:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 2.25.2003 ::

More headaches, but not enough bad luck

Hey man, I don't have this attitude for nothing. Apparently, people think they have the liberty to push me around. Anyhoo, I have made a new page called !FacePaint and you can see it using the new button on the sidebar.

I am also considering getting a domain name instead of using a subdomain at geocities.

Yes, yes, I will update. It seems as though I can't refuse certain people who in turn, waste my time. Well, sorta.

:: Jane Dee 10:44:00 PM [+] ::
:: 2.18.2003 ::

What the hell kind of day is this? Everything went stupid today. Let's take a look.

1) My school is closed thereby hindering registration. Had to take the stinky bus because you can't really ride a bike in 27 inches of snow. I had to wake up early and will now have to do it again tomorrow. Not to mention go to work till 12am afterwards.
2) The bus on the way home decides to not move after Avenue U. I have to take another bus to the train. What should have been an hour turns into an hour and a half.
3) All this hubbub and nothing to eat yet.
4) Meet a friend of mine who will accompany me to a beauty supply store that would take 20 minutes to get to by car, but will have to be found by ear using the bus. I meet him by train and on the way to the station I get splashed with dirty slush water by a speeding car trying to make the yellow light. So now I am wet, dirty, and very cold.
5) My friend and I take the bus and the driver makes a "smart" move by driving down the side road where a car is parked with its blinkers on. The bus driver seems to not be able to fit and honks his horn to no avail. I yell "There is no one behind us, can't you back this bus up?" He replies with a snippy remark; I say "allright, you don't have to get nasty." and he replies with something about him not being allowed to and that I don't sign his check (oh? do I not pay taxes?) and that I am nothing. Oh yeah. So after a few minutes we get a transfer to catch the same bus to the destination. Just a side note: as we walked away from the bus, he had at least a FOOT on each side of the bus. My assumption was that this guy was whack. And decided to take it out on me. Fab-O. I am deeply scarred.
6) On the way, I am talking about how I want a PhD and that it will be a good source of income, prob 70K a year. Suddenly a man laughs and I say "He's laughing!" We then get into a conversation at how profs make "no money". He also scoffed at my wish of teaching at KCC, being he teaches music there. "Why do you want to teach there?" he asks. "Cuz I like it." I reply. He shakes his head. My other friend told me he may have been mad that he "ended up" at KCC. Oh poor soul. Apparently he teaches music and I said "Maybe I'll have you?" He says "If you're lucky. I only teach advanced courses." Um, ok. So when you get a PhD do you become psycho, an asshole, uninspiring, or some combination of the three? Again, I am deeply scarred by this.
7) We walk through the slush and mush for over half an hour and when we get to the store, the lady shakes her head and mouthes the word "closed". Grrrrreat. So we head into Coconuts to make it seem like we had a purpose. I bought Hulk Hogan (and the Wrestling Boot Band): Hulk Rules. Not much of a consolation prize, but a fine present for this hot guy I know. Maybe he will flex his muscles for me....????
8) Finally I get home very hungry and hoping to eat Chocoriot cereal. Like 6 bowls. Not likely with about half a cup of milk left. I know that is supposed to be a serving, but who the hell uses only a half a cup of milk? Not me.
9) I say "ah, let me fix up my webpage to relieve the stress." As I am doing that, I bang the Hulk Tape in frustration and break my nail. My newly done nails. This is outrageous.

So now I am listening to the Hulk Tape... it is quite funny. Yes. They are rocking down the house. And that vein in his tricep? Indeed.

Okay so how do I get the attention of a particular hottie I know? Ah yes, I can send him a !MadUniverse shirt. What else says "YOU'RE HOT!" like my signature shirt? I've known him for a while, but things have kinda gone sour. Oh poo. He has muscles, a fading trait in men. From last memory, his hands were dry. Oh let me fix that for youuuuuuu! Wink wink. Oh well, if you're out there, hook it up!

So how is that shirt thing going? hmm. My prototypes needs work. More on that later. I just want this bad luck streak to end for now.

BTW: there is now a product called SkinCola. Apparently it is a drink for your skin. My friend and I have spotted this on the train and have suggested this:
"Flavors of Skin":

English Rose
Carribean Cocoa
American Hodgepodge
Canadian Classic
Mexican Manilla
Chinese Chickory
Australian Augment
Micronesian Mint

Ok, Micronesians probably don't taste like mint, but it's fun. But not as fun as SkinCola. You know, that name is really creepy.

:: Jane Dee 9:31:00 PM [+] ::

Yes, I have been hit again. This time it started about 11pm on 2.17.2003. Sigh. Is there no justice? Well, at least it isn't a migraine.

Ok like, yeah.

Anyway, I have updated my pictures page with new snow pictures. They are quite nice. Pauly and other things will be updated as soon as I can. However, school is starting really soon (like Saturday morning) and hopefully I can sqeeze it in. Let's see registration is in like oh, six hours. Hmm. how to publish a bloggie, sleep, get ready and get registered in six hours... yes that should be a book. It won't be as elegant as my current masterpiece (ahem) but informative perhaps.

Did you ever use one of those voice recognition typing program things? Well, I bought one and it is quite amazing. I have to use it more, but so far it has perked my interest. I have IBM ViaVoice Millenuim or something. It was cheap ($20) and thought I would share that with you.

So the air force wants me to run 2 miles in 22 minutes? 45 situps in two minutes? Come on. Pushups - hmm. will have to work on my arm strength. I was never quite good at those damn monkey bars.


:: Jane Dee 1:32:00 AM [+] ::
:: 2.13.2003 ::
Very Bad Headache Attack Means No Work Done

On Tuesday (2.11.2003), I was planning on getting my webpage updated and setting up my new pages as well as type up my new essay. However, those plans were thwarted by a super throbbing migraine which hit me as I woke up (ouch) and lasted all day (double ouch). It took me three hours to get out of bed (thank God there is no school yet!), two hours to take a shower and get out of the bathroom (I was sitting there naked for about an hour and a half staring at the wall while my cat licked my face), and two hours to go out and get my cereal and mascara (which I forgot I also needed). I did buy extra things, some of which have a good explanation.

Cereal and mascara: needed items
Two different issues of US News featuring the Columbia incident: I love space and I wanted it and that is too bad.
American flag wristbands and buttons: I love my country and they were really cheap. I was just going to buy a button originally, to replace the one that fell off my bookbag. Once I saw the wristbands, well, 33 cent red, white, and blue wristbands are hard to pass.
Elvis Prestly Valentine tin and chocolate CD from Russel Stover: I always get my best guy friend an Elvis tin for Valentine's day. The chocolate CD was just too cute to not buy for him as well (besides, I want to eat a CD too!).
Travel size Tylenol pill case: will replace my current pill holder which always opens up in my purse or bookbag (very annoying). I will not use the Tylenol though.
Beaded heart-shaped coin purse: Okay, this I didn't need but it was pretty and I like pretty things. It also reminded me of a shirt I used to own.
Box of Cheerios: Even though I still have a bit left, I figured it will save me the trip when it runs out.
20lb bag of Canilla rice: Oh yeah I needed this too. I forgot I had run out.

So now my headache is gone, or at least is hibernating, and I am functioning normal once again. If I am not asked to work on Friday, I will update my page then. Hmm. If I work, I will update my page as well, but will not be as extensive given I will be short about eight hours.

New work funny: At my place of work, we don't accept American Express cards. So when a gentleman handed me his "blue" card, I said "Sorry. We do not accept American Express." He says "What, the card's not kosher or something?" (After hearing that, I worked hard to supress my laughter.)

I would also like to say that Progresso's French Onion Soup is actually quite tasty. For the whole French Onion Soup experience, you can toast a slice of bread and place it in your soup and once that is soaked, place a slice of mozzarella or other bland cheese on top of the bread and wait until it melts. Yum! (If you eat it plain, it is also a delicious treat.)

ooooh! look at the time! gotta go!

:: Jane Dee 1:20:00 PM [+] ::
:: 2.10.2003 ::
Another Fine, Snowy Day.

Oooh! it snowed and I was outside to enjoy it! I went to get my questions answered about school, took some pictures and got information about my hair. Fascinating day, no? I wish I could go shopping. Here is what I need:

Box of frosted mini wheats

Yeah, that's about it. Anything after that would be an impulse item.

So, I found a great new "thing to do" when it snows super-sized snowflakes such as the ones we have been seeing. Inhale them. Yup. Forget catching them on your tongue, it's 2003! Now, stand outside and try to inhale as many flakes as you can. Or, if you feel like being "bad", make a "line" out of the fluffy cold stuff and snort it! It won't get you high, but it tickles a lot.

You know what I can't stand? When I have a list of things to look up online, only to see that when I get online, I forgot what I wanted to look up.

It's 12:30! Where the heck are my headbands? And my tooth is really starting to hurt. I just can't bring myself to go to the dentist. I guess I'll go when it falls out, huh? I HATE dentists and I hate it when they have to shoot the needle into your BONE. WHY? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST GAS ME? I mean really, needles are SOOO archaic. And they hurt.

Im still looking for crafts. Tomorrow, I will fix up my webpage AFTER i go shopping.... but of course shopping comes first... what kind of girl do you think I am???

:: Jane Dee 10:42:00 PM [+] ::
:: 2.09.2003 ::
On my quest for crafts...

There is a Ragshop near my residence and unfortunately they do not carry the metal settings for rhinestones. They have the stones, why not the settings? Are they diliberately trying to drive me insane? I absolutely refuse to "Hot Fix" stones if it's not a transfer. Besides, the name is so totally annoying: "Like yeah Jess, I totally used HOT FIX stones to make this rab shirt!" - "Yo, your bag was made with HOT FIX? That's on the rocks, yo."
Hopefully, I will find a supplier soon. I was thinking about buying wholesale, but do thousands of studs sound good at this point in time? I think I will just get a few at retail to save space.

Yeah, all of a sudden, my creative side has come back to me. Well, my handiwork at least. My webpage has served as my creative outlet for almost a year now. Let's take a look:

>~April 17, 2002: Index page published
>~April 25, 2002: Header pages published (i.e., "Universe of Discourse", "FunnyUniverse", etc.)
>First pages included a horoscope page, now gone. Why? I really didn't feel like breaking out the tarot cards every week. (Later on, I decided to program a fortune telling game inspired by a game using Runes. That project is under review right now. I am thinking of stopping that, but it would be fun. There is much to think about.)
.Some first articles included "A Well Shaven Angel Does Nothing for Fatally Attacked Germanica Blatella" for Attack of the A Train, "Pope has High Speed Lifestyle" for Planet Bizarro, "My Day at the Library" for Let's Prove It, with some other weird pages here and there.

So I'm in the works for a logo for my webpage. Apparently, it will be math related. I guess I just can't escape. Yeah math seeps in everywhere for me. I guess an fine example will be shown in an updated Pauly Page. It's about the cop that follows them around. Well, not a cop, but a seargent from the army. He wears the big hat and all. He also has a crush on one of the girls. heheheh, laff riot.

BTW: I have a message for der Fettsacke, SheiBkerl whose name I won't say: VerpiB Dich! Das ist mir ScheiBegal du verdammter Idiot.

So how do you all like my new profile pic? LOL! (oh I will get into so much trouble for that one!)

I think I had a small headache yesterday, but I am tired of writing about my headaches.

After all this, I may still be able to joing the US Airforce. The basic training doesn't look THAT bad. However, the simulated sniper thing looks a wee bit intimidating. But only a wee.

:: Jane Dee 2:00:00 AM [+] ::
:: 2.07.2003 ::
Gee golly, I should title my entries, no?

Anyway, I had sprung another headache today (2.6.2003) at exactly 2300 hours. This headache thing is a real bummer. Thought this was a passing thing. I am beginning to think that I get those cluster headaches I have read about... as well as migraines, tension headaches, and sinus pain. Sometimes, I wish I DID have a tumor. That way, I'd really know why my head hurts all the time.

So I went to work again today and I was tired as hell. I thought I was going to die. All I had for nourishment was a can of soup eaten with a slice of bread and about 5 cookies eaten throughout the day. So after work, I had to go to Burger King. I had the Chicken Whopper meal, no mayo, king size. It truely is a delight... hey I just realized that my soda is missing! I just checked, it is gone. Oh well. Less calories today means I can eat more tomorrow.

I have noticed what I have in my purse: a palm pilot, a mini notebook and pen, and paper, all to write on. There certainly is a clash going on in my bag. I think I will get rid of the paper soon. It is almost filled up and everything is almost crossed out.

Okay, okay, let's talk about work.
Sometimes, my day may be filled with funnies like "Who's brisk?" "I dunno." "Simcha had a baby?" "I think it was Yitzy." OR "Yeah, for seven days after the marriage, you have fun and party." "Oh yes, lots of party." "After that, no more party." "Yes, it's over."
I think my favorite word is now "nosh": "Put all the nosh in one bag!" - "And then they say they have no nosh to eat!" - "Where's my nosh? I can't find my nosh!"
I now know that "Challa" is pronounced like "holla" but with a Jewish twist. "Where do you have the challa?" - "All the challa is mine."
I have no idea what "glick" means but i think it means "food" or something: "Did you pay for the open glick?" (footnote: There used to be a place by my house called "Glick Bros." and it was a Jewish meat mart or something like that. Could it actually have meant somthing? I always thought it was their name, like Noel Glick or something).
>>>I got paid and my paycheck did not heal any wounds incurred this week at work, and there were many. It's always pleasing to know that I live in such a nice country that lets me get a career. Unfortunately I am unable to do what I really wanted to do, but well, I can do something just as nice. Can you imagine if I had to work at this place as a permanant job to support myself?!?!?? Oh lordy! I mean, I like working there, but it's too much work for such low wages, and I make more than minimum wage! Sheesh! School, school, school... is there another way? I don't see one.

For my webpage, I still have pictures I need to publish and an essay in the works. Hopefully, it will please me. It is hard to please myself when it comes to writing. I am in the process of finding something new to prove, but one has not ocurred to me. Hopefully I will land on one soon. I am also trying to compose this card game to expand my "Fun and Games" section. Well, we'll see what falls through.

I guess it is time for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow! Mostly errands (can you believe that my manager asked me to work [again] tomorrow? Besides tha fact that I have something to do, I think if i had to be at that place another day in a row this week [and at 8am mind you, that is in four hours!] I would drop dead. No joke. I am that beat.). I am off in search of plastic containers and craft supplies. Wish me luck!

:: Jane Dee 2:20:00 AM [+] ::
:: 2.06.2003 ::
Woke up with a headache (yesterday 2.4.2003). It didn't go away until I got to work and took an Advil. I had forgotten to take Excedrin. Well, I guess it was better this way given all the coffee I drank today.

I had a long day at work and noticed how far we have come in overcoming stereotypes. I am talking about the boxes of "Heavy duty teaspoons" perched on the shelves at work. Gone are the days that only soup or serving spoons were used to do big jobs. Now, teaspoons can have their day in the sun. Next will be swizzle sticks for sure.

I have also noticed that at my job, I am the only one, besides my managers, who have English as their first language. I also think I, along with them, are the only set born here in this country. Oddly, this outcasts me among my co-workers. Some even complain that I don't talk. Well, in all honesty, I like to be sarcastic and make jokes. If the person I am talking to doesn't know English, how can it be enjoyable for any of us? For example, many customers at my workplace buy many containers of orange juice. I was about to crack a simple joke to this kid named Marcal, who is from Kazakhstan: "Gee, they must have really big refridgerators." Simple, right? To you maybe. However, I didn't tell it because I knew I would have to explain what a refridgerator is given he asked me what the name of something was: "Pen? Pen?" he asked "Yes Marcal it's a pen." The majority of my co-workers are from some Latin origin, and mainly speak Spanish. Now I may be able to understand it a bit, but I can't speak it. So what am I supposed to do, try to talk to soemone who won't understand me anyway? I tried dammit. It just gets too frustrating trying to comprehend when you are working. Apparently, a man today saw that most workers are foreigners and said "No one is from here?" under his breath. He then turned to me and asked "What country were you born in?" I said "This one." He said "Really? Then this isn't a place you should be working at." I said "I guess. I only know one language." I have other examples, such as this one woman who when asked me a question and I responded she said "Wow! You know English?" I said "Yes I do. Very well in fact." My, it is compelling.

On another note, I was up (I still am) until 4:30am organizing my cupboard. Well, i had bought alot of soup and I tried to fit it all in, but it wasn't working. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow morning so I had to do it then and there. Well, it's all good because now I can sleep easy even though sleep doesn't come easy for me.

Ah yes, before I forget I would like to make an announcement:

I would like to take this opportunity, having a blog now and all, to thank this wonderful friend of mine named Rob. Because of him, my friend and I got to see the Donnas perform and everything after that fell into place. Because of his generosity, my friend and I had the time of our lives rockin' and rollin' along. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rob. If you so happen to come across this, just know that I owe you one... and a lunch or something. You truely are one of my favorites. Hopefully I will find you to thank you myself, but this will do until then. By the way, my friend thought you were hot (wink, wink) and I thought you looked great!

Okay, now it's time for "bed" so I can wake up "refreshed" and "ready to go" for work. Hopefully, my paycheck will heal any wounds incurred by my 11 hour shift on Sunday. (I was so crazy by the end of the day I was chewing on the cards in my wallet.)

:: Jane Dee 3:21:00 AM [+] ::
:: 2.04.2003 ::
I now have an extensive collection of Ethnic Songs including one about this smelly guy named Eddie. Now I don't think the song is really about this guy, but it sounds like it is. Is she waiting by the phone for him or is he waiting for her. To make it funnier, I will say he is waiting for her. I also have an song about U bu bu, whatever that is. Now I am not sure if I should make a page exclusively for clips or not. I would assume the clips on my pages are quite good. Now that I have sound forge, I can edit everything. Yipee! Yeah yeah anyway, I did have a link on !FunnyUniverse at one point, but I took it off. Okay, so it's settled...

ATTN:A new feature will be added to !FunnyUniverse called !MuzakUniverse.
This page will feature all the clips on my site as well as some I think are too good to pass.

Okay, on to other news... my friend suggested that I make a feature page of how I get worse and worse in typing when I have a headache. It may be amusing, but I don't really know how sensational that is. Votes anyone?

I am still trying to program the runes game. It will be really simple and if you play it enough, you can figure out what runes are where :P Well, forgive me because I am not a master programmer or anything. I am trying... Yeah well, I am trying to finish a lot of things. Like my book.. gee whatever happened to those plans? Well, I am getting it together. I am making schedules for it all. I hate schedules, but i have no other choice.

Some of my newer pages will be a Features page. This one will be pics from my visit to the Empire State building. I am also starting an "online store" where you may purchase t-shirts emblazoned with the !MadUniverse Logo and it glows in the dark! The prototype came out great! I have other products in the works so visit back for updates. This store will most likely be located in !FunnyUniverse.

:: Jane Dee 10:08:00 PM [+] ::
Headache yesterday, none today. I actually had to take two excedrins to alleviate the pain, which is rare for me. When this happens, I lose my fine motor skills, twitch, have difficulty breathing, and basically act weird. I ate a cheeseburger to mend my wounded soul. ::sniff::

In the meantime, I will see how this Bloggie thing works. If it erases my template agin, I will scream. Maybe not. Hopefully, this will work better than my A Train page. Do you think I really want to write about Shaven Angels? No. Mariache Bands? No. I would like to write about all that matters to me since my "Fishing For Fishy Facts" page is a bit too formal. I have strategically placed this blogg on the !VastUniverse page and fits nicely with the ideas held within. Did I get lucky or what? Anyway, please check out my site, sign the guestbook, and have fun.

:: Jane Dee 4:52:00 PM [+] ::
Welcome! Happy reading to you all. I shall be publishing shortly. In the meantime, visit my hompage using the links on the sidebar. I recommend !Universe of Discourse "Mental Fender Bender". Enjoy and come back soon!

:: Jane Dee 4:37:00 PM [+] ::

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