:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 5.24.2005 ::


So here I am, at home, waiting for my grades. No grades.

How annoying.

I'm cold. Tomorrow I have some things to do. Which is good because I haven't been sleeping well since I have nothing to do except work, and that isn't a challenge anymore because I'm used to it now.


I know my webpage has not been updated in a long time people, but give me a chance! I'm trying to get As. I'm also thinking about changing the look, but haven't had much time to think of a new layout. I like the way it is, but I wonder if its good. Remember that it's only recently that I "got my life back" and became me again. I hadn't had any interest in anything last year. No pictures, no bike riding, no webpage, no drawing. Nothing. I've been on an interesting journey back to the surface of the Earth. I do plan to get back to where I was. Hence, webpage will be done! It also doesn't help that you can't cut and paste text to the page builder I use to create the pages. But you don't have to listen to my excuses. I am going to do it. I just want to get summer out of the way.

This summer is going to be very important for me. A successful completion of summer means I will graduate without a problem. I will get my graduation check and be off. As long as I get into Psi Chi, then get at least a B in the experimental class, everything will be good to go. Then I will order my class ring and graduation gear (stoles) and plan out my party. It will be great. I would invite you, but I don't know who you are and where you live and I think I can only invite 4 people, which is just enough. Oh no wait, I need more. uh oh. Hm.

Anyway, just bear with me. I can't write anything exciting if nothing that exciting is happening - yet!


:: Jane Dee 9:24:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.20.2005 ::

I am in the CCNY computer lab and the guy next to me has stinky breath :X

ANYWAY, finals are over and I sold most of my books back. I think I did really well on the addictions test and I expect As in both classes. Yay me! Now all I have to do is get my stats prof to nominate me and I get to add yet another stole to my graduation attire. Fingers are crossed; waiting for grades....

So now what? Well, I have summer classes to look foward to. If I manage to do good in summer (meaning Bs at least), I am home free. I know the fall won't be a problem, and then I'm all set for graduation! I even finished designing my class ring. This graduation will be the greatest. You know I'm having hot dogs, yo!

Today I have to get my bill validated and see if I can set up the payment account for fall. I actually have a full time semester and I have to pay in installments again. Then I have to ask if I need to sit for pictures this May or next May because I am not sure which yearbook I'm going to get. Not like it matters. I could care less about the yearbook. I just want professional graduation pictures ha!

I should go home. I have work soon :P

:: Jane Dee 11:16:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.18.2005 ::
Do You want to known something about me? Your's eyes go on ahead?!

A lesson in Code

:: Jane Dee 6:43:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.17.2005 ::

Isn't it?

:: Jane Dee 5:50:00 PM [+] ::
Last Bit of Torture

Besides feeling foolish because I tend to scare most people, I have calculated my potential of getting into Psi Chi. Lucky me, I can get as low as a C in addictions class (given I get an A in stats) and still have the GPA in psychology that I need to get into psy chi. Not only that, my stats professor (i.e., tenured) said he would nominate me. Just like that. All I said was that I wanted to get in, and he said "oh, I'll nominate you." Not only that, he said that, since he used to run psi chi, that he would gladly fill out my forms and sign them off so I can get in "faster"! Since he will be there in the summer, it's a done deal. All I have to do is get a good grade (B at least) in that pesky addictions class. UGH!

Right now I am studying for it and I took off work these nest two days to study then recuperate. All I can hope is that I can pull it off. We'll see.

On a different note, I finally picked the class ring I want and I called them tomake sure it can be made how I want it. All I have to do is get into Psi Chi so I can get that encrusted on the stone hehehe. My ring will be awesome!

Anyway, back to work!

:: Jane Dee 12:31:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.15.2005 ::
New Day, More to Read

I tried to go to KCC, but there was no parking; the summer parking rules are in effect. Oh well.

So I was looking up info on "Lay Health Advisors" and wound up finding THIS. I think this is one of the best teaching tools I have seen in a long time.

Anyway, back to chapter 9...groan.

:: Jane Dee 9:42:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.12.2005 ::
Oh yeah

Here is that stats score of mine I wanted to post. ha!

:: Jane Dee 1:35:00 PM [+] ::
Cool is Spelled S-P-S-S

YAY ME! I downloaded a trial copy of SPSS onto my computer and I'm happy! I have two weeks to use it and in the "nickle time" too. I waited until the last two weeks of class to DL it so I can study at my leisure for the final. Now all I have to do is go to KCC on Saturday when no one is around and print out all my readings for class.

The bad news about my substance class is that my group got a B on our presentation. That stinks. Now I have to do the extra credit and do even better than I was going to on the final. I need my As because I want to get into psi chi. I have to call that guy about it either tomorrow or cut class for a bit on monday to ask him about it. As long as I get in, I will be happy. Golden Key is just not cutting it anymore.

You know what is interesting? The chair of the psy department is not even mean. I was expecting a jerk, but the two times I had to talk to him, he was pleasent. Even after I said "sigh chee" instead of "sigh kye." HA! He is teaching a psychotherapy class in the fall but I can't take it because I would be taking part II of the prerequisites that semester. Oh well.

I have my schedule all planned out. I will have classes three days a week including a Saturday. It should be good because the weekday classes are practically back to back, so I don't stay all day for nothing. I will take the train, thus relieving a LOT of driving stress. (believe it or not, driving to my job, leaving the car there and taking the train from there is easier than driving the whole way everytime)The ride home at that hour is crazy and I always get headaches. I have been taking the train back for a couple of days now and all I do is sleep. That's not so bad. Then if all goes well, I will finish with good grades (I will try for As, but I can understand if I get a B) and GRADUATE! WHOO HOO!

Currently, I have two problems. The first one is that I have a transfer credit for a previous statistic class. And according to CCNY, you can only get credit for one stats class to use as a required class. Since I am getting an A in stats, I want that A on my transcript because I need my GPA up. I will have to make sure that happens. Maybe if I ask the registrar nicley, they can erase the transferred class so I can get "real" credit for this one. Of course, that is only if they don't give me the credit. They aren't very "aware" of things over there so hopefully that will go overlooked. hehe. Second problem is summer classes. I am taking the last of my required courses this summer. I'm a bit scared because I need to get an A in that class. Everyone says its hard, but I dont know. I figured I'd take it in the summer not only to graduate faster, but because it probably wouldn't be taught by a nasty professor because tenured profs dont "do summer." Except my stats prof but that is because he is normal. Or bored. Anyway, I want to make sure I do well. Once I finish summer school with good grades, I know I'm home free.

Okay, now I have to do SOME kind of homework. Maybe I should just read my notes for addictions class. hm.

:: Jane Dee 10:57:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.11.2005 ::
Mr Potato Head Strikes Again

All I can hope is that Mr Potato Head forgives his old Ms Potato head. Until then, Mr Potato head is a hypocrite!

Bucket of parts for everyone!

:: Jane Dee 7:19:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.10.2005 ::
My But is Falling Asleep

I have been sitting in this very hard chair doing stats for three hours already. UGH!

Next stop is NOT out of here, but downstairs where I can read and attempt to print some addictions articles. I even brough used paper with me. Whopee.

I am doing my "series 500" homeowrk which I have only done once. This time, I can add "chi-square test for phi" because we did that yesterday.

Im hungry... for a butter-sugar coated croissant from 7-11!!!

:: Jane Dee 12:40:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.09.2005 ::

My head hurts! Why do I always get a headache around this time when I am in school? Maybe it's the food. I should avoid the salad bar :(

Now I am in a pickle. I thought I had my fall schedule all thought out, but as I see the postings, I wonder if my original is good enough. Maybe I should rethink the whole thing. See, I was planning on having classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Maybe it would be good to spread it out? I dunno. Im going to register for them just incase something horribble happens in the summer.

And the guy in charge of PsiChi is in his office when I am in class. I guess I have to skip class for a bit to see him. I need to know if I can get in!!!!! (why am I so obsessed with this? man!)

:: Jane Dee 11:33:00 AM [+] ::
What a Goon

Well I fel dumb. I was talking to the chaiman about Psi Chi and I said "sigh - chee" and its pronounced "sigh - kye" oh well. I hope they don't hold that agianst me :b

If anyone is wondering what the hell that first post is about, it is about some Croation guy who IMed me last night. Lord knows where these people come from. I'd say the boon docks, but I'm sure the insects that frequent the place are a bit more intelligent. It is no fun to argue about crap with stupid people who you can't see because you want to just hit them in the nose.

Today we did a new test for statistics. I even got all my questions answered. All is well in that class. Now for the drug class, we have to read a lot of Acrobat stuff on the computer. Well, that stinks because I asked the librarian and she said they don't have hard copies of things anymore. Sheesh! They don't publish the schedule of classes, they don't have hard copies, what kind of school is this? everything is on computer. Either I'm getting really old or this school is really, really cheap.

So now, I have to decide if I want to take advantage of KCC and use their "no limit" printing to print out the 100+ pages I need to read. This is just awful. I am going to start looking for paper in the garbage so I don't waste too much. The things I have to do...

:: Jane Dee 10:29:00 AM [+] ::
No Gift Is Better Than Potato Chips

Listen Cumquat, if you want to know what is a really stupid thing to do, buy someone potato chips for their birthday. Don't pretend you are some Croatian to find out what happened. Lou, check this out:

A Croation guy buys someone potato chips as a present for someone who he claims he cares for. Tell me what would you do:
a)say "wow! just what I wanted!" even though you feel like smacking him for being so stupid
b)Throw him out
c)Kick him to the curb
d)Make a blank face then when he is gone show all your friends and make fun of him and confirm he is an idiot. Then give the potato chips to a young, blonde professor.

Lou, what do you think I'd pick? You guessed it: (d)
By the way Lou, Thanks for the makeshift oreo ice cream cake for my birthday.

Let me also add that potato chips compounded with being rude, self-centered, racist, egotistical, a liar, and broke don't help. Having no motivation to get a job to show that you care about yourself is NOT a good thing. By accepting potato chips, I am saying "I don't care about myself enough to see that this guy doesn't care about himself. I have evidence that he is self-centered. I have evidence that he is selfish. I have evidence about things I don't like. However, if he thinks that he is building evidence to show he can support me, he is wrong. By buying potato chips, I have enough evidence with everything else to know that he doesn't plan ahead for important things, he doesn't think things through and he doesn't spend his money wisely. These potato chips show that he only thought about this "present" at the last second and doen't think about me highly enough to plan out what is the BEST thing he can afford. But that is okay, I will accept this and put myself in a position that can be avoided. I will also put myself in a position where I will have to accept situations like this as a part of life. I don't deserve better. I don't deserve someone who thinks about me because they know me and accept me. I don't deserve that. I deserve potato chips."


Lou, I'm about to lose my mind, up in here, up in here....

:: Jane Dee 7:43:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.08.2005 ::


Click that, scroll down and play the last video. HAW HAW

:: Jane Dee 10:45:00 AM [+] ::
Sex With a C is Good Math

Back in school doing stats. Wow. I'm on a roll. My finals are on the last day of classes and I am glad. I think I can pull off an A in stats like I wanted. I just hope that I can get credit for it because I already took stats and had transferred it and the school said you can get credit for only one. Well, they can take the old class off if they want. I need this on my transcript because I want to get into Psi Chi. I wanted the A not only to bring up my GPA but to have him nominate me in case they "forget" to invite me in by the summer. I think I will speak to the rep on Monday about the likelyhood I can get invited. Then I will ask my prof if he would be willing to nominate me if I get an A. Ha. I'm so ridiculous.

Well, I start going to the airport on Monday. I was being teased all week about not being able to do the shuttle because Im a girl blah blah. Apparently there is a lot of heavy lifting and all I can say is that if I can do the cage for 6 months, I can surely do the shuttle. Well, I hope all goes well. It seems like it would be a nice job.

Oh yeah I was doing an Independent sample mean t-test

:: Jane Dee 9:19:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.07.2005 ::
My Ears Get Hotflashes

Hi there people. Can you guess where I am? In school, where else? I am being a good student and studying my statistics. I should really be trying to study some notes from the addictions class, but I am not thrilled to do any work from there. YAWN!

Anyway, I had to come into work today and it was long! I wasn't too annoyed because the library opens at 10am anyway, which was about the time I got here from work. Well, maybe a little later because I took the stupid way (i.e., that Knapp Street exit and then Emmons Ave). Live and learn.

Stats is coming along better than I planned because I went from knowing nothing about inferential to knowing almost all we need to know for this class on inferential. I even learned some stuff on my own that we didn't cover yet. Thrilling. In any cse, I am thinking about getting this program for myself so when I study, I dont have to come to school. I'm just glad I can get this done at KCC and not CCNY.

I think today I will read some drug stuff... ha!

:: Jane Dee 8:14:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.05.2005 ::
Someone Set Me Up the Bomb

Tired and groggy, I have managed to make my way to KCC and get some stats work done. Sure I'm wasting time by looking at all the new Miss Universe pictures but I have to distract a little.

Well, at least I got one stats inferential test. I was completely lost on which t is the z and what the p does but now I'm cool... at least for between subject's independent sample mean t-test. we'll see about everything else.

The good news is that all my finals are on the last of class. That means I get a decent break before I start summer school on June 6. Yup! I registered and got both classes I wanted. Now all I have to try to do is get As...

For even more good news, I finally got my Port Authority ID. I have the special red background which means I get to go right up to the ramp and hang out all by myself hehe. I am ecited, but wait there is more...

Turns out that the morning shuttle I was supposed to do was GIVEN AWAY to a NEW HIRE. I was so mad, I called all the managers I could to get this straightened out. Well, I am out of luck. No morning shuttle for me. Luckily, the night shuttle was open and my real manager said I could have that one since he needed a driver and I was "free" at that point. So hopefully, he isn't pulling my leg and I get that night shuttle. If I do, it will actually work out better for me than the morning shuttle. I get to be permanent and have all my required hours in the night. That means the only thing I have to wake up for in the morning is school HA! And if what I saw posted before was correct, I can get all my classes on Tuesday, Wednesday at 11am and Saturdayat 9:30am. Perfect! I can sleeeeeeeep!!!!

So right now, all looks good and I hope all goes well. I am going to ask my manager to let me off for a week before I actually do the shuttle because my muscles need to be repaired. They hurt! I figured that since I have already taken off next week in the morning, I will tell him that I can come in the night to learn the zip code function and to go out with whomever to learn the shuttle, but Iwon't do the gatekeeping. That ought to help me out.

Okay I guess I should try to learn another stat method. Sigh.

:: Jane Dee 12:43:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.02.2005 ::
Angry Panda

I am in stats class. My spring break is over and I am extremely pissed. I didnt get to rest at all. In fact, I am quite tired.

I hope today goes well. I have my presentation today and I hope everyone finished their part. We'll see.

Tomorrow is my registration for summer. I am going to either rush home or have someone register for me. I HAVE To get those classes. I am so anxious to graduate. I assume the commute is getting to me.

I don't know what this professor is talking about. He is talking about diagonal lines. We were talking about correlations before, but I guess that ended.

Ugh I'm annoyed.

:: Jane Dee 8:36:00 AM [+] ::

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