:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 8.30.2005 ::

Truent Professors!!

With not much going on, I am getting the feeling that my titles are getting stale. Anyway, my last class is not meeting today and so I took this opportunity to post again to reiterate how things are going well. I then realized that depressed people will not want to read my blog and probably dream about beating me up. I apologize to that special audience and I hope to have some dreadful news sometime soon.

To the rest of the audience I will now continue my outpourings of happiness on this here blog.


Okay, with that out of the way, we can move on. I noticed that "buy shoe polish" has been on my to do list for quite sometime now. Ive even passed up the chance to buy shoe polish at the store, yet keep it on my list. Eh. Perhaps I should contemplate whether or not I should come to school early tomorrow to meet up with my stats prof to give me a grad check. I can show him my newest grades and we can all be happy. Then I cn find out if Professor Crain is in... ohh. I should check to see what day he is teaching...

ooooh! he teaches on monday and wednesday.... I also start work early tomorrow... hmmm... I guess I should see him. I don't want to wait any longer because I will become too busy. Then I can finally order my ring. Hm. Yes I will make the effort and come tomorrow. I can see both professors and get two things done.

Im bored. Nothing to read or learn here today. I wish I could go and get my textbook but I dont have time because id have to go to a separate bookstore. YAWN

:: Jane Dee 12:53:00 PM [+] ::
The Alpha of the Omega(Alpha)

Today is quite intruiguing (sp?). Today, I start the last semester of my Bachelors degree. So far so good. Now I just have to hope my professors are normal. Of course, I had to see Schnozz, and he is looking as dumb as ever. I also saw a new batch of annoying white people, and they piss me off. It's just irritating when whites try to act all uppity in CITY COLLEGE. What a joke. It's okay, they will fade away and I will avoid that Starbucks cart in the main lobby where they all gather with the black and hispanics who try to act white. This is truely a disgrace. Thankfully, these people are the minority. My school is 99% non-white. HA.

So is my job! Speaking of which, I FINALLY have what I wanted this whole time. I am a permanent shuttle driver/CDL. I made it and I will have a nice check for it too. With backpay! I may also get a few more hours per week because the guy I totally disliked went back to his country. HURRAH!!! I never have to see his face again. :)
I think that things are going well so far. Im on my way to a lot of things. Especially graduation. Only one more semester to go HAHAH! I tried to get Psi Chi done today, but of course, no Professor. I left him an email, and I am beginning to think I should have left a voicemail. Oh well. I will order my class ring anyway. I will get the money order tomorrow and submit the form to the secretary. I dont doubt I will get in. Hopefully he will get back to me.

Well, its almost time to get lunch. I am thinking school pizza as usual. I will see about my textbooks today as well. I don't need one for one class, so that is good. The other books might be in. We'll see. Okay, I'm off.

:: Jane Dee 10:11:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.29.2005 ::
And Now, the Garbage

Back from the DMV with another passing grade. Now I am only one test away from CDL Permit bliss. Whoop Whoop.

Okay, on the menu today is hoping I get messages about my textbooks Im selling and getting my stuff together for tomorrow. It will be the first day of my last semester and I am excited. After this, I have lots of options, some of which are top secret for now. Well, maybe its just that I dont want to tell you what schools I want to go to ha!

Tomorrow I will sign up for Psi Chi, then order my ring when he takes my form. Then I will get a grad check and will be all set to graduate. I will then have to wait to order my graduation pack and yay! All I have to do is get As. Then graduate (summa?) Cum Laude and wear all my sashes and pins. Joy!

Why yes, I will shut up about all this once it's done. :D

I have a lot of garbage in my room that is telling me to put it out. Will post later. Maybe I will take a picture of my car by then. Ha!

:: Jane Dee 9:15:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.28.2005 ::
Air Brakes

Right now I am "studying" for part 2 of 3 of my CDL Permit test, Air Brakes. Apparently, the hazmat endorsement is only allowed on CDLs. Let's just say my management is not up to par on everything around them. In any case, now is a fine time to get my CDL, class A, at the expense of my employer. I will find out how to get reimbursed. I am trying to study for part 3 of 3, Combination Vehicles, but I am getting sleepy. I already passed general knowledge. Go me.

In any event, school starts tomorrow, but I don't have class until Tuesday. That is fine by me because I hadn't put my books together. Neither has the bookstore. It seems that all the books for my classes are not in the store yet. I just hope that they get them soon and I can exchange the one I bought for the right one if its wrong.

I'm hungry.

I also plan to track down that guy who runs Psi Chi and apply after all that waiting. He better not say I can't be in it because two of my classes are transfer classes. It shouldn't matter because those were intro classes and all the "hard" classes I took at City. Therefore, I am legit.

Oh boy, Im sleepy. I meant to post some pictures of my new car, but I have just not found the time, or the space since my old car is still hogging up the backyard, looks like until next Monday. Thats okay because both of them fit in the backyard without causing too much trouble.

I should take a shower. hm.

Yes well, Im going to bed. I shall post later. Hopefully with something more exciting than this crap.

:: Jane Dee 10:50:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.26.2005 ::
Waggle Biotite

That's what I call "science spam."

Hey guess what I got? A new(er) car! Wheeee!

More on that later. I must sleep now :P

:: Jane Dee 12:29:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.23.2005 ::
Association With the Past

So think about it/It's like our time that didnt last/ Don't move so fast/ Dont run/ Cuz you might find out/ Find out I'm the one/ And I still feel lonesome!

Well nothing's changed/ It just gets rearranged when you come around/ So now what's your story?/ Well you were never there for me/ So I'm going out to see/ Cuz I can see that it's/


Well now you're here/ But I don't want to stay cuz you weren't around/ And now you say you're sorry/ And nothing's changed/It's just been rearranged/ So stay down/ Just stay down!/

Just thought I'd insert that thought here. Cool song. Not too fond of the band anymore. That is, if you can call them a band.

:: Jane Dee 12:55:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.20.2005 ::
Demon Burger

What? Nevermind that, i want to make some t-shirts:

"No, I don't want you."
"No, I don't want dick, especially not yours."
"Your dick is not special."
"No, I will not put your weenie in my mouth."
"I don't lick anything that close to assholes. I also avoid those attached to assholes"

What do you think?

In other news, I am annoyed. VERY annoyed. I wouldnt want to annoy me right now.

:: Jane Dee 12:24:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.15.2005 ::

I GOT AN A IN EXPERIMENTAL!! MY GPA IS 3.657!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCHOLARSHIPS?! .... !!???!!!!


:: Jane Dee 8:34:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.13.2005 ::

Trying to design a shirt and I find this.

:: Jane Dee 10:13:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.09.2005 ::
Broken Pipes Blow

I have a leaky pipe and the water is off because my sister thinks putty will save it this time. Well, I have to go to the bathroom and I can't because the toilet wont fill up again. Just for the record, I don't think putty will cut it for our problem. It would be great if it did, though. That would save us a lot of cash.

:: Jane Dee 11:41:00 AM [+] ::
How Interesting

Ever since I put "Truck Driver" on my profile, I've noticed a dramatic decrease in random retarted instant messages from guys looking for a 'lil lovin' from me. Unfortunately, that has not stopped the hormone driven guys at work from hitting on me like there is no tomorrow. They even "demand" my number. Now since when do I give in to demands? Ordering me around is just about the last thing I listen to. PFFFFTTTT!

And so...

:: Jane Dee 1:20:00 AM [+] ::
:: 8.08.2005 ::

No word on grades yet. And I thought it was supposed to be faster with computers! Anyway, not much going on here. Just working and waiting. Still looking at cars. I think I have to settle with another escort. That would make things easier. It doesn't matter anyway. Who am I trying to impress? Though I would like a cool convertible. Well, that will have to wait. So whats next? hm. Well, I have my Hazmat test to take next week so I can officially drive the explosives to the airport. Actually, I mostly just drive dry ice. Big whoop. Then, I have my FINAL semester to work on. And then I get to see about Psi Chi. Then I get to order my ring. Then I will get my car. Something like that. Well I guess you can check this out. They have the coolest logo/insigna whatever I have ever seen.

Well, You can also see this:

Original Hair

New Hair What do you think?

:: Jane Dee 11:55:00 PM [+] ::

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