:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 5.31.2011 ::

Good Weekend!

This weekend was pretty nice! I got to spend an extra day with TJ and we went and took advantage of those Memorial Day sales! I felt bad about spending money, but TJ said it would be okay. Sometimes, I need an extra push to buy stuff. I bought some nice things! On Friday, I went on my Pants Mission and wound up finding NOTHING at the mall. I bought one pair of sweat pants on sale at Victoria's Secret. I went all over the mall! Even Sears! So I left and went to Nordstrom Rack. Nothing. Then I went to TJ Maxx, and that blew. So as a last resort, I went to Ross and I found a lot of stuff! I bought two pairs of jean shorts, one pair of material shorts, a dress that came with a belt, a three piece cheap but cute suit, and a white suit! I always wanted a white suit! Anyway, all that cost me $100! Wow, and I thought Ross sucked.

Anyway, on Sunday we went to Anthem Mall and shopped at Ann Taylor, J Crew, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and some crappy book store. I got GREAT stuff that actually FIT! I bought a white, casual, tailored shirt and a cute blue tailored shirt from Nautica. Then I got a pair of petite pants that fit and two nice blouses (that would go great with my white suit) at Ann Taylor. Then I got a nice pair of navy pants and an awesome tailored shirt from J Crew.

The next day we went to Wilson's Leather where they were having an early bird special on everything in the store. So We got there at 8am and I found so many beautiful bags! I bought me a REALLY nice professional bag for my interviews and a new portfolio since mine sucks. I also bought a cool white bag and two sparkly bags, one of which will be a gift for my friend. Hooray!

Then I started to feel bad about spending TJ's money, but he said it was okay. He said I better not return anything! Ha! Well, I guess I won't.

Yesterday I also finished up one of the business letters of recommendation. It sounds good. Im going to email that to him today and see what he thinks. Im going to work on the other one too. I also emailed my ochem professor about sending in the letter. I hope she didn't forget! The application opens tomorrow! IEE!!!

By the way, DONT USE SPRAY STARCH ON BLUE SHIRTS!! I was ironing my cotton shirt and was using starch and it left an ugly yellow tinge on it! I had to wash it again, but some of the yellow didn't go away!!!! I was so annoyed! I had to cover it up with another part of the ruffle. Thankfully, I was able to make it less noticeable! I hate you spray starch!

:: Jane Dee 12:08:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.28.2011 ::
So Long LSU

I finally received the brochure from LSU "summarizing the admissions selection process." Unless your daddy (or mommy)graduated from LSU medical school, out-of-staters need not apply. So that's one more school down!

One a good note, AMCAS just told me that all my transcripts are in. Hurray! Now for the LORs...

And how come my google apps on the side don't work anymore?

:: Jane Dee 10:54:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.27.2011 ::
More Endo

Today was day 2 of endoscopy. Not bad. It's pretty busy in there, so there is a lot of work to be done. I even came early! Next week, I will see if anything is going on even earlier.

I tried to get my bill straightened out today. The billing office actually called me back! So I was nicer to her. We'll see. Something tells me that I will be paying the $26 anyway.

Other than that, AMCAS has now received 5/6 transcripts. The one I thought would get there the fastest is actually the slowest one! I haven't got any word on more LORs though. Im getting nervous! Did math professor change his mind? I hope not! OMG, I will die! And what about ochem prof? Did she forget? I hope not. She isnt like that though. I hope everything is okay. There are only a few days left until opening day! I really don't want to send my applications if Im not going to have all my LORs!!

Oh well. I guess I just have to wait.

:: Jane Dee 4:37:00 PM [+] ::
My Doctor Is A Bad Businessman

A while back, I went and saw my doctor who has his office 30 miles from my house because I moved. Now I was trying to find a doctor closer to my house, but for some reason, doctors need to make even MORE money by making new patients come in twice if they want a physical exam. Once to have a $200 "meet and greet" (which is what it seems like it is for me) and the next time to actually get the physical. Because I have crappy insurance now, only ONE physical exam is covered per year. So, I need to go to a place that will charge just a physical. If I got to one of these doctors that make me come twice, the next visit is not billed as a physical, and thus I must pay.

I decided to go and drive many miles to my old doctor because it will save me money right? Before I went I informed them that I had a new insurance and that I CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING BILLED THAT IS NOT A PHYSICAL. To put it another way (and trust me I reiterated this over and over my whole visit there) don't do anything to me that you can't charge as a physical. I get my lame "physical" exam which is nothing more than rewriting my prescriptions, getting a pee-stick, blowing into a spirometer, and telling me that Im getting old so I should have kids by now (!!!). Anyway, before I left, I got a copy of the charge sheet and said (again) "So everything on here is going to be billed as a physical right?" The only answer I got was "yes" so I thought it was all okay.

About a month later, I get a notice from my insurance that there are some charges not covered etc. I didn't worry about it because I had those before and usually the doctor ignores it and I don't get a bill. Not this time! I get a bill from my doctor for $26. So I give him the benefit of the doubt and call the insurance thinking it was their error. Nope! The insurance informs me that THEY didn't put all of the charges under physical! WHAT? I call back the doctor's office and try to tell them what is going on and of course she puts me on hold. Then she can't find my file (oh please). So I tell her that "Im going to tell you what happened so I at least feel like I had some good customer service." Of course she gives me the phone number to "billing" and I tell her that this better be a place that they can do something about this, since YOU wrote the bill. I called the place, and Im sure its the same office, and of course no one answers. So I left a message and I will call her back today.

If you want to know why people think doctors suck, there you go.

I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself. Such a simple matter and yet the fat, lazy morons (doctor included) can't even get this right.

If doctors ACTUALLY had to run their "businesses" in the free market, half of them would be out of business.

You listening ADCOMS?? If you want to "change the face of medicine" why don't you train doctors how to actually serve the customer instead of themselves. Do the schools really think that MOST people who want to be a doctor want to "help people"?? Come on! If that was the case, I wouldn't be going through this. WALMART HAS BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Burger King has better customer service! Good grief, she didn't even apologize! She didn't even say "Let me see what I can do." All she did was put me on hold. What an idiot.

You know why I want to be a doctor? So I can put some of them out of business!

:: Jane Dee 6:05:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.26.2011 ::
Pants Day

The time has come to find pants that fit. I tried on all of my pants yesterday and ha! What a joke. I have no nice looking summer pants. Everything looks like a baggy mess. Okay so today is it. I will go to the mall and scour the stores for something that looks good and fits. I will try Banana first, then work my way out. I don't go to Old Navy because their clothes look like Walmart clothes but cost more than Walmart clothes. Big deal. I hope Banana has a sale.

I remember having this problem when I needed to find "Yale Pants."

Aside from my pant conundrum, I only got one more transcript on AMCAS. Now they are taking forever! I hope one more LOR comes in.... fingers crossed....

:: Jane Dee 6:06:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.25.2011 ::

Today I start my training in the endoscopy department! I will have to bring a NOTEPAD since my iPaq is out of commission for now. I am still deciding if I want to come in on Friday to do another shift in endo.

While Im in Scottsdale, I will see if I can find any casual pants that fit. I have nothing to wear and the hot weather is starting to pick up. I have one pair of black pants that don't fall off, but they look too big. And stupid. I have plenty of shirts though. Im not going to throw out my larger sized clothes because I may go back to normal during med school (yes I assume I will get in!). I think I will have to buy from Walmart for now. I don't know where else to get cheap pants! And Im not going to wear leggings. I do have a coupon for Victoria's Secret, but I think I will buy a bra. Like I said, I don't want leggings. I already have a pair and I only wear them to do yard work. I don't wear leggings as a real article of clothing!

Anyway, its almost 9am EST and no word on any transcripts or LORs. Hm. Well, AMCAS is still "working" on stuff from the 19th. I hope I get one more LOR in! I will feel much better about spending $500 on an application. I guess I still have five days before opening day.

Okay, I guess Im done complaining for now!

:: Jane Dee 5:48:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.24.2011 ::
I Am Approved

By TJ! He gave me the green light to finalize my essay and post it!

So as it stands, I have nothing else to do about my application except check on the receipt of the LORs and transcripts, and hit SEND on June 1st!


:: Jane Dee 7:03:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.23.2011 ::
Well That Was Stupid

I came back from that store I said I was going to. Eh. At best.

I tried on one outfit, but it made me look rather, flat? Not my chest, but I just didn't look good. I think I really need a new hairdo too.

Im so sick of my old clothes! I guess I have to suffer much longer. Or cave in and buy Walmart clothes.

UGHHH!!! Not super happy today!!!

:: Jane Dee 1:12:00 PM [+] ::
The Future Looks Bleak

I went to the BCPM Calculator sponsored by Johns Hopkins. It looks like I had calculated my averages well enough in the first place.

As it looks, I have a 3.61 cumulative GPA and a 3.32 science GPA. (unofficial)

NOW Im really regretting taking that math class at CCNY!!

In any case, all of the schools I chose on the sidebar will stay with the exception of NEOUCOM. I checked out last year's MSAR and it doesn't look good for OOS people there. I will see. Most of the class is the BS/MD program with about 20 seats for direct entry to the MD Program. So, I am not eager to spend money on applications to nowhere. I also may consider adding the University of Kansas. Maybe. It will pretty much just be a swap. Of course, Im not going to pay one cent until I get one more LOR in. I need two sciences, and I am waiting for science #2. I would also like the non-sci #3 (sci according to some schools), but I will be okay without that one. So far, I only have one letter received by AMCAS.

Today I am going to some mall thingy I saw yesterday. I want to see if they have any cheap clothes. This is about the only thing I miss about New York. Cheap clothes. Sheesh. I don't want to get EVERYTHING from Walmart!

This week, Im also going to ask my volunteer supervisor if she can write me a LOR, since I will need it for USU. And I may need it for another school, who knows. I also get to start training in the Endo department this week.

I also sent out my iPaq. They better not tell me that I dropped it and that is why it is broken so now they will have to charge me to fix it because it is not under warranty. Ugh! I have my eye on you, HP!

Anyway, Im starving! I was looking up med schools all morning, seeing that the lower 10th percentiles of all the schools I was going to apply to have gone up. Im not sure if I have a shot anywhere, but I guess I knew that coming in, huh?

:: Jane Dee 10:17:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.21.2011 ::
Now My Essay Iz More Bomb

After writing a whole new essay, TJ read it and liked it. Hooray!

I haven't had anymore LORs or transcripts come my way, hm. I hope they come soon!

So I updated my sidebar, reflecting the schools Im going to apply to, etc. I added a new application for comments since I can't add comments to my blog from blogger. I don't want to upgrade to any of their new templates. I like the way my blog looks as it is. Oh well!

Next week, I get to start training in endoscopy! I can also work there on Friday if I want to. I don't have to because my office won't be open, but I can come to do endo. Hmm. maybe I will! It can only help.

I placed a hold on last years MSAR from my library, and I got an email saying it was ready, but when I got there, it wasn't ready, but another book on my list was there. Huh? I hope I get the book! It's due in on the 23 though. I don't want to have another hold on it and then I don't get it.

Not much going on today. I guess that is a good thing!

:: Jane Dee 2:41:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.20.2011 ::
My Essay Iz Not Da Bomb

I read my essay to TJ and he didn't seem all excited about it. I thought he was very mean for being critically uncritical. If someone reads something you wrote and doesn't say much, that isn't a good sign. I am still mad.

What is annoying is that he doesn't offer much advice other than "say more of why you'd make a good doctor." Well, yeah I wish I could say more. The problem is that I don't have research experience and super wonderful clinical experiences where Im helping out some world-famous researcher do stuff.

So Im mad because he didn't say it was good until he saw that I was mad. I don't like it when people so that. I don't need pity. Just tell me what is wrong with the essay.

Of course, he doesn't have much writing experience, so his critique was severely lacking.

What is making me so mad is that I exposed myself and my past on this paper (not like he doesn't know any of this, but it seemed different) and he was unmoved. What that tells me is that my past sucks and no one cares, even my own husband. In fact, my past is what will bring my demise. Of course it will! I knew that all along. I am mad because I feel like a jackass. The adcoms will read my crappy essay and laugh or say "OOOOOoookay" and throw me in the trash. They will say "what a loser" and pass it around just to have a good laugh.

I am fuming!

:: Jane Dee 5:32:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.19.2011 ::

I am all set to train in endoscopy! Huzzah! So what the volunteer does is change the beds, prep the materials, sterilize, discharge the patients, etc. Sounds perfect!

And I called USU. Apparently there is an error on their webpage. YOU DONT SEND YOUR TRANSCRIPTS OR LORs TO USU. USE AMCAS. The advisor I spoke to said that she will contact the webmaster to fix that page.

And the clinical letter can be from the volunteer advisor (or a doctor or nurse)! DOUBLE HUZZAH! So I will let my supervisor know about this next week.

Wow, today has been a good day so far...

:: Jane Dee 12:16:00 PM [+] ::
My Essay Iz Da Bomb

Not "A" bomb, "THE" bomb. I finished it! HA! I will read it to TJ later to see what he thinks. I think its a dramatic improvement to yesterdays essay. I won't post it. Yet. Maybe I will when I complete all my secondaries so no one steals it. Heh heh heh.

Anyway, its still to early to call about the endo position. So no news on that yet.

Good news: I know that one more transcript has gone out, I hope AMCAS gets it soon!

Well, I guess there is not much else to do with this application. I just have to wait and see who sends in the LOR and keep track of the transcripts. I still have twelve days before I can hit send anyway. So I will wait until June 1 to send.

:: Jane Dee 8:21:00 AM [+] ::
Make A Personal Statement

Im trying to! My first draft was okay. TJ gave me some good tips and I think I know exactly what I want to write now. It should be good!

Anyway, I called HP to see whats up with this iPaq. They were actually quite nice, even though I was very stern, and they are going to send me an RMA via Fedex in a day or so. Well, I hope they can fix it! I need that thing! They are completely discontinued and I am probably one of twelve people in the world who has an "organizer."

Well, I also have an extra THREE YEAR warranty with Walmart for it because I heard all the scary reviews about the iPaq. I hope it can last that long! I need it to last until I can see having a blackberry is better.

Im also going to see whats up with that position in endoscopy at SHC. I don't want to do it if it will cause problems when I have to take time off. I really need some (more recent) clinical exposure. If I can do it another day, that may be good too. I will see. Im going to call her today.

By the way, if you are working on your AMCAS application, you can send in LORs and transcripts even before you pay them money or finish the application. As I am working on the application now, I have already received one transcript and one LOR. AMCAS emails you that they received the letter or transcript and the application is updated in the LOR section, but not the transcript section. Just thought this was a good tip.

So Im off to write my new and improved essay!

:: Jane Dee 4:59:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.18.2011 ::
Holy Smokes!

So it costs $160 to apply to one medical school. Every school thereafter is an extra $33. So I entered all my top choices and the grand total is $490! GEEZ!

TJ was right, it IS a racket. Im sure adcoms can take a joke...

And I thought this month I would have money to spare to maintain the jeep. Oh well.

And this doesn't include the $1000 I will need to complete the secondaries. Sigh.

Maybe I should cut out some more schools? We'll see.

What I need now is a freakin' wrist rest! OW WRIST!

:: Jane Dee 12:20:00 PM [+] ::
Well That Was Unpleasant

I FINALLY finished that blasted work and activities section of the AMCAS application. The good news is that they received one (out of six!) transcripts and they received the letter from my second semester ochem and bchem prof! Hoo-ray! Now I just have to hope the other two send them in and I will be very happy!

Im going to take a break before I go on to the annoying essay section. Before I do that, I finally narrowed down all the schools I am able to apply to:

University of Arizona
Hofstra University
Meharry Medical College
Northeastern Ohio Universities
Uniformed Services University
Louisiana State University
University of Illinois

Second Tier
University of Colorado
George Washington University (DC)
Rosalind Franklin University
Albany Medical College
SUNY-Stony Brook
University of Vermont
University of Virginia

And that is it for the United States. I will update my sidebar when I return.

:: Jane Dee 10:22:00 AM [+] ::
Still Working On The Work Section!

Geez this is one long ass application!

Im almost done with it though. I have a few more entries in the work section and then there is the personal statement left. That should be amusing. I don't think I will post it though. I think this blog will suffice as the long version of that essay.

I have been having some problems with my HP (figures) organizer. That is why I got the extended warranty on it. I heard it crashes shortly after a year. I don't think Ive had it for a year yet, but we will see. The screen was acting funny and then I got the infamous "white screen." I took the battery out and that seemed to help, but I will have to back up the data on it, namely the contacts. I hope it doesn't blow up. There are no more organizers out there and I don't want to get a Blackbery. Oh well.

Well, back to the application.

:: Jane Dee 5:04:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.17.2011 ::
Mean 'n Clean

And starvin'! Im waiting for TJ to come back so we can go to Del Taco already! I have coupons!

Anyway, I spent all morning sorting through all my old notes and books so I can prepare for bchem (self-study) and GMAT stuff. I figure bchem (med school) will be the most time-consuming class, so I will get through it while I have the chance. I have the video and an old bchem textbook that was apparently used at Johns Hopkins. I used it for my fundamentals class, but I will actually go through it for real now.

I am deciding on what to do with my old study materials. Do I donate them to the library? Do I sell them? Just throw them out?

Today I am going to finish up my "work" section of the application. I hope it doesn't take too long because I want to get started on my "personal statement." I need to be in a funny mood, so maybe I will eat a lot of bacon before I write it...

:: Jane Dee 1:19:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.16.2011 ::
My Fabulous Weekend


My weekend started like this: Woke up angry and annoyed, stepped in very wet dog crap, got it all over the step stool I was using, then got it on my pants as I walked back to the house with the step stool, spent 30 minutes scrubbing the dog mash out of my brand new shoes, splashed myself with watery dog crap on my shirt and FACE, had to disinfect the bathroom, had to wash all my clothes that I just washed, scrubbed myself in the shower.

Then there was assorted angry/annoyed moments and some tears for reasons unbeknownst to me.

And I STILL didn't get my "personal statement" done.


More bad news: After spending HOURS (and still not quite done yet, but only have a few schools left to look at) I have unintentionally narrowed down my "choices" (in quotes because these are the schools that will take a pre-medical enigma like myself) to about TEN. Yup folks, there are only about ten schools in this country that may see that I am an asset to their institution and admit me to their medical school. All the others think I am some kind of community college rabble or college gypsy that can't make up her mind or a type of majors whore that has to sample too many major's for her own good. Hmm.

The bright side: At least I won't have to spend too much on application fees!

Yeah well, the other annoying news is that I saw a commercial for L'Oreal Age Perfect Makeup, yet there is no store near me that carries it. What the feta cheese?

The next good news duet: 1) Undergrad classes are over forever! 2) There may be a clinical opportunity in the endoscopy section of SHC, and I called and left a message for my supervisor that I would take it! I actually need this for the application for UHSU. So fingers crossed!

Now back to finding schools that won't take me...

:: Jane Dee 8:53:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.12.2011 ::
Okay, Im Calm

All the excitement has since died down a bit from yesterday's "huzzah moment" and Im back to doing whatever I was doing. So here is my last assignment from bchem:

Can you tell it has something to do with isoprene units?

Anyway, the plan now is to get out the recommendation letter I got yesterday from my professor. I should go before they do the pickup from the mailbox. Well, I guess I have some time.

Then, I have to figure out what I want to study. Should I study more bchem? Maybe. I will also have to make a syllabus and schedule for GMAT studies. I won't do any of this until my grades come in and I call the school to send my transcript! Then I can relax, ha!

I think I will buy new pruners today. Mine are totally dull and don't cut, just rip everything up.

:: Jane Dee 5:55:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.11.2011 ::

I just took my last undergrad test!

GOOD BYE!!!!!!!

:: Jane Dee 5:16:00 PM [+] ::
:: 5.10.2011 ::
Two Down, One To Go

Tomorrow, I get the last academic recommendation in order. I even got my transcript sent out today! Huzzah!

So now, I am going prepare for my bchem final and ITS OVER. OVER OVER OVERRRRRRRRRRR!

:: Jane Dee 2:18:00 PM [+] ::
My Last Week Of Undergrad... EVER

I don't care, I will not take any more undergrad classes. TIRED OF IT! If I have to apply to an MBA program that isn't as good because they don't require undergrad crap, then so be it!

Anyway, I have spent last week tidying up my coursework for ochem and bchem. I have one final left to take in bchem then I AM DONE.

I also sent out all my transcript requests and sent the package to my math professor so he can send in his letter. Today I am going to meet with last semester's ochem professor to give her the paperwork for my letters and then meet with this semester's ochem prof to actually GET the letters! Hurrah! Last night I finally contacted my previous manager to let him know about the letters. He is going to do it too! yay! Just have one more manager at Fedex and I am DONE!

Of course I have to write my "personal statement" too. Well, I'll try to make it entertaining.

If all goes well, I can hit the send button on my application the minute it opens! Double yeah!

Of course, none of you actually believe Im getting into American medical school do you?

HAHAHA! We'll see.

And it goes on... When my application is finished, I will start studying for GMAT.

:: Jane Dee 6:37:00 AM [+] ::
:: 5.05.2011 ::
My Undergraduate Semester

This is it folks. My last undergraduate semester is coming to a close. I will not take anymore undergraduate classes ever again. I will only go to schools that take what I have.

Today the AMCAS application finally opens up, well maybe. They give a very precise opening date of "around May 5." I have a couple of transcript forms downloaded and I will go and get the rest of them today. I have a feeling one school in particular will be a pain in the butt.

When the application opens, I can finally print out the forms for the recommenders. I am getting nervous because I told all my recommenders my crappy score, and one of them hasn't returned my emails. I hope she didn't change her mind! I think I need that one the most. Well, it is the end of the semester and if it is anything like last time, she is probably very busy with all the crybabies trying to get some points to pass.

I was going to start working on my personal statement, but I think I will wait on that because I need to tend to the plants today. I have to saw off the dead part of the bougainvillea that died off this past winter. This winter was so cold (in the 20s!!) that I think it killed some of my plants. Some of the bougainvilleas sprouted, but some haven't. One oleander is dead, but that plant had problems from day one. I think they sold me a diseased plant to begin with. Anyway, I also have a healthy oleander to move and I have to fertilize and trim all the other plants. I will get started on that when the sun comes up. Its not quite 0500 here yet. I just hope the mosquitoes dont get me.

Other than that, I have one week of school left! Hurrah! Then its nothing but applications and paying out of the nose to be rejected by probably every school I apply to. I am hoping for fast rejections so then I can apply to AUC faster. Sometimes I feel like just applying there and getting it over with, but I have to try U of A. Maybe they will like me? Well, I guess I will know by the end of the year.

Time to get dirty!

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:: 5.02.2011 ::
All I Can Say Is:


I've never been elated by someone's death before.

I am so proud of my country.

I am not sure how long to fly my flag for, but I installed a brand new one.

This Fourth of July will be awesome!

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