:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 2.25.2006 ::

Not As Clever As I Used To Be And Itching To Do Donuts With My Truck

So I was perusing my old blog entries and I have to say I was much more clever in my more depressed days. Sure, I was neurotic and sleep-deprived, migraine prone, angry and exhausted, but I was clever dammit. I used every last calorie of energy on pure wit! Now I can't even write anything other than "Im still waiting for some news on school/work/so-and-so" how mundane... and soooo unwitty.

Well, at least I get to think about stuff, and yes I have LOTS of time to think about stuff now that all I do is go to work. And despite all this "free" time I have, I still manage to get back tracked on my "chores" and "errands." I mean, who the hell wants to go get results of an echocardiogram when you can sample your perfume collection over and over?? Speaking of which, I am quite proud of my perfumes. I recently gave away two Ralph Lauren perfumes to a pal at work. I still have RL Glamorous Shimmer left, I think that smells really good. Not as good as Givenchy's Very Irresistable, but what can smell better than that anyway? That is my secret wonder smell. I cant get enough of the stuff. Well, in any case, I have eight perfumes, nine if you want to count the super strong rose perfume I don't wear. So with the two I just gave away, I had 11. Thats a lot. Especially when you pay full price, haha!

Oh yeah I was thinking about stuff... hum. Well, I have to visit school to make sure I am on the honors night list. I better be! I took a day off for that! I also took a day off to visit Yale... HA! I will probably chicken out. I am usually bold enough to do anything, but YALE?? You have to say that is a wee bit intimidating. Im not even sure I can bring a friend. I bet I cant. They want you to be all alone and scared. I dont necessarily have to go right after taking the GMAT. I could take up to three years to apply because the GMAT scores are good for that long. I guess I'd have to see what opportunities arise. Maybe none will. HA! Then I will be mad. What then? Oh I dunno....

So as far as work goes, Im itching to get started on my CDL-A. Imagine me in a nice big truck. That is cool. I was thinking about the first time I got to fill up the truck. I was like "WOW! I get to touch the DIESEL fuel!!!!! OOoooOOooOoOOOOOOhhhh!!" Yeah. I guess Im slightly retarded because of that. Maybe that will make me unique enough for Yale (wink). However, I am still paying off some stuff and when that is done, I will see about fitting in the CDL payments. You have to remember I want that mini VAIO... ohh its sooo cute. Expensive, but worth every cent. My current VAIO will be 4 (!) this year and Ive not had a problem at anytime. yeah.. one day when I have "time" (ha!) I will get around to figuring out my finances.

Well, I guess its time for bed. Not much else going on here.

:: Jane Dee 2:02:00 AM [+] ::
:: 2.19.2006 ::

If you must know that is a sad sigh not a hopeful sigh....

Yeah, what the hell are you looking at??


:: Jane Dee 5:51:00 PM [+] ::
:: 2.18.2006 ::

I FINALLY got my graduation confirmation letter today!! I am all ready to graduate and ready to pick up my diploma! OH YEAH!!!

So now that things have finally fallen into place and all is well in my world, what's next? Well, a few things actually:

First of all, I have to graduate. So I am waiting to get my gown fitted and go to that honors ceremony and then commencement. I also have to order my graduation pictures. I can now officially wear my class ring and go "YEAHH!!!"

Second, I have to tell you all about what career path I decided on. Well, ok, I also promised I would tell you what I was hiding this whole time. ALLRIGHT. Here it is. At first, I wanted to go into nursing and I put all that time and effort into doing well and it just was totally wrong. I am not sure what went wrong, but it went wrong. I was hoping it was the school, so I always kept that option in the back of my head. However, I knew that I was smart and even though I decided to finish the bachelors in psychology, I knew I wasn't going to go into psychology unless they offered my some full scholoarship to study, hopefully not at the roach motel I graduated from... well, I never got any offers, but I had decided that I would try for med school... why not, I thought? It was in the same area as nursing, and I would be in charge... well, as time wore on and I got more aquainted with Fedex, I wondered if that was really the best path for me... I mean think of all the time.. right now, I'd be auditing chem, physics, bio and then taking orgo and thats all before the MCAT... I'd be quite old before I even get in... that would seriously put my chances of MD School in jepardy so I figured I could go to DO school... well, the only problem was my pesky job I was working at. See, I go the airport as part of my job and we all know how much I love planes, even if I do only get to see the tail of the plane from where I stand at night. (one day Im going to stay late enough to see it pull out, hehe) I also tend to like trucks like mine, i.e., big noisy diesel engines that make me deaf. Then there is the REQUIREMENT to get my CDL... so that got me thinking. What would happen if I wanted to get an MBA and be a manager for Fedex and get to see all these trucks and planes for a long time? That kind of made me excited. Not only that, if I choose to get an MBA, I actually have a chance to go to real school, i.e., YALE. So now here is where I stand... I am thinking it would be best to persue an MBA, try to get into Yale, and take it from there. I can even get my pilots license...??? :) See, when I think about that, like getting a CDL or being around planes, I get happy... when I think about med school, I think about people who charge too much for their services. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean my discount pharmacy is out of the question... with an MBA, I should be able to make that happen. I mean that IS technically a business... hahah... so even that can happen. In fact, persuing the MBA and staying where I am would let me live out more of my life goals than would med school. I could also go back to nursing if I wanted to, but I think that if all went well, I'd retire and finally teach algebra in a comunity college. ha! Doesn't that sound awesome?? In any case, Ive already bought the GMAT study books, so don't try to change my mind. Ive thought about it long enough and I think this is the right way to go. In the end, I will have a graduate degree, so all corners are covered.

Third is to finally relax a bit and get reaquainted with life... I've forgotten how interesting life can be in the outside world... :)

The only problem I have with all of this is letting it all soak in. Hopefully I can get off my high and get moving with the plan.

Besides if all goes bad, I will just be a trucker. No woes here, har har!

:: Jane Dee 11:42:00 PM [+] ::

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