:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 3.31.2003 ::


I swear, If I have time, I should go into lab tomorrow and Gram stain my sputum. Maybe I could see what I have? I think I am obsessed with this class. Here have a bite:

Entobacter aerogenes: a gram negative, bacillus shaped, facultative anaerobe. Causes nosocomial infections and UTIs.
Escherichia coli: a gram negative, bacillus to cocco bacillus shaped facultative anaerobe. Causes nocosomial infections, food poisioning, and diarrhea. It is the main cause of UTIs in women.
Klebsiella Pneumonae: a gram negative, bacillus shaped, facultative anaerobe. Causes necrotizing pneumonia and respiratory infections.
Pseudomonas aerogenosa: a gram negative, bacillus shaped aerobe but can grow anaerobically. Causes burn infections and heart valve failure. Main cause of nocosomial infections.
Proteus vulgaris: a gram negative, bacillus shaped, facultative anaerobe. Causes cystitis, UTIs and diarrhea.
Staphylococcus aeureus: a gram positive, coccus shaped, facultative anaerobe. Causes nocosomial infections and skin infections like pimples and carbuncles. Causes toxic shock syndrome (TSS).
Bacillus subtillus: a gram positive, bacillus shaped aerobe. Most are harmless saprophytes though one strain causes the human disease anthrax.

ARGH! My world is getting filled with biological knowledge... I never thought this would happen. Let alone me LIKING it.

:: Jane Dee 7:13:00 PM [+] ::

Yeah that's for YOU buddy. Yeah, you know EXACTLY who you are shithead.

I really should concentrate on my studies and not on everyone else, no?

:: Jane Dee 5:43:00 PM [+] ::
Yeah, well....

Boy do my lab coats smell fresh and clean....

So I get news of some high school mates and their whereabouts...
MB/RL is probably sorting cardboard at a local electronics store
JH is on crack and or heroin
AC is also on crack and or heroin (to my disappointment)
D has a venerial disease just as I thought
T still has clean hair

Suddenly my life is so wonderful. I am especially happy about the MB situation. Gee, and I thought he had it better than me. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Once a nerd always a nerd... And damn proud of it.

:: Jane Dee 12:12:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.28.2003 ::
ok, what next?

Heh, i should go to sleep. Oh yeah and I am so so so so happy Jared came by! I missed him so bad! Oh how I long for the good old days of Stanislav and Galena...

:: Jane Dee 10:59:00 PM [+] ::
On with today?

Darn, darn. I have class today and I'm sick as hell. When i woke up, i couldn't even see. This wasted a whole studying day. SHOO! I really need to get my halophiles and thermophiles in order OR ELSE. Damn McConkey agar. Okay so if it's betahemolysis, we get a clear halo. Yeah beta=better lol. Alphahemolysis is a GREEN halo. How gross.

On the same note:
Escherichia coli cannot grow in an environment of ph 3, which is about the ph of the vagina. This prevents UTI, which is mainly caused by Escherichia coli in women. (E.coli is a gram negative facultative anareobe with a bacillus to cocco-bacillus shape) I once had a UTI and I think I now know the cause: baking soda! Why? I used to use baking soda to keep me "fresh" when I rode my bike all over the place for many hours a day instaed of talcum powder. Talcum powder is supposedly linked to certain cervical diseases and so I was reluctant to use it. Well, I was fresh. A little too fresh because I had developed a UTI and the doctor told me it must be because I wipe from back to front. Um, WHO does that? Certainly not me given how much I despise being dirty. Not to mention how much I like to keep germs at bay. Anyway, the ph of baking soda is a bit basic which would neutralize the acids in and around my vagina thus RAISING the ph a bit. How much is needed you say? Well, E.coli can grow in ph as low as 4.4 which can be achieved by the baking soda over a long period of time (I was using it everyday at about three times a day). I think this is amazing. I think I have found the culprit of my UTI. I do not use baking soda anymore. Now, I will not ever again. Ladies, take my warning. If you exercise alot, the best thing is to just shower whenever you can. I do recommend some of the newer products that contain antimicrobials like wipes or foam. I think I will run tests to see what these products do to the ph level down there.

>>I swear this is the best class I have ever taken. Why the hell did I want to be a mathematician?? Not only that, my professor is the coolest prof ever. He may be real old, but he knows. He also knows that we are human beings. Like when he said "...whatever trouble you face in your other classes is BS. It doesn't mean a thing. Don't let that get you down. Just live your life and be happy. That is what matters." Good God, why couldn't I have had math profs like that???? Yeah so I dedicate my face paint to him and my seemingly happy mood.

:: Jane Dee 10:53:00 PM [+] ::
yeah so like I was saying

So apparently my father is dying? I dunno. Cancer or something. Well that's life for ya.

:: Jane Dee 8:59:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.24.2003 ::

Wow... funny pictures and dead family members don't mix.

Um, i'm going to have to finish this later.

:: Jane Dee 9:43:00 PM [+] ::

(LOL)^100000! I have just found the funniest picture ever... oh. I cant show you.


:: Jane Dee 8:41:00 PM [+] ::
Now for todays bit of vitreous humor

My MicroBio prof says "The best way to study is not to open the lab manual while listening to KTU..."
My Watered -down-physics/chem-class prof says "What is this?" [referring to a tissue] He says "It's a piece of paper. What is it made from?" A student responds "Tissue!"

As for men who can't get a grip...

Now here's the best "hey talk to me cuz I like you line" curtesy of my art class "That was a great pose." Oh? Didn't know standing on a box was so elegant. Okay boys, watch out! Next time I see a hottie, I'm standin' on a box! That oughtta lure 'em in! [eyes roll to the threshold of pain]

And "Sasheem" stop looking at me with sad eyes. I can already see you're emo, you don't have to shove it in my face. I will compliment you on your choice of jacket however. And Alkaline Trio? Ha ha ha ha! Who the hell listens to them anymore?

As for the crazy bastard, I swear if I bump into you one more freakin' time... I am begining to think he does this on purpose. I cannot find another explanation. The stairs? Please! Since when did you start taking the stairs??


Okay who the hell keeps wetting my bike seat?

:: Jane Dee 8:16:00 PM [+] ::
As I change my face in my mind

Well, today was a fun-filled Sunday. Oh that was yeaterday already. Yeah I finally went shopping and bought me an MP3 player. Yee haw. I am listening to it right now actually. I think it will be quite nice in the summer when I bike ride all over the place. Yeah! Since this thing doesn't skip, I can practice my "hopping" on my bike. LOL. Last time I did that, my legs were sore for days. Yeah, so I almost have my essays in place. Turns out I will be writing about four. If I choose to skip one, then three. (gee that was obvious, no?) Whatever.

Blonde Moment: So I was thinking "should I wear my thong set tomorrow?". Well, I don't know if I will because I will be riding my bike. I mean that will be messy you know. But then I said "but I will be wearing my black pants." Yeah well, It's nice to know that there are trivial problems left in my life as opposed to those damn earth shattering problems that always occur.

MMM! Don't you just love Dippin' Dots? My fav is Chocolate Mint! ooh ooh you have to play the game!
I also have a new found toy: NUKKLES!

Okay, on a more serious note: I am feeling much better about my current situation. I AM managing my "love" life in the best possible way. (I think the goal for now is to let it take up the least amount of space/energy.) I am getting a little more motivated to do my boring classwork which I feel is geared towards humans with low IQs, or at least a learning disability. I am getting my diet in order and I am feeling better in that area (no not to lose weight, to get healthier, duh). I have even been taking my multi-vitamin! Hooray 4 me.

Now today there is lab which SAYS we need a lab coat, but we haven't used it thus far. Schweinhunds. We all knew what happened LAST Monday. Trust me, that will not happen this time. Besides, I don't want to see what's-his-face by the bridge again.

Hmm, I should get to bed.. oh let me hit this "send" button... okay, did that. Now, I will depart my dearly beloved so I may fix my bookbag for tomorrow. What a treat. LOL.

:: Jane Dee 12:32:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.23.2003 ::
My God, what what was I thinking???...

I figure things out everyday. Or at least, I think I do. Either way, my opinion is not changed. Shows how much I know.

:: Jane Dee 12:05:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.21.2003 ::
In All My Exquisiteness...

I will rectify this situation. What the hell am I talking about? I am talking about a certain someone who has been bugging me for a really, REALLY LONG time. I have strength and the will. I also have the body. HAHAHAHAHA! You still don't know what I'm talking about? Good. I don't want you to know anyway. Except that person. Ooooh! He will be sorry. Come to think of it, they will all be sorry. I'm going to find myself a nice air force pilot veteran who hasn't lost all his marbles yet. I tried my luck with a Navy (?) vet and WHOO-EE, that was volatile. I wish he wasn't so, oh what was that word I used, "anal" about everything. If he would relax and see that I don't mean any harm, we would have been blissfully happy. Well, maybe one day he'll apologize for his stupidity.
Maybe not.

Anyhoo, I'm supposed to see that female friend of mine for a taste of her turkey chili... Well, I'll give her a call after these important messages to all my fans. (?)

I have a headache and no, it's not due to the war. In fact, if I'd have done what I'm doing earlier, I would be in the Air Force and doing who knows what in who knows where. Well, maybe I'll still go. It's either I go to the AF after graduation or just get my PhD and lose my chance to go to the AF. I mean, I can still get my PhD after the AF, but I'll be almost 30 and not even have a master's... hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Well, I have plenty of time to think about it NOW given that I have to stay in school longer than I thought. Grr. My life is such a trouble making, non-conforming, loop-de-loop making, task. I swear I wish I was 30 so that I would know what the hell is going on already. I think 30 is the most perfect age. But, that is just my opinion and to some other woman, 30 may be the worst thing ever. Maybe I'm just too smart/experienced for my age? Who knows/cares.

Art class is tomorrow. Yee haw I get to take the bus at 6am. At least no one is on it. Did I mention I hate busses? Hmm. It sounds awfully familiar.

ok later

:: Jane Dee 4:11:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.19.2003 ::
Tales from the Ladies' Room

Consider this: what would you say to people thinking they can just disappear whenever they feel like it? >:( The hell kind of crap is this? Let's start with my friend who is female. Same ol' story with her and whoever is her boyfriend. Then there is a few others. Particularly names that begin with a "J", ahem ahem. Are you ever going to email me back? Pennslyvania ain't that far either. And then they say I'm the one who doesn't know... ugh. Maybe I can convince the guy whose name begins with an "M" to write me? Too bad he lives so far away. I swear we would get arrested if we ever hung out, lol. Yeah whatever. Somethimes i think I should just live at school and never see anyone again. Who is going to notice? Oh great, now I'm in a bad mood.

NOT to mention two tests tomorrow. Eh. I'll do fine. I guess I just feel like complaining since all I have to complain to is A COMPUTER. I swear I will get everyone back. Yeah it's a big secret. hehehehehe.

So the verdict is in. I will be schooled for three years. Bummer. No, I mean BUMMER. The only thing I may have to look foward to is developing "legs of a horse" riding my bike every damn day for the bulk of three years. Yeah at least I can kick the shit out of people. And there I go thinking I should put up stickers. Please. Who the hell is so inclined to stickers? Whatever. Gotta go buy some books.


P.S. Why yes I do feel like punching someone in the face.

:: Jane Dee 5:56:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.17.2003 ::
last thought before I go

He should be a poem; i think of him that way.
I need to do his laundry; fix his lunch just the way he likes it, if there is such a way.
Go with him to buy his shoes; And tell him they look funny.
Give him a manicure; Even if he thinks it's "gay"
I want him here always; No further than my arm's length.
I ask myself why I do; The best I can do is "because"
Because my heart doesn't lie; It just beats faster and makes me tremble
It's been so long: and I still stand so far away.
I have nothing; I wonder if he has the same
And I think about the situation too much; I am reduced to this
Because I cannot tell him; It is over until next time
Whenever that may be

I can't explain this crap any other way. Sorry.

Good night.

:: Jane Dee 9:12:00 PM [+] ::
Happy St. Pat's

I went out with a good buddy of mine for some killer whiskey sours in Bay Ridge at my fav place. (I SWEAR One day I will return for their rab corned beef and cabbage. Grr. I never have the time). Then we stumbled around for an hour or so. Well, it took a little steam off. What I need right now is someone to pick me up in a car and drive around till I fall alseep. And just leave me there. Either that or leave me on the beach.


:: Jane Dee 8:48:00 PM [+] ::
Headache city!

Just as I thought, all is not well. Let me give you the lo down:

I decide to ride by bike to school so I can study late. I realize I left my lab manual at home so I tried to call my friend because he has a car. Apparently he left a long time before. Fine. Now I have to ride my bike all the way back home with a 50lb bookbag on my back which will only get heavier on the return trip. I only have an hour to go 12 miles so I decided that I would take the train to speed up the trip. Anyhoo, I complete the trip and now that I am ready to pass out, I am late to class by 10 minutes which she counts against you and I have been late because of the lab I have before this class. Ugh! After that class I have the lab to which I had done all that work for. I am so pissed because 1) we STILL didn't use our lab coats and goggles which I have shlepped with me. 2) We didn't use the lab book! can you belive that?!??! OK FINE. After that, I went to the chairman to see what I can do about my credits and NOW I have to go back to my HIGH SCHOOL to get a syllabus and lab syllabus and the name of the book. After that crap, I just felt like passing out. I just dropped dead on the couches for like 10 minutes to compose myself. What else can I do? Put stickers on the door? So watch and see. I will go tomorrow to my high school and i'll bring him all that stuff and WHAM-O! He'll say "Nope" I bet so much money. But I am me so I will do it anyway. So did I study afterwards? NO. I had to go home. To cry for about three hours. My head still hurts. All day it hurt. Well, at least I stopped crying.

:: Jane Dee 8:37:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.16.2003 ::
Where is he?

I don't know. I'll never know. It's a crazy mix of Green Day songs.

I am hoping all goes well today... I am so nervous... what the hell do you say anyway? Ergh. I should go to sleep and breathe or something.

:: Jane Dee 10:50:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.14.2003 ::
I'm Going to Visit a Comet!

Many years ago, I entered my name to be etched on a microchip to be sent to Mars in 2004. I had totally forgot about it until now. See here about the "Stardust" project and see here for my name! (Of course my name is unique. Duh!). Two other very important friends are on there as well. I hope they aren't mad!

This makes up for a little...

:: Jane Dee 10:52:00 PM [+] ::

Great. Now I lost my walkman too. WITH my Unwritten Law cd in it. I can't believe this.

Is it REALLY too early to get the hell out of here and just go to Arizona already?????? I'm beginning to think otherwise.

:: Jane Dee 9:14:00 PM [+] ::
Why don't things ever go right?

I don't know why not. I just wish that once in a lifetime, the thing that really mattered would just do what its supposed to. What am I supposed to do? Who is going to help me? I can't defend myself this time! I am sick and tired of "calculating" my interests and just settle down already. I think I will never settle. No matter how much I think things are going right or I have my plan in place, it always backfires. Always. What am I supposed to do? Do I stay and do this or go away and take it on somewhere else? Is a drastic change in order? Have I already made another bad decision? Here I am building a foundation, building realtionships, building a new way of thinking... building a new way of life. Is this to be my life forever?

Let me get dramatic here: I dream about that life that seems to slip away from me whenever I got it by the ear. I can't take it anymore. I'm trapped in a cage where I can only stick my arms out to barely grab the larger things just to have them not be able to fit through the bars. If I take smaller pieces to make the larger, the cleaner comes and throws it all away.

I'm tired of playing lawyer. I need to get my own.
Any offers?

Next on the list

My job is a source of funnies:

1) My co-worker was working one day and someone asks "Who is the manager?" and she points in the opposite direction and says "See that Jewish guy over there with the curls?" The person then says "Which Jewish guy?"

2) A man who can't speak English well asks her "Do you sell a pork?" She says "Of course not, this is a religious store!" He then asks "What? You don't use a pork?" She says "Huh? I'm a religious person! I can't eat pork!" He says "You don't even have ONE?" She says "NO! Not here, not in my house!" He then says "Then how am I supposed to eat this?" and holds up his lunch. She says "You were asking me for a FORK?!" He says "That is what I said!" She says "You live in this country and you can't say fork? Go to school!... The forks are in isle two."

3) You know you're haveing a bad hair day when she says you look like Shruly and HIS curls!

4) A man says to me "It's so close to Purim. It gets so crazy that you can't tell head from tails." Um, maybe YOU can't, but I know the difference between someone's ass and someone's head.

5) Ever try to drive in a Jewish area before Shabbos? How about Purim? Lol, my horny manager invited me to spend what I heard as "mech a lachim blah blah Purim." with him? What is he crazy? This coming from a guy who says he "likes the way I handle the squash". Oh yeah and he wants me to be his personal "nurse". Oh yeah I forgot to mention that he looks at me up and down and has to take a "breather". I guess I'm too hot for schmeky-face.

Richie Lynn IS in my class... I knew it.

A fare hike?

who the hell do they think they are anyway? The bus smells like ass. The trains smell like shit. The busses don't come. I hate busses. This is when I have to make an exception and actyally WANT it to get warmer. I can ride my bike and not have to take the bus!

I forgot half of the things I wanted to write. shoo.

:: Jane Dee 6:32:00 PM [+] ::
:: 3.10.2003 ::
Oh my God! Remember Mr Men?

They are so rab. Check it out!
Way cool!

"Help! Police! MURDER!" exclaimed Mr. Nervous...

:: Jane Dee 12:03:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.09.2003 ::
Why I hate school bookstores

Why? I'll tell you why. I have a lab tomorrow and the damn bookstore still doesn't have the manual. Why not? It has been over a week since school started. Not only that, the professor of my class wrote the book himself and he is the only guy that teaches it. How can it come as a suprise to the bookstore that we need those manuals? I also love how they give such large windows. You think UPS is bad? HA! Try getting a window of three days. Better yet, how about a week? What are we in the dark ages? They don't know when their books are coming in? I will check for the book today. If it isn't there, I think I will write a flaming letter to the manager. Probably mention that he is an incompetent manager and should go to manager school. Yeah that ought to do it.

I am also wondering where the HELL I can find a Helix brand ruler set. I've looked high and low. I'm starting to think it just wasn't meant to be...

Gee, I should get back to work on my microbes!

:: Jane Dee 11:15:00 PM [+] ::
Just a few things before I go to bed...

Okay, my head is starting to hurt (what else is new?)

I have concluded that Physics and I are enemies. I think I have an automatic response to it and well, I am not its friend. My new website name is up and everything should be running a-ok. I know some pics weren't working and I have hopefully corrected the problem. I also need to wash my hair very badly, but probably won't do it 'till tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get my work done at home because I obviously stayed up too late fixing my webpage. Well, my webpage is important to me. And now that I pay for it, it must look its best. Anyway, I will try to write those essays in my "free" time and post them. I have many things on my "to-do list" and willhave to do those first. Well, at least I made lunch for tomorrow. The benefit of staying home is that I can drink all the Cafe Oquendo I please. Not only that, I get to multi-task while studying: laundry whilst I read my boring Sociology book. Compose email as I look for gram stains of E.coli and other not-very-nice bacteria. Then I can contemplate my unrequited love as I read my psychology text. Then I can just wash my hair. I guess you cant really multi-task in the shower.

I would also like to revisit the rag shop cuz I have a coupon. I really wouldn't know what to buy though. I think I have everything. Well, I definately need to visit a dollar store or something so I can get my hands on a pencil case. I have always preferred hard cases but I may opt for soft due to its lighter nature. That is an important factor this time around given that I have to resort to taking the bus and bike riding. What a pain.

Well, it's almost three and I had about two hours sleep last night (or morning whatever) and I think my body is starting to shut down... Well, I'll come back, God willing.

:: Jane Dee 12:51:00 AM [+] ::
:: 3.07.2003 ::

Hey check it out! The ads on my page are for headache relief.

:: Jane Dee 6:07:00 PM [+] ::
Another list of maladies... sans the disease part of the word.

So I have survived a week of school and work. Yeah, apparently I have forgotten how time consuming school is. Throw in work and you have yourself living by schedules non-stop. So get this, I have made a schedule of my week (yes, the whole week with all the hours) so I can fit everything in. Here is something funny: I actually had to "pencil in" time for sleep! See, I don't like sleeping in the night but when you have to wake up at 5am, (4am on SATURDAY) it kind of throws your insomnia for a loop. So here I am fiercely thinking of how to carve out time for studying and work even though my boss thinks that if your not in class you can work as if studying doesn't exist. Yes I understand Purim is coming (as I will be working one Saturday night after Shabbos) but I also have goals of getting an A in all my classes without having to beg or give blow jobs. (LOL! Just a JOKE!). Hopefully I can get it all together soon so I can get going with this.

Im also stuck on what to write for my next essay. I have had many ideas, but none seem good enough. I am leaning towards one I was going to publish a while back, but something else had caught my attention. Sheesh! I think that idea will be next, but beware! it will be one long mofo!

Okay so I am going to have to look up pictures of deadly microbes for lab since no one can properly stain their samples. Yes, this is the future of America and it is sad. Thank God for entrance/placement exams!

I am beginning to see what my IQ really is... I had taken an IQ test when I was 5 called the stanford-binet 4th ed. Now I find that score pretty low for someone as astute as I (ahem) and was always doubting it given that I could read way before kindergarden. So there I am in my silly intro to psychology class where he gives the equation to find your IQ: (mental age/chronological age) x 100 = IQ . Now the test I took said I was at an 8 year old level, at age 5. Okay, that means I have 1.6 x 100. That is about FIVE or SIX standard deviations than my "score"! So after class, I inquired about it and he says that the stanford-binet tests are scored much higher meaning their score may mean something else on another. DAMN! Why couldn't I have taken that test that begins with a W? Well, anyway I now have yet another score to add to my list of IQs giving me a mean score of 143.8 due to the stanford-binet's score. My goodness, I am embarassed with such a score. Well, at least I see why I hated elementary school so much. I think I can list what I learned: 1)something about the number 10. 2)Writing in script in the first grade will cause a commotion. 3)The word "awning" and "lap". 4) I don't care if it was a book, the use of the word "stoop" for "pawprint in snow" is just ridiculous and WRONG. (don't even get me started) 5) How to alphabetize 6) how to spell the words "parenthesis" and "people" 7) how to make faculty and staff mad by stating the bill of rights 8)How to play flute and read the treble clef. 9)How to avoid everyone by drawing incessantly. 10) how to carry the ones 11)how to do percentages (and get thrown out of the advanced math lunch period because I wasn't going to apply to Mark Twain. "But I want to learn!" I protested, obviously falling on deaf ears or at least, ignorant ones.) 12).... I think that is it for that list

My head hurts.

So let me tell ya that I hate the busses, especially when it rains. Why? Cuz it smells like wet dog and you can't put anything on the floor and that sucks when it is crowded. As much as I want it to snow and rain and be cold, I want it to get warmer so I can ride my bike to class. I just hate busses.

Okay, why are there flourishing TANNING SALONS in Arizona? Is there not enough sun? Last time I went, it was pretty sunny even though it was "monsoon" season.

My school paper is a joke. I swear, I should join the staff and show those dorks what real writing is. Then again, I think that would embarass me.

Now its almost time to "go to bed" if I want to get up at 4am. So what do I do? Eat? Wash my hair? Look up microbes? Eh, i gues the microbes win.

Till next time.

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:: 3.02.2003 ::
On the Road to Something Great

Sometimes, life throws you a nice curve. Take these great examples.

1) Old school, new start: I am going back to class at an old school of mine for something completely new. Not only that, I am finally taking art classes! Whee! Okay, ignore that "whee". I guess I'm just excited that I don't have to do math anymore. Perish the thought.

2) Claiming My Piece of the Web: Hey check it out! I have registered for a new website. No more geocities-slash-name thing for me! I will keep you updated on when I move in. Not only that, I will definately start on my lovely merch items. hee hee. Yeah well, if you really want some, I'll sell.

Okay so maybe there aren't that many examples, but I am in a good mood. Hee Hee!
BTW: Didn't get a headache since then. Allright!

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