:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 4.29.2014 ::

My Dreams Of Having A Romantic Home Birth On The Kitchen Floor Have Been Dashed

So a seemingly uneventful pregnancy leads to an event or two: my baby is frank breech and I am getting a c-section.

Now, I cried at first, because we all know how un-afraid I am of surgeries. Then I just accepted it. I am not about to have a "homebirth" with a breech baby. The kid is also measuring kind of large. Therefore no kiddie pool in the kitchen birth for me! I am too scared it will get stuck or something and I will then have to get all kinds of interventions that will leave me traumatized. I am not saying that I ever wanted a home birth, in case you don't understand sarcasm.

I am starting to have some problems. Or perhaps one more: low amniotic fluid. I went in for a sonogram two weeks ago. That's when they said the baby is still breech, schedule the c-section, and your fluid is kind of low. Okay. This week, my fluid is even lower and my doctor is hooking me up to this monitor that sees how stressed out the baby is. Well, the baby is comfy, but my fluid is getting to the point where she would have to come out earlier if I don't get that sac bouncing. So now I am concerned. It is bad enough she is scheduled to come out five days earlier. Now she may have to come out when things still aren't developed yet. Not cool. My doctor asks what I have been doing etc., and I tell her nothing new. I told everyone there that my job requires a LOT of walking and no one believed me! Now they see. So she ordered me off work this week (Wednesday) and to drink a LOT of water and see if that raises it up. I scheduled another ultrasound for Friday to see how I do. My doctor says if I can get it up, I can go back to work (oh goody, pffft); if it's the same, we'll see; if it is lower, we have a problem and that may include an early carving of my belly.

So I am not looking forward to hearing bad news. However, the worst part was calling in the office and "explaining" what is going on. I reluctantly called in, knowing one of the supervisors who I think is working me to death on purpose, will answer the phone. You know, she "acts" nice, but I just get a vibe from her that makes me mistrust her. Of course she does all kinds of subtle things to me that are offensive, but this is a job, so I deal with it. However, there is a limit. I knew she was going to ask me what is the matter, so I made sure I had an answer. I called and told her that my doctor ordered me to rest this week and that I cannot come in tomorrow. I also said that I am going to see my doctor again on Friday and she will update me on the issue I am having and that may mean I have to take my leave early.

What do you think the first thing she asked was? "What is the matter?" of course!

Normally, I don't mind telling people details about things. But something about this woman just irks me. Let's just say her name is "Wanda." Now "Wanda" likes to constantly tell the patients I am with that I am pregnant, and that "you can't even tell!" or that I am pregnant with "baby Wanda." After hearing this 10000000000x, you just get tired of it. Well, I wish that was the only thing to worry about. Another thing she likes to do is "hog" me. Now I have heard she likes to hog the aides, so I am glad she doesn't just do this to me. However, she likes to do things backwards: she wants me to call her and see what she is doing when I am "free" just so I can basically follow her around and do nothing anyways. So instead of getting walkers and putting in orders while waiting for the therapists to call me for assistance (as I was told to do by those I was hired by), she would rather I just follow her around from room to room, standing there, ignoring calls from other therapists (cuz I'm busy now!), and then listening to her complain about everything while we walk over to the next room. This can go on for hours! When I am with her, I get dizzy. Sometimes, I feel like I will drop. Besides her constant complaining about EVERYTHING (nurses don't this, why does this hospital do that, omg I can't handle poop, and that patient is just blah blah blah...), she also likes to SIT DOWN in front of me. Then, realizes she shouldn't be sitting because a)she is on a patient bed, b)she should have offered me the seat since I am quite "great with child," or c)it's just bad etiquette. Then she will apologize for sitting in front of me, but doesn't really offer me the seat. You know the type: "Oh boy, I should have let Jane sit (as she is talking to the patient), she is pregnant. Sorry Jane, do you want to sit here?" and of course, I say "no" because we are not supposed to sit while working. Or are we? Well, "Wanda" certainly doesn't want me to sit. It's as if I am a slave that should be constantly moving to earn my keep. Hey man, I don't see why I have to constantly be moving when everyone else gets to sit. The last time I was with her, I sat way over at the nurse's station so 1)I could sit finally and 2)I wouldn't have to hear her complaining about everything wrong with her job. For chrissakes, she has one of the best jobs at the hospital and she can find that much wrong with it? Well, then go back to that other hospital you worked at! Oh right, they displaced you. Gee I wonder why?

Now that you know "Wanda" a bit better, I dreadfully called her and told her what was up. After she asked me what was wrong I said "I don't really want to go into the details." Immediately she apologized and said she wasn't trying to ask a personal question, blah blah. Really, then what were you asking? I take it this woman needs to THINK a bit about what she is doing/saying BEFORE she does it/say it. Anyways, I refrained from cursing her to the dammit, as my mother would say, and said that I submitted my paperwork for FMLA, and that I have another visit with my doctor on Friday. I also warned "Wanda" that the doctor may say I cannot work anymore and that I may have to take my leave then, so I will call that afternoon. What do you think she asked me?

"Do you think you can come in tomorrow to go over the 90 day review, just for a half hour maybe, you won't have to see any patients. I would LOVE to go over the 90 days before you submit your paperwork."

Hello? Did I just hear this sentence?

Did I not just finish telling her I have an issue with my PREGNANCY and my doctor ORDERS me to REST and I CANNOT WORK TOMORROW and that I ALREADY submitted my FMLA forms?


And this, my friends, is what I have to deal with at work. I told TJ that if I change jobs, it's not because of the job, it will be because of her! I like the job, believe it or not. It is interesting to me, it stimulates my mind, I get to see lots of interesting things, learn new things, etc., but this woman will drive me over a cliff! The only problem is that she has to do a recommendation for me if I transfer jobs. That is why I don't see myself switching jobs soon. However, I may want to go full time as a CNA, so I will see what happens. I really wanted to keep this job because of the weekend hours. I guess I will have to see if she changes her ways a bit when I return.

ANYWAY! Now that I wasted enough time on explaining "Wanda," I can get back to my real issue: Low amniotic fluid. I have been "leaky" for a while, and haven't had much issue since two weeks ago. I would assume its because the baby is "big" and I have a slave-driver supervisor who wants me to die. So I probably got a small tear in my sac from my fabulous job and now I am leaking. After the first sonogram saying I had low fluid, I began to notice than I leak a LOT more on the days that I work than on the days I don't work. Like today, for example. If this was a work day, I would have soaked through my pantyliner by now. However, I am still relatively dry. I have already drunk 100+ ounces of fluid today, and still have more to go. I am not too bored, but I would like to go outside. I was planning on going to Sears after my appointment, but I guess that ain't happening! I am hoping all this non-movement works and I can keep the baby inside a little longer. Otherwise, she will have another birthday shift.

Oh yeah. I asked the doctor who can be there. She said one person. I was hoping to have a troop of people there, but no such luck. She did say my sussection (a funny) can be recorded. Well, I hope TJ is up for that! Ha! I would love to have it recorded. I would even post that! Well, in any case, the doctor said I would be in the hospital for two to three nights (with the door locked to avoid "Wanda") and would get a spinal thingy for the surgery so I can be half awake. Not bad I guess. What I noticed is that people who don't get sussections are like "OMG A CESARIAN! NEVAAAAHHH!" and those who had a cesarian are like "Wow that was easy!" Well, I don't particularly have a choice in this case, but I am still not looking forward to having my abs cut open. I guess I will update more on that later. I am not sure if I have to register with the hospital or not at this point since the doctor is scheduling me. We shall see.

Well this post is long enough! More later!

:: Jane Dee 3:48:00 PM [+] ::
:: 4.16.2014 ::
Week 35; Still Pregnant

However, I did get lots done!

These past few days off I have been working hard and long at trying to get things done. I am almost there. I managed to enroll in my company's 403(b) (whatever that means), and I am also going to open up a 529 in my name for school. I figure if I don't use it, I will transfer it to the child. I am going to have payroll deductions thru SHC for this plan so I save the most money! I am also going to sign up for a "flexible spending account" for next year. That way, pre-tax dollars are used to pay for things I am going to pay for, such as CHILD CARE (if I go to school) and dental stuff and eyeglasses and whatnot. Since these are all pre-tax dollars, I will save a ton of cash.

Then I got to work on the rest of my to-do list. I was able to use my Amex points to buy a crib, a crib mattress, and all kinds of cloth diapers from Amazon. I still have plenty of points left. I figure, use the points for something good instead of hoarding them. This is one of those times. I expect that I will reuse the crib for subsequent children, if any. I also bought cloth diapers from Sears and some other baby stuff from Walmart. Maybe I will post my stuff when I get everything. I am hoping that the diapers will be good. I get airline miles when I shop at Sears and Walmart, so I try to buy whatever I can thru the internet. Right now, I have enough points for one ticket. I will work on the ride back now, ha ha!

I also paid for my last prerequisite class, pathophysiology. I will start that class right after the baby is born so I am hoping I can do it. I am keen on the drop date so I will make sure to drop it if it's too difficult. I don't want to drop it because I want to apply for the fall semester of that concurrent program, but I can't neglect a child for some class. I will be on FMLA during the class, so I shouldn't be overwhelmed. However, if I have to push it back a semester so be it. It's just nursing. I've been away for ten years now, what's one more?

So all that nursing stuff went well. I was able to get my high school transcript in, and I am accepted. I have an appointment in May (?) for their "info session" about the concurrent program, so I will post about that when that happens.

I am also good to go for tuition reimbursement from SHC! I called about the class, and as long as I start the class after my 1 year mark (which will be the case) I can apply for reimbursement. So, my one year anniversary (can you believe it???) is April 22. I can submit my paperwork for FMLA and tuition reimbursement on April 23. I think I have to submit a degree plan with my manager as well. But I can also apply for reimbursement after the class is over, which may be more convenient. Luckily, I am entitled to tuition reimbursement during my FMLA. So I don't make much money, but my benefits are adding up! I get 100% coverage for the pregnancy and post natal visits, I get a 403(b), a 529, flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, FMLA, and a day care center across the parking lot (which takes babies 6 weeks and up) which may prove handy come school time. I joke with TJ that if I elect day care, I will bring home no money, but I will have money paying for things. It's not bad for a part-time job........ If your not a dishwasher that is!

Anyways, I have very little to report on my pregnancy. My right foot gets a little swollen here and there. The baby moves around and pushes my liver. I have sore groin muscles. It's hard to sleep with this large mass coming out of my belly. I have to walk slower, especially on my job. That's about it. Sorry there is nothing eventful to write about. I hope it stays that way!

Today's agenda includes itemizing some donations for Goodwill on the it's deductible website, returning a couple of Coach wallets I will never use (and shouldn't have bought), and going to work. Tomorrow I will work on completing my FMLA and tuition paperwork so It will be ready to give in next Wednesday. Monday I have a doctor appointment, so I will be able to fill out the medical forms for me and TJ's FMLA stuff. I don't think TJ will take FMLA, but just in case he has to, the paperwork will be ready. I plan to take FMLA starting May 12. I asked about how it works, and i was told to apply for the full 12 weeks, and then if I feel like I can, I can come back earlier. I discussed this a bit with the supervisor so it seems like a good plan. I plan to only use 2 months in case I need FMLA for something else. However, in this day and age of c-sections, I will need the full 12 if "they" con me into a c-section for some reason. Hopefully, it will be an uneventful birth and I can come back when the class is done.

So now I am off to eat breakfast and itemize some stuff. Before I go, I wanted to share a webpage link to Mometrix's "bonus material" for the HESI A2. I didn't use the "secrets" book, I used some other kind. I think it was just a book of practice exams. I think the secrets book is okay, but the pure practice test book is better. There is a link to order a practice tests book on this bonus page. I don't know if it is the one I used, but the practice tests are pretty good. They are not like the HESI (the tests are harder), but they will prepare you enough to know what you should brush up on. The grammar comes with explanations, which I thought was helpful.

Okay! Food time!

:: Jane Dee 7:46:00 AM [+] ::
:: 4.10.2014 ::
The 34 Week Non-Update

Well yesterday my feet swelled a bit. Now they are okay. I also have some freckling in my face. Other than that, not much else to update on. I am quite heavy, about 162, but I think these last seven pounds is water gain. But that is all I got.

Things have been rolling otherwise. I am starting to chip away at all of my "to-do's" left from many moons ago. I am also enrolled in that pathphysiology class and that bill is due soon. I also have to get my FMLA forms in order for both me and TJ and do a bunch of other stuff. I also have to buy stuff. I still haven't bought a crib or diapers, but those should be easy enough. I also have a PPD due for work. I think I will do that tomorrow. And TJ has to renew his passport. These are all easy things, but there is so much backlog that these little things will take a while to finish.

I also have to submit a plan of education to my manager so I can get tuition reimbursement. I wonder if they will be mad when they find out I don't want to go into physical therapy. Well, I guess I could change jobs, but I like this one and would rather keep it.

There isn't much else to update. I guess I could post a picture of myself showing off my fat stomach but I think I'll pass.

:: Jane Dee 7:52:00 AM [+] ::
:: 4.04.2014 ::
Yay So Far!

So my application submission went well! There were two (non-Asians) ahead of me, but neither were there for the nursing application. I got in right away, and although I worked with a different adviser this time, she was very nice and accepted my application! So I have to say, so far, this place is waaaaay better than Kingsborough. Well, being accredited certainly helps! Ha Ha!

Anyways, the adviser went through all of my stuff and made copies of this and that. She pushed my application through even though she said I do need to submit an official copy of my high school transcript. I was worried because I thought Dewey went out of business or something, or at least it wasn't functional since catching fire when Sandy hit. She said if they don't have your transcript, try the Board of Education. Well, I called the school, left a message, and they actually called me back! They sent my transcript and the only thing left is to call Gateway and see if they got it. I gave them a copy of my transcript to put with the application, but now they have an "official" one, which is the same copy with a stamp saying "official copy" rubber stamped on it. Mine says "student copy" rubber stamped on it. Oh well. Anyways, she put in my application, and the next day, I got an email allowing me to log into "the system" to update my choices. I am due for the "randomized stamp" on the 11th or so.

So now, if I don't get into the concurrent program, I can wait two years or more to get in. However, I think I can get into the concurrent program. I am aiming for Fall, but I think those chances are extremely slim. I wanted to go to the info session on Wednesday, but I couldn't take off work because someone had called out. So I have an appointment for an info session in MAY at Scottsdale. I guess that is okay since SCC is one of my choices. I am only looking at schools that partner with NAU (Northern Arizona University) since they have a practitioner program there that isn't that DNP thing. I start my last prerequisite for the concurrent program in May, a few days after the baby is due. Well, I hope it turns out well. I do have some time to drop since the drop date is June 3. That should give me enough time to see if it is doable. If I can't, I will have to wait longer to start the concurrent program.

Orrrrr, I could take a risk and apply for that master program at UA.... I am not as eager to do that program because of the cost, the time commitment, but most importantly, the classes don't seem to jibe with a smooth transfer to NAU's practitioner program. I think I would have to take extra classes and whatnot, which would pretty much equal me starting from scratch as a master student. What is the advantage? Any time that I gained taking the faster master program is negated by the extra classes I need to complete the FNP. And then Im also in the hole $40k. Not so appealing. Unless you want to be a nurse boss. Which I don't.

Since I basically have nothing left to do with my life, I think going in the concurrent direction is the best plan of action. If I have to wait out the two years that would be okay. I can raise my child and have another one in the meantime. I could do the same if I got into the concurrent program, but I won't be as annoyed or hurt or anything. I am mostly doing this so TJ can go to school finally. I know he wants to and I know he wants to see if he can have a better job. I think he should be a teacher, but he might actually make more at Fedex! Of course, doing something you like for less pay isn't too horrible.

Then there is the Occupation Therapist (OT) option. I do have the prerequisites for it. I am not sure I want to do that though. It's not terrible, but I think I'd be happier doing something else. But we shall see. There are some options open for me as of now. I don't think I am going to do the MBA after all. I guess I should have done it right when I left Fedex but now that it has been so long, I would need to get a logistics job and then apply. I just don't have any relevant experience as of recently. I think my scores expire in two years. I don't think that is enough time. Well, I guess Im not sad about that either.

In other stories, I did my taxes and found out that because I work a shitty job, the Feds want to take a what seems larger than normal share of taxes. Our tax bill was over $1000. And it's because I work now. So TJ Changed his withholdings and hopefully that will help. I also have a crappy 403(b) from work, so I am contributing to that at a higher rate for now so I will lower my gross pay. Of course, I would like to have my returns go as close to "zero" as possible, but I don't think that will happen next year because of the the kid and withholdings and all that. I didn't finish my state taxes, but I will do that today. I get a refund from them so whatever.

Other that that, everything else is normal. I am feeling this baby non-stop. She likes to kick me quite often. I don't have any stretch marks, yet. I eat regularly. No swelling. No nothing really. I guess it's a good thing to have not much to say. However, I must stand up since she is beating me up as I type. Maybe I'll eat something. I'll write more later!

:: Jane Dee 8:29:00 AM [+] ::

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