:: The Headache Diaries ::

:: The Headache Diaries ::

Welcome! Enjoy some of the finer pages of online ramblings out there! If you have found this page through BlogSpot, please visit my homepage using the links on the sidebar. Inspired by the certainty of my headaches, "The Headache Diaries" may include my headache log. I also like to log other things such as people, places, and things that I don't like, as well as people, places, and things that I do like.

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:: 12.31.2010 ::

Start The New Year...

Doing organic chemistry? UGH, not again!

Yeah so Im still here doing these cards for the MCAT. Im washing clothes in the meantime and charging all these batteries. I think some of them are no good anymore. They just charged so fast that Im not sure... It says they are full... hm. Well whatever. I wonder when this mp3 player is going to break. Ive had it for over five years now. Its a Sony, so that must be why. I have a dream machine alarm clock made by sony that is 18 years old. It has no signs of death.

So on page 14 of the MCAT review, they want you to know about 1)extraction 2)distillation 3)three types of chromatography 4)recrystallization. So Im wondering what they want to know. Like, how to do them or what the point is or both? I guess both because that is the worst option. Im usually right when it comes to stuff like this.

I think the clothes are done. I also have to feed the snail...

Okay I guess its back to ochem, pfft.

:: Jane Dee 4:37:00 PM [+] ::
Page 13 DONE!

Chugging along on this MCAT review syllabus! I just finished page 13 and have 4 pages of MCAT review left! THATS IT!

Of course, I have to take another semester of ochem first. But as it stands, I have about 80% of page 14, 25% od page 15, 10% od page 16, and 0% of page 17. Thats pretty good for just one semester!

I rule! Happy New Year!

:: Jane Dee 12:48:00 AM [+] ::
:: 12.30.2010 ::
Preparing For Snow

Apparently, it is difficult to find a snow shovel in the desert. I guess if I lived in Flagstaff, it would be easier.

Anyway, I decided to put up the tree just to see if all the parts were there:

And they were! Hurray! I can't wait until next Christmas.

So I am supposed to finishing up my ochem cards to take on my trip so I can study. I haven't completed that yet obviously, but I have to by tomorrow. It seems like I forgot everything already. Well, I hope not!

I am also wondering how I am going to study for the essay and verbal section. I think I could write a little here and there and pick topics at random. I wouldn't be sure if I am writing well, but I guess I could just get used to writing fast. For the verbal section I could practice using the book. I think I will work on the verbal section when I get back from my trip.

So now I am charging all my batteries and trying to think of things I will need for my trip. I think I have evrything. This trip would have been a piece of cake if it were not for this stupid blizzard that rolled through the notheast. Now I have to bring shovels and gear I was hoping I could leave behind. But I can't because we may get stuck somewhere and I would rather not freeze to death. What a pain in the arse. I had to learn how to transfer into 4WD Lo in the Jeep because I am expecting the worst. I am also worried for the lizards. I can't leave them behind, but I am afraid I will freeze them to death if I bring them. I think I need to put them in the small bug carrier because it has a strap I can wear around my neck so I can keep them warm by having them close to my body. Yes, I think that is the best idea.

So the things TJ and I have to get for the New Year are:

1)New tires for the Acura
2)New stereo for the Jeep

I need a "professional" haircut so I can take a "professional" picture of myself and make "business cards" to send in with my applictaions or when I get interviews. I hope my hiar doesn't grow too fast so I don't have to go to some crappy hiarcutter to keep it up.

Well, wnough blabbering, I need to get these flashcards done!

:: Jane Dee 7:39:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.28.2010 ::
Just In Time For New Year's!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I know I did! Mostly.

This year, TJ and I went up to visit his parents and brother in Snowflake, AZ. It wasn't very cold and the sky was nice. Not as nice as I heard as it was in NY! My mother said they had a blizzard and I figured she was exaggerating. Nope! Looks like they got about 18 inches of snow or more. Well, I never thought there would be a white Christmas in NY, but ho ho ho, close enough!

The problem is that I am going to be heading over there soon! Hopefully, the streets will be clear in a week. If not, well, then I will be driving in low 4 wheel drive in New York, ha ha!

Anyway, I got my Chritmas wishes! I got my tow hitch for my Jeep, the cargo basket for the Jeep, and a new Christmas tree! I bought it half off at Walmart today. I was tempted to put it up, but I guess I will wait until next year. I was going to bring back the tree from my mother's house, but we will see. I still may. She said she doesn't use it anymore, so I guess I can use it. I also got my Belgium Biscuits at half off! Those Belgiques make the BEST chocolate biscuit thingies. I tried the Cadbury biscuits, but they were a waste of calories. I knew I should have bought the Belgium biscuits and I couldn't stop eating them when I came home.

So tomorrow, I buy the locks for the hitch and it should be good to go. Then I get started organizing my studies for the MCAT. Then I just wait for the spring semester to begin and hopefully it will go well. I can just see two more A's coming my way!!

:: Jane Dee 12:09:00 AM [+] ::
:: 12.22.2010 ::
The New Nucoa Is Gross

The new Nucoa sucks! I am outraged. It tastes like rubber and looks like alien turds. And from what everyone says, it makes your recipies suck. I bought the new Nucoa and one taste was all I needed to throw it in the trash. Luckily I had bought shortening because of all the horrible rumors I heard, but they are true!! It doesn't melt and it tastes yucky. I was able to eat the real Nucoa this long because I had stockpiled the margarine a while back because I don't like having to go to one store just for a couple of things. Well, I guess I will never taste margarine again. No one makes it anymore. Sigh.

These past few days I have been beading like crazy. I made a couple of more things today. I must say that I like lobsters (as pets only! I don't like the way they taste! Gross!) but I am not a fan of the lobster claw clasp. It is very difficult to put on as a bracelet.

:: Jane Dee 5:45:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.21.2010 ::
No Jury Duty!

Hurray! I was released! Well, that's what the recording said! If not, I will have bounty hunters after me!

Anyway, it's been such an awesome week since my class ended. That ACS exam really gave me a LOT of confidence. I am so amazed I scored so high. Im also amazed that the average is so low. I mean, you can miss a lot of questions and still get average. Oh well, all I know is that I am WAY ABOVE average. Yay!

Right now, I am making more jewelry. I know I should be getting my flash cards together for the MCAT, but I feel like doing something fun for a change. Ive been meaning to make some stuff for quite some time now. Im finishing a bracelet for one of TJ's neices. I already finished his mother's bracelet. I hope it fits!

I also downloaded some new music: Kate Ryan from Belgium. I like the song "Ella, Ella, L A" I also like that outfit. I would have totally worn that when I was 17. Or even 21. Yes, I loved sequins. And leopard print! Oh that was the best!!

Im also waiting for the next silver sale at Michaels. I need some "stardust" beads. Sitting here with all my beads spread out, I see that I actually don't have that many beads, haha! I can always use more!!!

Okay back to crafts.

:: Jane Dee 1:56:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.20.2010 ::
Charity Onlookers

So look who's been looking at my webpage:

http://www.rnli.org.uk/ apparently, they are a volunteer lifeguard/coast guard. From their webpage: "Volunteers are the heart of the RNLI. We rely on more than 40,000 volunteers - on lifeboats, at stations, on beaches, and in fundraising."

Thats pretty amazing!

I currently donate my money and time to three organizations:
1) United Spinal Association
2) Scottsdale Healthcare
3) Heifer International (I LOVE COWS!!!!!)

In other news, my hitch for the Jeep went smoothly. I had to use my feet to get a screw loose, but it worked out allright. Now I am waiting for my wheeling-cart-hitch-thingamajig and I will be all set for my trip. Now all I need for my jeep is a winch, a new stereo, and a paint job, and Im good.

So far, I have not been studying for the MCAT, but I have been busy with Christmas stuff. TJ and I got lucky this year because he got a lot of overtime so we were able to buy gifts for everyone. Normally, we can't buy everyone gifts, but this year we could. I don't know if we will be able to next year on, so enjoy it while you can people!!!

Tomorrow I may have jury duty. I called to day to see if I was released (no, of course not) but was told to call tomorrow at 11am to see what's up. This better not cut into my vacation time! Damn lawbreakers. Ugh so annoying! Hopefully, I won't get picked for the jury. Or if I do, I hope it will be a fast trial. I bet its something stupid like a car accident. Plenty of those out here. Sigh.

So right now I am trying to finish up the necklaces and bracelets Im making for gifts. I am also finishing up some stuff for myself. Ive had lots of projects on hold. I know Im supposed to update my webpage, but I guess this Christmas stuff jumped to the top of the list. Oh well. Whats another couple of months to post some pictures no one is going to look at anyway?

:: Jane Dee 7:49:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.17.2010 ::
It's Official.

I got an A in lecture and lab! 98%! not too shabby. You can see my grades here.

Even better news is that my professor agreed to write me a LOR! She is going to write my percentile on the ACS. My 98% on the ACS should show those adcoms I can bat in the big leagues. Now I just have to get average on the MCAT and I should be an easy "accepted"!

I took a few days to wrap gifts and do the much needed food shopping. I just have to make some jewelry as gifts and I am all set for gifts. Im not including the food I need to make for Christmas, but I cant make that now anyways.

I also volunteered two days in a row as absence coverage. I got a free meal out of it so it was cool. We also had cake and bagels today for someone's birthday. He turned 88! I hope I live that long and stay in good shape like that. Anyway, I like going to SHC, Shea. It does NOT look like a hospital at all. It looks like a hotel or something. And apparently, the one at Thompson Peak looks more like a hotel. Now I can only imagine what that looks like! The one Im at has a spa and wall to wall carpeting in the hallways and waiting areas. And it doesn't smell like a hospital! How they accomplished that I don't know, but the carpet cleaner driver guy is always running in the morning, so they work hard to keep it nice. Im glad they got back to me so fast, because I would rather work at SHC than Maricopa. If anyone visits "The Valley" as they call it here, and you get sick or hurt (but not burned), come to SHC, Shea. If you get burned, sorry, you have to go to Maricopa.

This weekend I will try to put the tow hitch on my Jeep. I hope it works out! If not, I will have to take it to the mechanic to have them put it on.

Right now, I am still floating from my sucess in this class! I was thinking "is this a dream? Am I going to wake up and it will be May 2010?" Thankfully, I am completely in reality and yes, everything has been real up to now. I'd have to say this has been one of the best months of my life, and I hope next year will bring me some more success. Like an acceptance to medical school.

I do have my MCAT in March. I am going to start reading ahead in the textbook and start studying the other subjects as well. I hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot by taking biochemistry but we will see. Im not even supposed to take it, but whatever. If I do well, it will look even better. I hope.

In any direction, I am very excited and proud and happy, etc. GO ME!

:: Jane Dee 2:59:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.13.2010 ::
Bye Bye Ochem I!

Thats it! The ACS has come and went, and it wasn't too bad! The review book is WAY harder than the test actually is. I hope I do well on it. That'll show those committies how smart I am!

So now I just wait for the scores and start studying for the MCAT!

:: Jane Dee 10:27:00 PM [+] ::
Looking Forward To Tomorrow!

When the ACS will nothing but a memory! Ha!

Tomorrow I had to do some MASSIVE grocery shopping! The cupboards are bare! Well, not really. There is some oats and ramen soup. I also have to try to send out the gifts tomorrow. And buy stamps for the cards. I also have make some jewelry gifts. So tomorrow will be fun! I may forgo the food shopping to get the gifts done. We do have some stuff left. This weekend I will put the hitch on the Jeep! I hope that goes well.

So anyway, I have a few hours before my stupid ACS test. I guess I will get something to eat then go over some final things. I hope I do well, I want a good LOR!!!

:: Jane Dee 12:38:00 PM [+] ::
The Grades Are In...

The grades for lecture test 3 are in... Im scared to look...

OMG I GOT A 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This class is going better than I thought!!!


:: Jane Dee 12:09:00 AM [+] ::
:: 12.12.2010 ::
Finished The ACS Manual

I just finished a 10 hour study session with this wretched ACS manual and boy are my arms tired. And my neck. Etc etc.

So out of 215 questions, I got 175 correct, even with random guessing because some things won't be covered anyways. That translates to about 81%. I hope I can answer 81% of the questions right tomorrow, because I will get an A and an awesome recommendation.


By this time tomorrow, I would be home celebrating. What a semester! Hooray!!

:: Jane Dee 10:44:00 PM [+] ::
Only 100 More Pages To go!

Oh boy oh boy! This ACS review book is the best book I ever read! (NOT!!)

My only hope is that if I answer half of the questions correctly, I should still be able to get an A. So lets hope I answer 35 questions correctly!!

You may check out some ACS guidlines here. Its not from my class, but its helpful. The percentiles should be close, though not exactly year to year.

Okay! Break is over, back to this crap!

:: Jane Dee 4:41:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.11.2010 ::
ACS Review Time!

Not that it requires an exclamation point.

The answers to the last lecture test are posted, and it seems like I did pretty well, probably a 90+, but at least an 80, which is the minimum I need to get an A with a "bad" ACS score.

Only two days till the ACS! Im not excited to take it, but Im excited this torture class is almost over! And this class was torture. The most unpleseant A I ever had to strive for. And I better get an A! Holy crap, if I get a B, I will flip my lid. And some tables and chairs! And maybe a car!

Anyways, tomorrow is a good sale at Michaels, so Im going to go and buy the last of the Christmas gifts so I can send them off. Mostly for TJ's side. Im not sending anyone gifts on my side, they can wait until I come visit. I didn't spend too much this year either, so I hope no one complains!

Okay so lets start this ACS book...

:: Jane Dee 3:32:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.10.2010 ::
Who Reads My Abandoned Blogs?

Its funny that I have two other blogs that I do not post to, but yet someone out there keeps reading it. That is very strange. One blog says "testing!!" and another links to this blog. I have no idea what search parameters are used to find the other blog.

:: Jane Dee 5:46:00 PM [+] ::
Is It Tuesday Yet?

UGH! So tired of boring 'ol ochem! Still on chapter 6, but almost done. Then it should go faster from here. I am not sure if I will be able to start on ACS book today. We'll see, sigh...

:: Jane Dee 5:36:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.09.2010 ::

Dilli Duduk in English

Get the song free from Amazon!

:: Jane Dee 8:18:00 PM [+] ::
UGH, How Much More?

So B-O-R-I-N-G!

And there is still plenty more to go! At least I don't need that much practice... I think.

:: Jane Dee 8:09:00 PM [+] ::
Almost Through Chapter 4

Only about 8 more to go! I hope I do well on Monday!

Yesterday I went to get my free lunch from SHC. When I got there, the cafeteria was closed and I had to wait an hour an twenty minutes. I just waited in the car and studied some ochem. Then I got turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, and a huge slice of cake that I just finished today. It was tasty.

I also went to my last lecture yesterday. Not much going on, just some stuff. She didn't have our exam grades, so not worth that much. Im just glad its almost over!

So this weekend Im going over all the chapters and then going to work on the ACS book. I don't know if it will be helpful, but we'll see. Im sure its going to be a stupid test. Right now, I am finishing up chapter 4. I am skimming the chapters then doing the problems at the end of the chapter. When I am done with chapters 1 - 13, I will start on the ACS book. Hopefully, I can get through this textbook review by tomorrow and start the ACS book tomorrow. No guarentees though.

Sunday, Im going to finish up some holiday shopping. I also need to go food shopping. I went to buy some canned tomatoes and pasta today, but we are pretty much put of everything. I was so busy this semester that I couldn't keep up with the groceries. I plan on buying the groceries on Tuesday.

I also got my hitch receiver today! It came pretty fast, I just ordered it yesterday! Anyway, I don't know if it fits yet, so that I must do this weekend or after the test. If I can't get it on, I will take it to the mechanic. I will show pictures when it is on!

And then there is the webpage. Lord knows I had the best intentions to FINALLY update my webpage, but this class... well, when this class is over, I will finally order that picture organizer and clean up my webpage as I start to study for the MCAT (its on MARCH!!!).

So I guess its back to work on this last stuff. I am looking forward to Monday!

:: Jane Dee 4:09:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.08.2010 ::
How To Study For The ACS Exam

Well you got me! I was thinking Id just go through the practice booklet, but now that I look at it, I think I should read all my notes, then do all the end of chapter problems from chapters 1 - 13 and then go through the practice book. I say this because I don't want to waste the ACS sample questions when I hadn't reviewed everything first. I think that is a better plan.

So Id have today, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday to do examples. I think that should be enough time. I think the first five chapters should go quickly then the rest will take a bit of time. I seriously am dreading this test. I want to do well, but who knows how I will do? I just have to hope that I get high enough to get an A in the class. I should at least do that. I do want to get higher, because she said she would write the percentile rank in her LOR. If I do as well as she thinks I will do, i.e., 90+, that will look great for med school. I honestly don't think I will do that good, but I hope so!

I guess I should go and get my free lunch, then go to the library to do my chapter problems? At least that way, I won;t be tempted to go online over and over, ha ha!

Okay, time for ACS practice!

:: Jane Dee 1:44:00 PM [+] ::

Cool song!

:: Jane Dee 12:06:00 AM [+] ::
:: 12.07.2010 ::
The Final Stretch!

Hurray! My LAST week of ochem 1!!

The test I took yesterday was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, so Im hoping that I didn't get everything wrong. When I think something was too easy, I assume I did bad.

But I definately got an A in ochem lab! Even if I get zero points on this last lab, I still have an A. Now I hope the same is true for lecture! I also have to do well on the ACS because the professor said she would include your percentile rank in her letter! Uh oh! I hope Im above average! Well, its just one more thing to worry about then on to the next semester!

I also get a free meal tomorrow from Scottsdale Healthcare! Whee! Volunteers rule! It says there is some special dessert too, so I hope its good. Ive been eating ice cream cake all week because of my birthday. I hope I don't gain too much weight. I guess it doen't matter, Im going to stick to 1400 calories on the regular days anyway. Ive been around 120 for over a month now. Its a little skinny for my taste, but whatever, I need to knock their freakin socks off when I get to an interview.

When this class is over, I am going to get the Christmas stuff together. I have to make some jewelry and send out cards. I am not spending tons of money on gifts this year because we are one income.

Right now, I am doing nothing ha! I needed a break because my head was hurting. I had studied all weekend and I guess I need one break. Tomorrow, it will be back to business. I guess I will start studying with the rest of the ACS manual. I did some of it already. What sucks is that most of the book looks like will be on this test. Well, we'll see. If I do bad, then my professor's tests are WAY OFF. Then maybe I'd complain. Hm. Well we'll see.

:: Jane Dee 8:42:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.06.2010 ::
Test In A Few Hours

I have one more lecture test, then the ACS. Only ONE MORE WEEK OF THIS TO GO!

Im worried about this test, because there is SO MUCH to remember I hope I can keep it all straight. All these reactions and mechanisms. We had to cram in FOUR CHAPTERS in less than three weeks and they were all big ones, especially the spectrsocopy. Right now, I am still going over my notes left and right. I hope I can get a good grade on this exam! I need to keep a high average so I can screw up the ACS if I have to. I think I can get as low as an 80 on this test and still be okay for an A, if I do at least average on the ACS.

So Im keeping my mental fingers crossed, and wish me luck!!!

:: Jane Dee 3:25:00 PM [+] ::
:: 12.03.2010 ::
The Last Moments Of My Twenties

And Im spending it with organic chemistry??? SUCK!
It's annoying that I have a test on Monday. Tomorrow I will spend half the day or so doing stuff with TJ (Indian food? Cookies?), then spend the other half studying stupid ochem some more. UGH! CANNOT WAIT till 8pm December 13!!!!! OVER!

Anyways, when my twenties began a decade ago, I was teaching math at that school in Washington Heights and working at CVS. I took a year off from school after graduating with my A.S. in mathematics and saved up some money. I also went on a cross country road trip by myself visiting different observatories across the nation. I also went to Mexico City and New Orleans with my sister that summer. I ended that first year by starting City College and getting dumped by my boyfriend who decided that his mommy is more important. Then changed his mind. 9-11 also happened that year. Everything sucked around that time, I remember. I remember thinking that I couldn't WAIT to be 30, because my life HAS to improve over this crap. And now that I am going to be 30, I would have to say that it was worth the wait. Im finally living my dream: I have a wonderful, handsome, supportive husband, a cute kitty (who I also go when I when I was 20!!), and I am FINALLY on my way to "finishing school" as my mother always likes to say. Yes, being 30 is going to be better than being 20.

Im actually very happy about where I am in life right now. I know Im a late bloomer, but I still have some life left!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

:: Jane Dee 6:54:00 PM [+] ::

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