n Bars Academy (har har) I will go to good 'ol Wal-Mart and stock up on "special kitty" cat food and toothpaste and buy some makeup to replace the ones Ive had since CVS 2001. Wednesday, I pickup my backup "yale pants" and "yale shirt" from the dry cleaners and deliver some stuff to a friend. I am offering his mother my old suits because they don't fit me right anymore. I went through my whole closet looking for a "yale outfit" and decided to chuck these two suits. I am also contemplating selling my old nurse attire because I dont think I will be going in that direction anytime soon. I guess I can try to sell it on Ebay, but I hate Ebay so we'll see. I want to get rid of it all. I need room for all my Fedex uniforms, hehe.

So finally, an entry that did not showcase the ho-hum of waiting for doctor/school/work stuff to happen!

:: Jane Dee 1:22:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.16.2006 ::
Painful Days and Nights

Ah yes, I am in pain. Lots of pain. Ive had this headache for a couple of days now and I don't see any sign of it stopping. I hope its from my strained neck/shoulders/pecs because if its not, I need a doctor.

Speaking of doctors, I have to go back and get another blood test and allergy test. I also want to ask if there is any generic nasal steroid because the one I use is so damn expensive and there is no generic. Fingers are crossed.

As for school news, there is not much going on, just a lot of waiting. Waiting for my diploma, waiting for my aknowledgement for honors, waiting for them to tell me when the graduate saluete is and waiting for all this to be over. I realize that I can't function until this is all done. I cant move on for some reason until the diploma is on my wall and I have the cord and I went to graduation.

This whole waiting thing isputting a serious damper on my GMAT studies. I guess its not all that bad, I do like the time off. I've had lots of time to think and all that. Its been pretty good just working. I did take a personal day to visit Yale and I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I am going to watch/learn how the airport is set up on Friday so I can put it all together and have some good answers in case Im asked any good questions when I visit. You never know who will be there and I don't want to leave any bad impressions on anyone. I need to sound knowledgeable and savvy despite my age (yeah for the MBA I may be too young!) with goals and specific directions for an MBA.

Of course, I need a new outfit and I havent even tried on my suits. I know those old suits wont work but I should try them on anyway. ughh!! I just don't want to do anything lately. I just listen to "Uptown Girl" and "Redneck Woman" all day. Im dying to go out but its still too cold and I can only do it on the weekend because Im way too tired during the week to ride 30 miles.

Bitch 'n Moan....

I guess I dont have much else to say but "OW!" and "Im going to bed".

:: Jane Dee 12:36:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.12.2006 ::
.... Holy SHIT!!

Today was a very interesting day. It started off normal enough. I went to the beach and tried out my new waterproof wading boots. They worked out allright. I went to Jamaica Bay and walked around and saw the car frame that Lou claimed she saw from the belt submerged in the water. I then went to Long Island and ate some Wendy's. Nothing big going on. Then I go back out with my friend G and we decide to drive to Long Island again because there is not much to do around here. So we drive along and I end up taking Bethpage parkway and drive a round a bit and get dumped on the 107. Okay, so on a whim, we decide to try and find that weird hill we found once a long time ago. So Im driving by Cold SPrings Harbour andgo down one road and that wasn't it so I get back on the main road, let this guy pass and make my tur back on the road. We're travelling along and hit a light and then proceed and there is a Pathfinder in front of us. Im not sure if its the one that was in front of us before, but an SUV none the less. So we're driving a long talking or whatnot and Im looking at the road and I notice this guy was kinda drifting to the other side of the road and I think "hm where's he going is there a sharp turn? I dont see one... Gee he is getting real close to that oncoming car...." then "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!"

Apparently he was getting a little close because he hit the car coming on the opposite side of the road and from the impact, the SUV he hit danced on its bumper and flipped over on its side and was heading straight for me. Im not sure how or what but I managed to get to the side of the road even though I was pretty scared. So I started yelling "call 911" blah blah... so anyways, the guy in the Pathfinder is all bloodied and can't get out of the car and is in a daze. Meanwhile all the passengers in the flipped SUV all climb out of the window, and Im still on the phone with 911 people. Wonderful.

My eyes are bugging out at this point.

Well, thank the Lord that no one was dead or flew thru a windshield or was ejected from the vehicle and run over... oh no. So the cops come and then the EMS and then the Fire department to pry him out. They take the report and G decides to drive and my eyes are still bugging out. So we go to 7-11 and I get some alcohol. My eyes stopped bugging out.

Then along the belt, another car decides to hit something but from what I saw he just hit a pole along the guardrail thingy. Sigh.

I was so inspired by my experience that I decided to draw it out. You can click here to see my rendition of what happened.

In other news, my Loreal "True Match" skin color is either "soft ivory" or "classic ivory." I was thinking I need a tan.

:: Jane Dee 1:35:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.03.2006 ::
Slightly Outraged

Only because I was about to pay the school photographer $100+ dollars to send me back 5 pictures of two poses I didnt like all that much anyway. Then, when I expressed my concern to Lou, she informed me that I can try an independent photographer i.e., Sears or Wal-Mart... so whilst near a Wal-Mart, I decided to take a look at some prices and lo and behold! At this particular Wal-Mart, I can get one 10x13, two 8x10s, two 5x7s, four 3.5x5s and sixteen wallets for $7.88!!! I was like "HUH"?? Yeah so guess what Im going to do with those proofs...

Right now I have a slight headache and I am not sure why. I wish it were warmer, Id go outside and DO something and get some air. I hate being cooped up in this house but its just so cold today. At least tomorrow I get to go to LI and spend more money that I should be saving. Damn Wal-Mart always has "something." I think Ive bought everything I need thus far so when I drive Lou to school next week, I dont know what Im going to do now that I have nothing to shop for. I guess I could eat at Wendy's... I guess I could study for the GMAT... hmm. I dunno. We'll see. I cant take my pictures yet because I want to wait until I get my honor cord to wear in the picture... which by the way, I was kind of annoyed about. I took those pictures and I didnt get the chance to wear any cords. Well, me and Lou are going to take a photo together and split the pacakage, that would be cool. I think we should take it together to document our accomplishment once and for all. I mean, it took us long enough to graduate... only double time! Geez. Glad its over. Anyway, before I get sidetracked about that nonsense, I was saying that I wish it were warmer so I could go out and do something. I'd like to go fishing since I have a pole Ive used only once. Though I dont find it especially appealing to fish by the Verrazano Bridge or the Belt Parkway, I just want to see how it goes. No Im not going to eat any of those nasty fishes that have anti-freeze for blood.

Oh yeah, I actually went back to the doctor to see what was up with the echocardiogram. Well, I (still) do have a murmur but it is within normal limits supposedly. I dont have any other physical problems with my heart so the palpitations I was feeling is most likely due to the asthma after all. I also got back the results of the blood test and all is well in that department. I did go to the doctor to see about and allergy test but apparently they had run the test when they took my blood. I have a problem with the results of the test. It says I am somewhat allergic to cats and hickory, of all trees ans very allergic to house dust and super allergic to dust mites... however, it said I was NOT allergic to roaches and NOT allergic to penicillum. Now, normally I would agree with such tests, but I KNOW Im allergic to penicillin because I had a reaction to it... so what does that mean then? Is this test wrong? Am I not allergic anymore? Does CCNY have an overabundance of dust mites in their vents and not roaches? So how come I dont get asthma in my house which is super dusty, filled with cats and I bet has more dust mites than any house on the block (if you can call them houses)???? Well, folks we're going to have to retake the test at a later time. Which is good for me because that will give me time to think of anything else I need to get done. I was thinking Id get the TB test, but I imagine Im not going to volunteer at Coney Island Hospital anytime soon.

Oh yeah my CNA certification expires next week. Hm. Thats taken me far! Geez, I think I am so bad at picking jobs, but look at me now! Over a year at Fedex and no sign of stopping. That is way cool. Its nice to find something you like to do. For once. And yes I am serious about a trucking career if all else fails and there is some demand for trucks and or diesel. Maybe the engines will be different, but hopefully it will be around long enough for me. Ive had enough of trying to look fancy. I admit it I like these things OKAY!?!? Trust me, Id be in the USAF flying planes if not for my vision so why not channel that desire to large engine rolling machines? Yes, I make perfect sense. To me.

:: Jane Dee 11:38:00 PM [+] ::

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